Are you on your way to becoming HUGE?

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Will you become huge? Find out now before it's too late!

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    When you get home you prefer candy over yogurt or fruit?

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61 days ago
i thought i was big at 115 lbs and 5' 4" but everyone else on here is like 4 times as big!
516 days ago
My name is lily I'm a 9 year old girl who is 163.6pounds. Around age 7 I started gaining weight. When I was 8 I hit 10 pounds. Doctors were sooo worried. After I was 8 I started aggressively eating. I ate 5,000 calories a day. I still don't change my lifestyle. I have not weighed myself in 5 months. I'm about to weigh myself right now. I am not 163.6 pounds. I just weighed myse,myself, and I am 205.8. I just have been diagnosed with fatty liver disease high blood pressure and type 2 diabities. I am also 4'6. I get bullied a lot. Please email, me for support
647 days ago
I reeeeeaaaaalllyyy want to be skinny and I keep trying but my parents can't find out. I don't seen to be losing weight but I will do whatever it takes to be thin. Is there any tips people have?
660 days ago
(⚠️Warning ⚠️this is kinda long. sorry o~o)

Hiyaa my name is Ariel, I'm a female 14 year old 5 foot 4, 515 pound gainer, but I wasn't always fat. From the ages of 8-10 I was a popular, tall, skinny, 67 pound cheerleader and I hung out outside everyday with my 2 sisters and my brother and his friend after School until Bedtime, I share a California king sized bed with my 2 sisters. I was always called "perfect" but to me 67 pounds wasn't perfect or even close, to me what was perfect was being so fat you're immobile and I knew my mom wouldn't "let me" get that fat and then my perfect opportunity came when I got asthma that was so bad I could only walk a few feet before feeling like I was gonna faint, so I stopped cheerleading and stopped hanging out outside with my siblings and started binge watching TV and stuffing my face full of junk food everyday this was my dream. By the time I was 13 I was 323 pounds and that's when for some reason I was so fat I had to get my navel removed. my sisters found Out I was gaining weight on purpose and instead of telling mom and getting me in trouble they wanted to feed me, help me gain, go get food for me, cook, and they promised that they would somehow convince mom to let us eat whatever we want, but at the agreement that they could rub my belly, thighs, etc and feed me and feed me anything within reason and that they had power over what I eat, when I eat, and how much I eat, but it could only be larger than how much I eat now never smaller but I didn't care because all I wanted was to be bigger and this whole time I secretly wished someone would rub my belly as I got bigger so it went from 6 Meals a day to 8 to 12 to 16 plus cakes, ice cream, 2 liters etc and they did all they Promised so now I'm at 512 pounds, I'm so fat to the point my stretch marks bleed and I have to wear maternity clothes which maternity shirts don't even cover half my big fat belly (but 99% of the time I'm naked in my room stuffing my fat belly full while my sister's rub it) and in a few days it's my birthday so for turning 15 my sister's are going to try to make me drink a full gallon of fudge after each of my 16 meals and add one meal each month. And all you gainers please keep getting fatter and fatter
674 days ago
I got healthy wich is good I guess :/
679 days ago
bruh it says im a lil too tiny bruh im freaking fat i swear im gaining weight :/
698 days ago
I'm 14 and, 320lbs and gaining
775 days ago
dude Im 10000 lbs I want to be 900000lbs
807 days ago
@ skinny queen
I agree .
You shouldn't want to get fat. first of all, if you do,your wasting food. Because you ALL have plenty of fat on you to lose. Second,it's unhealthy. You can DIE of obesity.
847 days ago
🍦 is wrong with everyone in this comment section? Being overweight is nothing to be proud of. I worked my butt off for 4 months to get below the average weight for my height, and you guys are wasting food, inconveniencing everyone around you and ruining the planet. There are people starving in countries all around the world who would love one day of normal food, while you like on the pounds, selfish and greedy.
899 days ago
im 420 pounds 😖 42,069 is my goal 😋
1103 days ago
You bet I'm super fat I'm 5,4 tall 12 and I'm n 250lbs I gained 50lbs I one day my goal Is to be 500lbs and i wnat my belly to look like a beach ball
1106 days ago
Are you on your way to becoming HUGE?
This test might save you because if you don't change soon you will be very fat. You should make up an exercise routine for yourself in the morning and QUIT THE JUNK FOOD!

You have correctly answered 10 of 10 questions.

On average, 12448 of users who took the quiz gave 3.62 right answers
1127 days ago
I think you guys are lying ;)
1161 days ago
I'm about to have 700 pounds and I love it...I will eat 101 things in a day...right now I'm 600 pounds... I LOVE IT...And I wanna be fatter...and fatter!
1244 days ago
This test might save you because if you don't change soon you will be very fat. You should make up an exercise routine for yourself in the morning and QUIT THE JUNK FOOD!

You have correctly answered 9 of 10 questions.

On average, 12282 of users who took the quiz gave 3.6 right answers.

You bet!! I am super fat and love it!!!!! 5'4, 13 years old, female, and 220 lbs! I've gained 100 lbs in a year! My goal is 300 lbs for right now, but I might change it to bigger if I reach my goal. I love playing with my squishy belly! You know, I can't even see my feet! Being fat is amazing! I love it! I can't wait until I get big enough to bust a button or all of the buttons on my shirt. That would be amazing!! That's my dream! You never know! I might even get so big, my beautiful belly will touch my knees, or better, the floor!
1594 days ago
I only answered 3/10 right? Wow(
1662 days ago
What why wha huh okay.........
1677 days ago
I am so close to weighing 400 pounds.