Fit or fat

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Are you fit...or are you fat? Take this quiz to find out. If you are not happy with the results then please let me know on my guestbook

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    How often do you do exercise?
    How often do you do exercise?

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25 days ago
I’m 12 years old and 15 stone. I love being fat and not having to do pe or walk to school. I can’t walk upstairs without help too. My parents don’t like my weight but I love it. I eat 5 meals a day too. I love my life because of my weight
30 days ago
"Really obese kid", Wow, I wish I could live like that!
30 days ago
I am 12 years old and I am 28 stone.
I am immobile so I can't walk to school so I can just stay at home and eat which is AWESOME! My mom loves me being this massive and is constantly feeding me to make nme bigger. I even agreed because I love food! I am 28 stone at 12 so I am to big to fit in a bath, there is a pond outside for me. When I was 11, I was 22 stone, so I have gained 6 stone this year! I have an Uber eats app on my phone to order it whenever I want. Everyday, I order a McDonald's for lunch, and KFC gor dinner. Since obviously no clothes fit me, I just wear very big pants and nothing else. I love food and I love being this fat!
80 days ago
This is so wrong, notice how no one got the fit awnser, I’m got obese, I am not obese I’m a 173 pound 13 year old who is about 6 feet tall, and I have a strong build, this is terribly inaccurate don’t take this seriously.
109 days ago
You are somewhat overweight. You should measure your height soon to make sure it's correct. Try to get more exercise and make sure 59% of every meal is fruit and veggies. Otherwise you're doing great :) And for Embryo S., I know I guess. I can't help checking them (I am obsessive, disordered eating past, etc ) and it can be helpful excluding the disgusting feeders in the comments
110 days ago
i am 11, 4 feet 4 inches i way 67 pounds is that i good weight?
116 days ago
@Fattie you are morbidly obese and should talk with your family doctor to lose weight. A healthy weight for you is between 70 and 120 pounds depending on height.
116 days ago
I'm 150 pounds at age 11 and when I get home I eat a Mac attack or 2 and normally have take outs for Di
nner am I fat?
149 days ago
I'm 17 and I weigh 200lbs I'm so fat but i really dont care after school i just sit and eat a rest my belly on my jotter and have like cookies and watch Netflix.My mum is actually really proud and she rubs my belly after meal and the feed me more for some reason🤔But I love it all my friends are thin and they always cuddle me.My dad is even more proud so he put my family on a weight gain until we are all 205lbs but I think my mums making me go further to like 236lbs but i love being pampered and force fed now it's like so cool!My sister who is 23 weighs 199lbs and she waddles every where , my mom is like fat too shes went on diet but that made her go from 189lbs to 234lbs and she wants to gain 5 more pounds and my dad is 225lbs I love being fat and I always eat at night I never miss a meal even when my belly aches I normally binge and stuff myself I gain alot yesterday I gained 10 pounds I'm so happy!
Sorry im waiting ur time but I need to make a note of this so I know if anything changes I'm hungry for pizza so bye bye (: 😉
194 days ago
Got fat. Kinda glad. I wanted obese though.
194 days ago
Obese kid that’s awesome, pe 🌻anyways and becoming immobile is amazing! You won’t have to move anywhere you can just sit and eat away
196 days ago
I am 10 and I weigh 12 stone and one time I got stuck in the door because I am fat.
My doctor called my school saying I was too fat to do Pe
213 days ago
Weights need adjusting to age/sex dimension of course.
219 days ago
I’m 11 and weigh 8-10 stone, am I fat or obease?
322 days ago
I agree with Soujji I didn't understand the stone thing
347 days ago
I'm so big, but I'm small at the same time, I have a flat stomach with abs, but I have huge thighs and a huge butt that I have trouble putting jeans on everyday
396 days ago
My so big i can't fit into a door
401 days ago
I CANT fit into one sit have to DO 3 sits
401 days ago
I'm 16 obese 800lbs
in 2 moore years I gonna BE 12,0000 lbs
403 days ago
I got really fit and healthy. 😇