Are you overweight or skinny? Quiz

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This is a quiz to see if you are overweight or skinny. No bullying In the comments I'm 15 5' 6 and 236 pounds. I am extremely obese and I feel sad but I hope you guys feel better about yourselves. I never want anyone to body shame this is a safe place to talk about stuff.

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    How many meals do you eat a day?

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93 days ago
I'm Anorexic. I need help
100 days ago
Im 5'3 and 142 pounds i feel so fat ughh
114 days ago
im the fattest person im immobile apparently
122 days ago
@anonymous same but I love it
129 days ago
I am wayyyyyyy too fat....
348 days ago
I am very insecure about my weight. Before covid a lot of people called me a twig and extremely skinny. After the whole pandemic thing (though it’s not over yet) I had gained a belly pooch and around 20 pounds (over the course of 2 years). I have done so many google searches about the average weight for my height and age and other things. Thought I’m still in the normal range of weight I was still very insecure and took this quiz. This quiz said I’m normal, which made me just a bit less insecure. Thanks for the quiz!
375 days ago
@Dill, well maybe not need but it's whatever is most comfortable for them ^^
375 days ago
@Kacey You're fine. People can be mean sometimes but you can get over it. Even if you are overweight you can change. I disagree with @FatGirlAriel. I think if you are overweight, you need to change.
384 days ago
@Lacey it's fine I'm sure you're not, but if you are, no one ever said that was a bad thing, don't think about it
384 days ago
It's said I was overweight:( Eveyone says I am really fat
387 days ago
I'm a 67 pound 10-year-old acrobatic-in-training. I would say acrobatics is a good way to boost your positivity and energy.
394 days ago
I got normal! And @Cupcake that is beautiful ❤
394 days ago
If any of you get anything that makes you feel sad about yourself, just remember that everyone is different. Your beautiful just the way you are and don't let anyone, ANYONE tell you otherwise.

416 days ago
I didn’t really enjoy this quiz as it asked “what do people say about your stomach?” And people always say that I need to lose weight and that my stomach is massive but actually my stomach is less than flat. I feel like I need to lose a lot of weight because of that but actually I need to gain weight
416 days ago
The running one is unfair. Also, since when is it healthy to be less than 100 lbs as an adult, I am 13!!
431 days ago
When it said about running, I'm skinny but I just ain't made for it. I think that might have effected my score a bit
431 days ago
I am normal!!! Whoo!