Am I Fat? Quiz

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A test to figure out if you are fat

  • 1
    Do you think you are fat?
  • 2
    Do other people tell you you're fat?
  • 3
    How many meals do you eat every day?

  • 4
    What kind of food do you eat?
  • 5
    How often do you exercise?
  • 6
    Grab your belly while sitting down. How much fat is there to hold on to?

  • 7
    Stand up and speed walk around the room for 30 seconds. how tired are you?
  • 8
    Stand up (Again) and jump up and down. What jiggles?
  • 9
    Quickly lift up your shirt. How long does your belly jiggle?
  • 10
    Stand up (Yes, again) with your feet shoulder width apart. do your thighs touch?

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280 days ago
@Fatty I'll give you advice if you want, if you're smaller than me, because if you were bigger there'd really be no need for me to give you advice. I'm 758 pounds morbidly obese and love it as well
282 days ago
@ami fat no i'm way fatter
282 days ago
Umm i'm obese... AND I LOVE IT, HOW DO I GAIN MORE?????
328 days ago
328 days ago
@random_person fun fact: if u r overweight u grow less in puberty so if u wanna grow taller then lose ur weight (that is if u want to)
328 days ago
@ami_fat ur healthy weight by a little (I'm not sure bc idk ur age) redo test to make sure
328 days ago
sabre and sockie u 2 remind me of two ppl lol
328 days ago
@Chubby_person u maybe answered a wrong answer (according to u) and it made the quiz think ur normal. Try again and carefully answer the questions correctly according to u.
382 days ago
No offence to anyone, but this quiz isn’t accurate for me. My result said I’m normal, but I’m actually very chubby 12 years old, 5 foot 2, and 139 lbs.
574 days ago
i got skinny, just like sabre. hi legends! please watch our youtube channel norris nuts.
574 days ago
I am skinny, boys are in love with me, im attractive and i love this quiz, also please subscribe to my youtube channel[ norris nuts]
636 days ago
thelittleliopn.. i can talk :)
636 days ago
YaY i am normal... but it doesnt matter if your fat! its the personality that matter! :)
844 days ago
You are Fat. You could definitely use some time at the gym. Try eating more salad. Without some change, you may become Obese.

is what i got i'm 4 foot 4 and weigh 61 pounds am i fat?
861 days ago
The results said fat- I’m 5’1 and 160lbs, no biggy I’m just a little bit obese, and I wouldn’t mind gaining a few pounds
884 days ago
I might leave but I have nothing better 2 do 🤣😅
884 days ago
I'm india btw. How are u guys is anyone awake I'm having the worst night- cant stop stuffing myself I've gained 1 pound In 4hours 🤣 like what?!
884 days ago
Hi btw I'm India that's my teal name 😉
884 days ago
I check in on the quiz to see if I've gained or lost weight not to chat but I do if u wanna....I'm awkward here lol lol haha
884 days ago
I'm 'slitly chubby' I weigh like... idk but my doc say I'm chubby so does my BMI chart my family and this quiz so ye.But I like it also i want to get to chubby, i check in this quiz alot so ye if you wanna talk or just see new comments lol then I'm here 🙂