Are you fat?

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Test to find out if you are fat, chubby, just right or way too thin!

  • 1
    How many meals do you have a day
  • 2
    Choose one to eat
  • 3
    Stand up and look down - what do you see?

  • 4
    Is it easy to run?
  • 5
    Sit down, how many stomach rolls do you have?
  • 6
    Do people stare at you when you eat?

  • 7
    Pick one
  • 8
    Do you get out of breath easily
  • 9
    You are at a buffet breakfast what do you do
  • 10
    Last one, are you happy about your weight

Comments (10)


58 days ago
it says im too skinny im not im way too fat
62 days ago
(⚠️Warning ⚠️this is kinda long. sorry o~o)

Hiyaa my name is Ariel, I'm a female 14 year old 5 foot 4, 515 pound gainer, but I wasn't always fat. From the ages of 8-10 I was a popular, tall, skinny, 67 pound cheerleader and I hung out outside everyday with my 2 sisters and my brother and his friend after School until Bedtime, I share a California king sized bed with my 2 sisters. I was always called "perfect" but to me 67 pounds wasn't perfect or even close, to me what was perfect was being so fat you're immobile and I knew my mom wouldn't "let me" get that fat and then my perfect opportunity came when I got asthma that was so bad I could only walk a few feet before feeling like I was gonna faint, so I stopped cheerleading and stopped hanging out outside with my siblings and started binge watching TV and stuffing my face full of junk food everyday this was my dream. By the time I was 13 I was 323 pounds and that's when for some reason I was so fat I had to get my navel removed. my sisters found Out I was gaining weight on purpose and instead of telling mom and getting me in trouble they wanted to feed me, help me gain, go get food for me, cook, and they promised that they would somehow convince mom to let us eat whatever we want, but at the agreement that they could rub my belly, thighs, etc and feed me and feed me anything within reason and that they had power over what I eat, when I eat, and how much I eat, but it could only be larger than how much I eat now never smaller but I didn't care because all I wanted was to be bigger and this whole time I secretly wished someone would rub my belly as I got bigger so it went from 6 Meals a day to 8 to 12 to 16 plus cakes, ice cream, 2 liters etc and they did all they Promised so now I'm at 512 pounds, I'm so fat to the point my stretch marks bleed and I have to wear maternity clothes which maternity shirts don't even cover half my big fat belly (but 99% of the time I'm naked in my room stuffing my fat belly full while my sister's rub it) and in a few days it's my birthday so for turning 15 my sister's are going to try to make me drink a full gallon of fudge after each of my 16 meals and add one meal each month. And all you gainers please keep getting fatter and fatter
81 days ago
mi definitely fat ;-;
351 days ago
60% skinny
40% normal
I guess that's good...
446 days ago
For 10% you are: You are obese. Maybe talk about it with your family and see a doctor. Don't worry all hope isn't lost yet and don't let this make you upset - see it more like a wake up call! I guess 10% is better than 0% but I want to be 100% obese !!!! :) :) :) :)
646 days ago
I LOVE MY BELLY! I wan to to gain another 200lbs!! I wan to to shred my clothes because of my big belly!! Being 230 pounds at 5'4 and 13 years old is nothing! I want my beach ball belly to touch the floor! Happy gaining my fellow gainers! And keep on gaining!
646 days ago
For 50% you are: You are obese. Maybe talk about it with your family and see a doctor. Don't worry all hope isn't lost yet and don't let this make you upset - see it more like a wake up call!
805 days ago
What happened to my comment!? Oh dear...

I'm skinny. I would be considered, too skinny, and I agree. But I have gained a little bit of weight on my belly. I use to have curves like a girls belly, but now it's more square in shape, but still has some curvature to it. Would like to lose the belly weight...
805 days ago Home Logo

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Are you fat?
For 50% you are: You could probably lose a few pounds just exercise more regularly and maybe have a few more salads. Don't worry it isn't the worst thing in the world!
915 days ago
It says I am obese. With a weight of 369 and a height of 5'10" I would say it is right!