Are you a chubby girl quiz?

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You pull your top up and then hear the gasps... why? Many people these days are obese and others skinny. But today we want to to know, are you chubby?

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    You lift your top up and then you hear the gasps.. why?

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21 days ago
im a teen and I weigh 155 pounds and I'm quite tall but my stomach is often sticking out and its always full and hard when I go to touch it. when I sit it just sticks out even more. when I look in the mirror it looks like I'm pregnant or something. Am I chubby, fat, pudgy or overweight and what type of belly do I have, and is it a good belly? Should I gain more? Please answer
34 days ago
You’re obese and urgently need to loose weight! Consult a doctor for medical advice because I certainly aren’t one. Make sure you diet and exercise! You can do this queen!
37 days ago
I got pudgy I'm 12 136 lbs a nd 5 ft so.....😢
60 days ago
Geez so my mother DOES lie to me... and my classmates are right. I am fat. Propbably the fattest kid in my school. I get bullied daily by a bunch of girls. They're pretty bad.
85 days ago
Oh OK... I got chubby HEH well it's not suprising I am kinda fat, well I say kinda, I have quite a thicc belly and I am the fattest in my class... I have a well quite a big pudgy muffin top not gonna lie and have to get my belly into my jeans to hide my pudge and when I had to get 2 sizes up on my school uniform I was a lil offended but my buttons were popping off in lessons. OK and I'm only in grade 7 -_- I guess I'm too overweight to loose any flab so I eat more and more. I usually wear over-sized shirts with no buttons or they just pop off I hate PE and jiggle A LOT when I run or even walk so not KINDA fat A LOT MORE THAN KINDA!
92 days ago
I got overweight but I am the fattest in my class so I'm not suprised
113 days ago
I got chubby/overweight. Not surprising 🙄 I’m one of the fatest kids at my school and get made fun of a lot. I have a medium muffin top, chubby belly, and just a bunch of flab. Most skinny jeans feel like the buttons are going to pop when I put them on. I often pig out when eating and eat until I have to unbutton my pants or shirt for comfort. Most of my friends are overweight or chubby like me.

I get bullied on a daily basis which makes me eat more

I’m fine with bein fat ;)
133 days ago
Chubby, people who aren't my friends at school have said OMG she is so Jiggly
133 days ago
Chubby, people who aren't my friends at school have said OMG she is so Jiggly
141 days ago
Yes I got chubby I’m practically the fastest in the school I get bullied everyday that makes me eat more.
154 days ago
like duuh i got obese i have to sleep naked and stay naked all day cus no clothes fit meh like any boys out there,i feel so sexy
162 days ago
More people like fat or dislike?
194 days ago
Do I get fit like him?
194 days ago
Still waiting for my answer on my question also update me and my bf are still question:I love my chubby body and I weigh 336 pounds and I’m 17.but my boyfriend encouraged me to be fat like him what do I tell him.btw my bf is 180 pounds and he’s now ripped.
200 days ago
Tried to make it pink but it didn't work
200 days ago
😭😢It said im pudgy but i want to loose but i just can't stop eating chocolate every day today was Easter and i ate half my chocolate and im eating chocolate right now 😭😭😭😭😢😢😢😢undefined
234 days ago
i like chubby girls they are cute
237 days ago
hi I got obese but I'm wanting to get there but I'm not yet
258 days ago
I got chubby. but I dont care! I love my body! and we need to respaet aters!
258 days ago
ok ok I got pudgy! but I think IM a chubby wubby!