Do I need glasses? Quiz

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This quiz will tell you if you need glasses. It is not 100% perfect since I am not a professional!

  • 1
    Is your vision blurry?
  • 2
    Can you see clearly from close up?
  • 3
    How well do you see the board at school from far away?

  • 4
    Do you ever have double vision?
  • 5
    Do you get headaches while reading?
  • 6
    Do you skip lines when reading?

  • 7
    Do your eyes hurt when staring at a screen or reading?
  • 8
    Do you squint your eyes when reading?
  • 9
    Do you want glasses? (Doesn’t effect score)
  • 10
    Do you like this test? (Doesn’t affect score)

Comments (28)


125 days ago
Idk if this test is real or not bc I really think I need glasses but I don’t have them
140 days ago
it said i dont need glasses but i have them :) this test is so wrong!
165 days ago
My eyesight is like right eye 600 and left eye 850 so I definitely need glasses.
184 days ago
lol im getting glasses soon cause the optometrist said i needed them but this test said i dont need them
202 days ago
Sheesh, said I don't need glasses but I am literally wearing mine right now, lol
204 days ago
I took another test and it said i have cataracts 😪😓😥😕😔😭😢😰
204 days ago
I have had glasses since I was 5
211 days ago
I just got glasses today and the quiz said I do need glasses so it is accerate
225 days ago
This test said i dont need glasses but i literally already wear them??? pfffffft anyways so
291 days ago
It says I don't need glasses but I have them, haha
488 days ago
Bruh I even worse...One eye is 100 and another is 125. AHHHHH I AM JUST 11 PLUS.
507 days ago
I already have glasses and I have 100 degrees.Its very bad I know. :((
603 days ago
I have 20/70-20/50 which is terrible vision :(
603 days ago
I mean I really need glasses I can’t see very well.
603 days ago
I think I do need glasses.
604 days ago
I was looking for quizzes for if I need glasses because my dad and I were taking a walk and I couldn't read the signs until I got across the street from them. The doctor said I didn't need glasses, but everything I read from a few feet away says otherwise. This is honestly VERY confusing.
641 days ago
Haha I took this test, it said I don’t need glasses but I’m literally short sighted and when I was younger I had a lazy eye. This is definitely unreliable, you don’t have to have awful eyesight to wear glasses, different people have different levels of eye problem, and the quiz clearly didn’t understand that
782 days ago
this is crazy why PLS do more tests
879 days ago
It says i dont but i have glasses already. dont waset your time on this test.
925 days ago
I wear glasses, it keeps asking questions about short sighted people who just can't see well up close but put me about a foot and it already is getting a little blurry, not that much obviously, it's gotta be like 10 feet away for something to be not so legible but it also depends on the size of the writing and the colour.