Are you fat?

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Have you ever looked in the mirror and thought, am I fat or am I ok? Bet you I have now you can find out!

  • 1
    How old are you?
  • 2
    Do you think you are fat?
  • 3
    What do your friends and family say?

  • 4
    Are you going through puberty yet?
  • 5
    If yes do you have big breasts out of growth not just extra fat because you are fat?
  • 6
    How much do you weigh in kg?

  • 7
    How much do you eat?
  • 8
    Are you happy with your current weight? Will not effect the score
  • 9
    Do you plan on changing your weight? Again will not effect the score
  • 10
    Last question, did you like this quiz?
    Will not effect the score

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420 days ago
To Faded: First of all, unless you are shorter than 4'6.5", you are NOT in the overweight range. Secondly, what you want to start doing is SO dangerous. That is exactly how I developed my eating disorder. If you develop an eating disorder (and you ARE on track to), you will slow down your metabolism, which means you will stop losing weight, and as SOON as you start eating normally, you'll gain it all back. Not only that, your hair will fall out, you'll be cold all the time. you'll have zero energy, and many other things. Please please please TALK to you parents about why you feel like this and go to you doctor and ASK if you are overweight. If you are overweight, your doctor and parents can help you lose weight. Dieting (espceially secretly and as extremely as you are) as a child is one of THE WORST things you can do to your body. You won't be as tall, you'll miss out on essential nutrients. This is getting long, so I'm gonna close it off. TALK TO SOMEONE!!! I can't stress this enough!!!!!
441 days ago
I got skinny but I'm so fat. I'm 10 years old and weigh about 6 stone. I feel really insecure about my weight and I really need to change it. I'm going to start skipping breakfast and lunch and not eating any snacks. My parents don't know about this though. My friends have started noticing that I'm acting strange around food, but I hope they don't tell my parents. I always see m to be getting fatter. Does anyone have any tips on how to lose weight quicker? I'll do anything as long as I can do it secretly.
474 days ago
(โš ๏ธ WARNING โš ๏ธthis is kinda long sorry o~o)

Hiyaa my name is Ariel, I'm a female 14 year old 5 foot 4, 512 pound gainer, but I wasn't always fat. From the ages of 8-10 I was a popular, tall, skinny, 67 pound cheerleader and I hung out outside everyday with my 2 sisters and my brother and his friend after School until Bedtime, I share a California king sized bed with my 2 sisters. I was always called "perfect" but to me 67 pounds wasn't perfect or even close, to me what was perfect was being so fat you're immobile and I knew my mom wouldn't "let me" get that fat and then my perfect opportunity came when I got asthma that was so bad I could only walk a few feet before feeling like I was gonna faint, so I stopped cheerleading and stopped hanging out outside with my siblings and started binge watching TV and stuffing my face full of junk food everyday this was my dream. By the time I was 13 I was 323 pounds and that's when for some reason I was so fat I had to get my navel removed. my sisters found Out I was gaining weight on purpose and instead of telling mom and getting me in trouble they wanted to feed me, help me gain, go get food for me, cook, and they promised that they would somehow convince mom to let us eat whatever we want, but at the agreement that they could rub my belly, thighs, etc and feed me and feed me anything within reason and that they had power over what I eat, when I eat, and how much I eat, but it could only be larger than how much I eat now never smaller but I didn't care because all I wanted was to be bigger and this whole time I secretly wished someone would rub my belly as I got bigger so it went from 6 Meals a day to 8 to 12 to 16 plus cakes, ice cream, 2 liters etc and they did all they Promised so now I'm at 512 pounds, I'm so fat to the point my stretch marks bleed and I have to wear maternity clothes which maternity shirts don't even cover half my big fat belly (but 99% of the time I'm naked in my room stuffing my fat belly full while my sister's rub it) and in 12 days it's my birthday so for turning 15 my sister's are going to try to make me drink a full gallon of fudge after each of my 16 meals and add one meal each month.
690 days ago
I'm a gainer and have been gaining scince the age of 7I gained 400lbs by the time I was 12and now I'm 14 and I weigh 609lbs
775 days ago
I am SO MASSIVE! I am over 600 pounds and I hot! Im so jiggly its hard not to stop playing around. I eat all day and I also play video games or go on my instagram. I live in a mini mansion on private property so I can be free as can be. Also I am so huge I can't fit in most of my clothing so I live in isolation!! I encurage everyone in the world to be fat! It's relaxing and so ez to relax.... I recommend yall become gainers.
796 days ago
hey! I'm 999 kg and think I'm as skinny about to eat the whole menu of McDonald's!
889 days ago
I may have to wear DD bras, but I STILL HAVE A FLAT STOMACH
1382 days ago
I got that I should binge eat some McDonalds and gain more weight because Iโ€™m too skinny, which is quite accurate! McDonalds here I come!
1382 days ago
Great quiz!
1382 days ago
Aww I loved this quiz x