Are You a Chubby Girl? Quiz

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You wear a crop top and hear gasps...why? Many people these days are obese, and others are skinny. But today we want to know, are you chubby? Take the test now if you want to know.

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    You lift your top up to show your friends your middle. They gasp...why?
    You lift your top up to show your friends your middle. They gasp...why?

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18 days ago
Oh so firstly that’s amazing I can’t even run 2 miles easily 😂. And secondly I did a typo I’m not 78kg I’m 78lbs…
21 days ago
People at my school are calling me names like muffin top and porpoise trying to lift up my shirt so everyone can see my belly. My soccer coach said if I don't loose weight I will be kicked off the team and she is already having me to 3 miles daily and extra conditioning. She has everyone play with my fat to so could I have some workout ideas to get rid of belly fat. I can't quit the team or my dad will make me do 3 minute planks daily and 200 crunches and a lot more so workout tips please
22 days ago
Well u guys are lucky i am 5’8” and only 78kg
28 days ago
I've gotten really chubby.for example in the past hour I've eaten 5big Macs,3 dozen donuts,an extra large pepperoni pizza,2 whole strawberry cakes and a whole pack of sprite which is making me burp alot.Im playing with my jiggly belly.My shorts are so tight and I love it.
30 days ago
So I used to be skinny and 109 pounds or something close to that and was 5'3.But now im178 a year later,my belly is a decent size and super jiggly,almost everything I eat now is junk food,the occasional healthy snack, and anything heavy cream or soda.I also became lazier and more of a slob.I love when I burst out huge burps and farts.My old size 3 jeans button popped off today in my huge cake stuffing and I love the tightness.If im not not pigging out im on the couch watching tv chugging soda and burping my fat🚔off.My beautiful gf does all of the work and got a bit chubby from being around so much junk food,she went from what she told me was"99pounds to 182pounds".Her appetite seems to be increasing by the day and I noticed that her belly is getting bigger and softer.Her belly pushes against her desk.I've been uncontrollably eating,burping,farting,stuffing myself lately.I just gained 20 more pounds in the span of 2 months,most of going to my 🚔.
66 days ago
I got perfect but i’am fat I know it’s nice but it’s wrong
115 days ago
I got chubby which is true once I was in the changing rooms and I fell over and farted so loudly by accident and everyone was laughing so hard another time I ate alot during lunch so I put my belly over my waistband and everyone laughed at my huge stomach honestly I don't want to be fat but it's so hard especially since I eat all my worries away I don't want my belly to make me fart all the time :(
148 days ago
So i got obese i used to be skinny i weighed 73 lbs and was 4 ft 11 when i was around 10 but when i turned 11 i stared eating a lot more 2 years later i gained 125 pounds and got teased a lot. now im 16 and weigh around 586 pounds and am 5'6. one day i was wallking in the house and my legs just gave out so now i just stay in bed and binge all day. I want to reach 700 pounds by next year.
165 days ago
Hi everyone i got chubby and i dont think I think iam fat but idk
171 days ago
I’m pudgy especially in my butt it weighs 50 pounds
195 days ago
You’re obese and urgently need to loose weight! Consult a doctor for medical advice because I certainly aren’t one. Make sure you diet and exercise! You can do this queen!

yup im obese im 12 5,2 and i weight 64kg my bmi is obese and im chill about it ngl i want to be like ssbbw bobery or even better twice her size!!!
198 days ago
I got chubby.

I have been overweight my whole life but I never thought I was fat. That was until I was the last person in the changing rooms and people started to make comments. They started to make comments about my butt and practically commented on my thighs. They bursted in laughter when I sat down and said I could barely fit in the chair. They commented how my thighs rubbed and how that my stomach was so big it presses on the desk.

After that incident I started to notice that this was true. However, I really realised when someone posted a photo of me sitting on my desk online saying. “Look at marshmallow her thighs bursting out of the seams. She is the fattest she will ever be.” Can someone please help me. I’m trying to lose weight but I get bigger can anyone tell me what I do wrong?
245 days ago
@Mckenna I completely agree with all that except I don't plan on losing weight anytime soon, and even if I wanted to I've become too much of a pig at this point, I finally hit 819 and love being stuffed full, food is my full obsession
247 days ago
I got chubby which is not surprising?. I am quite chubby and have a big muffin top. I am the fattest one in my class and gym is very hard for me because I never exercise and my whole body is jiggling the whole time and it's very embarrassing. I would loose weight but I love to eat food and stuff myself. For example in the past Hour I have eaten: 2 big macs, 10 chicken mcnuggets, large fries, large milkshake, 4 donuts, and a chocolate cake. This is a normal amount of food for me and I love the feeling of being stuffed.
262 days ago
i got perfect weight. i feel like im overweight, im 10, 42.5 kg, 5'2 feet tall. i have a small muffin top and if i wear leggings i have to tuck them into my shoes to look skinny.
337 days ago
hey guys i got chubby i feel bad
337 days ago
did you like totes IGNORE what it said in the text bar!
the person who did this quiz is awesome but i am 12 and i got definitely pudgy is that OK.
337 days ago
soz phobia but you are fat and i am skinny
337 days ago
ok i got definitely pudgy i am 12 is that normal PLEASE answer soon!
338 days ago
Well done! You are a perfect weight. Continue eating a nice balanced diet and

exercising regularly and you will never suffer from any serious health issues in life.

That makes me feel good about myself.