Should you become a vegetarian?
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Should you become a vegetarian?

This test is here to help you determine whether you should give up the one thing you love most: meat!

Question 1:   Do you like the smell of steak either in the distance or when it's cooking right in front of you?
It's alright, but I wouldn't say it makes my mouth water.
Yes- it smells great!
No, I've never liked the smell of cooking steak.

Question 2:   Can you drink milk straight, without having to drink it with food or anything else?
No. I don't like the taste of milk without drinking it with food.
It depends. If I'm thirsty enough, I'll do it, but usually drink it with food.
Yes, I have no problem drinking plain milk.

Question 3:   Would you have any problem at all looking at pictures of cows, pigs, or other animals (including cats and horses) being slaughtered to become a delicacy on yours or others' dinner plates?
It would disturb me, but not change my mind about eating meat.
It would probably disturb me to the point where I couldn't eat meat for a couple of days or more.
It wouldn't affect me greatly at all. I understand that animals are here for humans to eat.

Question 4:   Do you consider yourself a lover of most animals, cute or ugly?
I'm not really an animal person. They bug me more than anything.
I don't mind some animals, but I don't like all of them.
I love all animals. I have no problem being around them.

Question 5:   Would you stop eating gelatin if you knew that it came from animal bones and stop drinking taurine (in energy drinks) if you knew it came from cow's puke?
That would definitely make me stop eating those things. I think that's disgusting.
It might disgust me to know that, but I would get over it and keep consuming those things.
No. I would still eat and drink those things, as long as they tasted good

Question 6:   Do you normally have a low opinion of vegetarians and vegans?
I have no problem with vegetarians and vegans. It's a free country. They can eat how they want to eat.
It doesn't really bother me, but I tend to think they are "different" than most people.
Yes. I think they are too extreme in their viewpoints and they're missing out on lots of good food!

Question 7:   Would you be able to go without foods such as ice cream, candy bars, hamburgers, or cheese for at least a week without feeling deprived?
No! I love at least one or more of those items. They are my favorite thing(s) to eat.
I could go a week without eating them, but after that I would probably binge on them.
I could probably live without those foods, but I would miss them- even though they're not my favorites.

Question 8:   Would you change your lifestyle even if it meant your family, friends and/or relatives would disapprove?
I do what I want. My beliefs are my own and I would make that point to my friends and family.
It depends. If it meant that a lot of arguments would pop up, I might change my mind.
No. I respect their opinions and generally try to make them pleased with me.

Question 9:   Do you or any family members have high blood pressure, heart disease, or problems with weight gain?
Only one or two relatives

Question 10:   Have you ever thought about becoming a vegetarian or a vegan?
Yes, but I dismissed it for some reason.
Maybe once in my life

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