How Much Weight Will You Gain in Quarantine? Quiz

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Are you afraid you will gain a good bit of weight in quarantine? Test it!

  • 1
    How long do you think this quarantine will last?
  • 2
    Do you still exercise?
  • 3
    Do you eat more than before quarantine?

  • 4
    Do you snack while working/studying from home?
  • 5
    Are your clothes getting tight?
  • 6
    How many meals do you eat a day?

  • 7
    Which of these do you most often drink?
  • 8
    How is your sleep schedule?
  • 9
    Do you lie in bed or on the couch much?
  • 10
    How much weight do you think you will gain while in quarantine?

Comments (28)


24 hours ago
It says I will become fat and it was accurate
122 days ago
Yeah, I mean I am 5’8” and only 78lbs 😂
125 days ago
Well everyone is different. That’s what makes the world interesting
196 days ago
It said that I gained 100+ weight and I am chubby
433 days ago
Taking this quiz after quarantine when I gained 30 lbs (190-220 and counting) and it was very accurate
483 days ago
@someone.... Yea it's mainly just a huge turn on of me, 668 pounds rn and still don't plan on stopping gaining anytime soon
483 days ago
@FatGirlAriel same here. I started gaining a couple years ago and I completely agree with how you feel abt it
488 days ago
I like being big, I think it's attractive. It's not the only reason I gain but mainly
488 days ago
I gain mainly because I like being big
488 days ago
why do you gain for fun? Just asking a question. No hate.
504 days ago
I definitely was a lot smaller before quarantine, 300 something pounds. Now it's way after and I'm 661 pounds now, can't fit into any clothes at all and still gaining I love it, every pound
504 days ago
this is way after quarantine ended but before lockdown i used to be skinny. in lockdown i gained around 40-50 pounds and now im fat. i have a nice soft pillow of fat on my stomach and thick thighs and big🌻and my 🌻 are also bigger now. my favourite part is my stomach. i want to gaine even more even though im fat now and i want most of my weight to go into my belly because i want it to get even bigger. its really hard to run now and if i walk for long periods of times i will fall over because i run out of energy. i completely quit exercise when i realised i had gained weight and how i enjoyed it. i really want to have a really big jiggly belly made of fat and i want it to hand over my pants far and i want it to have lots of rolls and be really big. when i become an adult i want to be weighing around 400-500 pounds and i want to ahve a feeder girlfriend who will feed me and rub my belly and play with my fat and to help me walk and move because i will be really fat and wont be able to do it myself.
635 days ago
It said that I would gain 5-10 pounds but I gained like 43.......

I’m 7 years old and WAS 56 pounds but gained almost 50 pounds during lock down and now weigh around the 70-90 pound range. I have always had a lil pudgy belly but nothing to much. Now most of my fat went to my stomach and my belly is getting big. My old summer pants don’t fit anymore and when I try them on you can see my fat belly trying to stay in :(. I wanna lose some weight because I don’t want to get bullied for being fat in 3rd grade ={. Any tips for me to lose my fatness?🥺
645 days ago
It said that I will gain 10-20 pounds but I gained 37. However, it's ok because before I was weighting 100 pounds with 5'4 for height. I was always a skinny runner of long distances but now I have started to be a little soft. Most of the weight went on the belly area. During quarantine I was thinking that my fast metabolisms would save me but nope. One day I just noticed that I have a little belly and my shorts are very tight.
652 days ago
Answer:10-20 me who is alrady over weight :NOO
654 days ago
I gained about 13lbs in quarantine and it said I would gain 10-20lbs so well done
654 days ago
I gained about 13lbs in quarantine and it said I would gain 10-20lbs so we’ll done
665 days ago
It said that I’ll gain 30+ pounds. Before lock down I ate a fairly good amount and exercised everyday. However now my weight started increasing A LOT and I only noticed a week ago. When we were in person school I weighed 76 pounds and now weigh........131. I predicted that I would gain 10-15 pounds however I was WAY off. I’m trying to slim down more and did a little. But I’m eating a little to much. I think I’m honestly getting to the fat side because now all the kids at my school are staring at me like I’m some kind of pig :(.
694 days ago
It said that i will gain 30 pounds. I eat as much as possible until it hurts. I often pig out. My weight started increasing, and I noticed, So i started walking. I slimmed a little. But now I am eating a ton. It predicted a little off. I gained 20 pounds
762 days ago
It said I'd gain 5-10 pounds but I lost ~30, I'm currently 95.5 pounds with a BMI of 16.3