Am I Fat? Quiz

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A test to figure out if you are fat

  • 1
    Do you think you are fat?
  • 2
    Do other people tell you you're fat?
  • 3
    How many meals do you eat every day?

  • 4
    What kind of food do you eat?
  • 5
    How often do you exercise?
  • 6
    Grab your belly while sitting down. How much fat is there to hold on to?

  • 7
    Stand up and speed walk around the room for 30 seconds. how tired are you?
  • 8
    Stand up (Again) and jump up and down. What jiggles?
  • 9
    Quickly lift up your shirt. How long does your belly jiggle?
  • 10
    Stand up (Yes, again) with your feet shoulder width apart. do your thighs touch?

Comments (18)


40 days ago
thelittleliopn.. i can talk :)
40 days ago
YaY i am normal... but it doesnt matter if your fat! its the personality that matter! :)
248 days ago
You are Fat. You could definitely use some time at the gym. Try eating more salad. Without some change, you may become Obese.

is what i got i'm 4 foot 4 and weigh 61 pounds am i fat?
265 days ago
The results said fat- I’m 5’1 and 160lbs, no biggy I’m just a little bit obese, and I wouldn’t mind gaining a few pounds
288 days ago
I might leave but I have nothing better 2 do 🤣😅
288 days ago
I'm india btw. How are u guys is anyone awake I'm having the worst night- cant stop stuffing myself I've gained 1 pound In 4hours 🤣 like what?!
288 days ago
Hi btw I'm India that's my teal name 😉
288 days ago
I check in on the quiz to see if I've gained or lost weight not to chat but I do if u wanna....I'm awkward here lol lol haha
288 days ago
I'm 'slitly chubby' I weigh like... idk but my doc say I'm chubby so does my BMI chart my family and this quiz so ye.But I like it also i want to get to chubby, i check in this quiz alot so ye if you wanna talk or just see new comments lol then I'm here 🙂
288 days ago
I know I may be a little too positive for yall but listen to me now ok it's important you know this.....You are gods best creation and the worlds superstar dont change who you are KEEP ON LOVING LIFE!😊☺
288 days ago
Hai strangers!I hope you had/are having a great night/day!Remember it doesnt matter your size or shape or colour all that matters is you, your health, your personality and how YOU feel.Your things touch?You have fat that goes over your pants?SO WHAT?You can lose that weight if you want but if you want to keep it and your healthy then keep it!!!Stay happy folks, and stay positive and raise you head high!
294 days ago
I think I am starting to develop axenoria No one says I am fat but I fell like the worlds fattest person
318 days ago
5'6 and 140
Somehow got Normal, but if I did do a legit bmi test I'm overweight.
But hey, I got height to gain, I'm only startin' puberty ;)

But anyhow, no matter the body type, you are you. Your personality is the interesting thing, not if your thighs can touch each-other.
Don't mind what others think and surround yourselves with good people, but anyhow, have a great day strangers!
390 days ago
I'm no normal but I wanna get skinnier I'm 5 ft and 90 lbs
527 days ago
Obese YAY I am I am 4'5" and I weigh 450 lbs
550 days ago
You should know you’re beautiful just the way you are
And you don’t have to change a thing, the world could change its heart
596 days ago
You are Chubby. You have a bit of extra weight hanging around, but it's nothing bad. Don't let this stop you from exercising though, because if you let yourself go, you could easily become Fat.
671 days ago
You are Underweight. You barely have any fat at all, if any. You could do with a couple extra pounds