Are you Overweight?

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Hello! Welcome to the quiz, "Are you Overweight?' In this quiz, you'll find out if your anorexic, normal weight, chubby, overweight, or obese.
This test is (probably) not scientific. It was also created by a bored 11-year-old at 1:00 AM, so take this with a grain of salt.

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    First Question: Does eating make you feel better? (Very important!)
  • 2
    When you go to a buffet, how much do you eat?
  • 3
    Do you snack a lot?

  • 4
    Sit down. Look at your belly. What do you see?
  • 5
    What does your diet consist of?
  • 6
    Slap your belly. Does it jiggle?

  • 7
    How often do you exercise?
  • 8
    Walk up a stairwell. What do you feel?
  • 9
    Choose an item.
  • 10
    Do you like the quiz?

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266 days ago
519 days ago
i see the "bored 11 year old" part of this quiz
570 days ago
I can't tell if I take these to have someone tell me I'm fat or to have someone tell me that I'm finally making "progress" with ana
591 days ago
634 days ago
I get anorexic on almost all of these quizzes but I am not underweight so I continue to tell myself I'm fine. People are starting to notice how I starve myself and they make me eat something. But I'm not ready to recover yet-
758 days ago
Fat fat,i love being fat!
789 days ago
Dear self stop taking these quizzes and having a mental breakdown every time they mention food or that you have an ED because you keep denying it because of your age
824 days ago
@Lisa it’s okay! So many girls feel that way about themselves. I’ve always been shy because I’m so short and I look skinny (I’m actually average weight for my age even though I look like a stick) and all the other people I know look different than me. Trust me, I get that. So many people tease me over my size. If anyone calls you ugly, that doesn’t make you ugly, that’s just them giving their irrelevant opinion. Stay safe and keep going!
825 days ago
I never thought I was healthy. I just have really bad body problems, I'm always comparing myself to a lot of girls. I just wish I could feel normal.
835 days ago
So, I'm normally 120 pounds, and lately I've been 125. This was accurate, but I also have a severe heart condition, so that added to my results.
888 days ago
Oh and hi I'm 11. :p
888 days ago
Why do I get anorexic on every quiz? '-'