How tall are you going to be?

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How tall are you going to be?
Are you going to be tall, medium or short?

  • 1
    How tall is your dad?
  • 2
    How tall is your mom?
  • 3
    Where are you from in the world?

  • 4
    What is your Favourite Sport?
  • 5
    How active are you?
  • 6
    How Healthy is your diet

  • 7
    Compare yourself to everyone else in your class, how tall are you compared to everyone else.
  • 8
    What was your foot size when you were 10-12?
  • 9
    What is your Favourite dance style?
  • 10
    How tall are you for your AGE?

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67 days ago
I got your going to be very tall!!! I am 10 years old and 5’6 and most people stop growing at 14 and I haven’t had a growth spurt yet!! It said 5’7-5’8 but my doctor says 6’0 so I am kinda scared to be so tall. And my bestie is 4’11 lol
109 days ago
if you can't tell by the name I'm really tall. I'm turning 12 in less than a week and i'm taller than my teachers. I'm 5 foot 5 or 65 inches!!!!!!!!!!! I don't like being tall. I litterlay had a class mate ask me why i was so tall because she has to look up at me...................................... ....
587 days ago
I’ve been reading the comments and there have been a lot of girls who are insecure of their height because they are a lot taller than most of the other girls! Well I’m not tall NOT AT ALL I’m 4’11 and nearly 12 and most people stop growing when they’re 14 so I guarantee you I won’t be tall! To the taller girls out there: trust me there are soooo much more better reasons to be tall I need like a 6 foot tall chair to reach the shelves!😅😂🤣 and you guys can just get it! If your worried that you won’t get a bf that is taller than you then TRUST ME YOU WILL (unless you choose not to) because reading the comments and looking at all these other people (boys) are sometimes a lot taller than 6 foot! So don’t be insecure about your height you’re wonderful just the way you are I mean lodes of boys say to me your so cute wanna be mine which is annoying as 😘 (sorry) because it happens ALL. THE. TIME! So love yourself gals and if your gonna be weird, bold, and savage then at least be confident about it! To all the people who bully tall people out there: how would you like it if I made fun of you for being short (tbh I probably am shorter) or worse I can beat your a** up until you bit**** stop talking 💩 about these tall people bcs they. Are. Amazing. And you will be amazing until you stop bullying!

Love yourself guys and your the only one who changes things for you whether it’s friends, style Andy thing don’t let anyone else have that much power over you because you’re the only one you should (unless you’re still young and your parents tell you what to do still for your own good)

587 days ago
This was my results: Your going to be a lil' short

You are going to be a little bit short for your age. Sorry: v.

Girl - 5'2.5 to 5'3.5 (𝗶𝗺 𝗮 𝗴𝗶𝗿𝗹)

Boy - 5'8.5-5'9.5

Reading all these comments makes me feel short lol im 4’11 at 11 years old and so many people are in their 5 foots at 10+ tbh my results to sound VERY accurate
606 days ago
im 12 and im 5'6 and im gonna be 6'0-6'3
801 days ago
im 12 and im 5'4 or 5'5. but when my mom was in 4th grade she was 5'5 and she stopped growing BUT my dad is 6'2 or 6'3 soooo idk. but it said im gonna be 5'4- 5'6 :)
843 days ago
I'm Only 15 and i got 5'10-6'3 I'm gonna be so Tall i'm might be as tall as my dad and its kinda scary
871 days ago
I am 13 and 6’0 and it says i’m going to only be 5’8-6’0 lmao
874 days ago
im 5'5 at 11, still growing super fast. i literally get asked every single day by this one 4'5 guy in my class "how are you so tall?!!?!?!?!?" like its literally so annoying. take it from me omg you don't wanna be tall. this test is pretty inaccurate, but according to many other tests im going to be over 6ft. literally hate everything lol. gonna go cry now
919 days ago
I'm 5'2 and I'm 10 years old, so love that-
958 days ago
oof, don’t hate your height. You are perfect the way you are. If the guy you liked thinks you’re too tall, we’ll, he’s obviously got a problem that no one can fix. I’m fairly tall for my age, I honestly like the fact that I’m tall. I’m not self conscious about it, I’m just myself.❤️❤️❤️
1015 days ago
Chanel Genetics are annoying, I know.
People with Different Genes get different results
1017 days ago
1040 days ago
Me, are you a girl or a boy? Because if you're a girl, you're the average height :D
1043 days ago
Lol it said 5'7 but that's how tall I am rn and I'm 12😳
1048 days ago
i feel ya im about 5,5 taller than most people i know
1075 days ago
this is really accurate what the heck? i'm a girl and 5'8.5 and it said i was going to get btwn 5'7 and 5'8. but i hate my height lol, i'm so tall, literally i tower over all the girls and a LOT of the boys at my school, and i always feel so awkward, being like 6 inches taller than everyone. the short girls have it easier in my opinion; there are a LOT of short girls but not that many taller ones, and also being short is more socially acceptable and desirable than being tall for a girl, based on what i've seen. short girls, you do NOT want to be super tall, take it from me. you'll stand out like a sore thumb, intimidate people, and never, never be able to escape people saying "woooow, you're so tall! you could be a model!" newsflash, height is only part of modeling. you also have to be super attractive, and why is that the only good thing people say about being tall, besides "you'll be able to reach high shelves"? also this boy i liked said that he would never go out with me because i was "too tall" and that he wanted a short girl because they're "cute" and "pocket-sized." i hate my height! :DD