How tall are you going to be? (remake)

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Take this test to find out your height!

  • 1
    How healthy is your diet?
  • 2
    How tall is your father?
  • 3
    How tall is your mother?

  • 4
    Where are you from in the world?
  • 5
    What is your Favourite Sport?
  • 6
    How much did you grow since last year

  • 7
    How long do you sleep for?
  • 8
    At the start of your growth spurt (Mid-11s) how big were/are your feet?
  • 9
    How would you describe your weight for your age
  • 10
    Do people comment on your height?

Comments (12)


844 days ago
im 13 and i am close to 5 10 and it say ill be 6 feet
949 days ago
JulI Sorry if this quiz disappointed you

Not all quizzes are correct.

Also, may I mention that if you have an abnormal height, this quiz might kinda burst your bubble a little bit
954 days ago
I dont get it im 14 already nearly 6 feet but this quiz says i'll be 5'3/5'4. This is so wrong
955 days ago
955 days ago
peppa pIg I suggest how you sound, act, look like, etc. is the one you picl

I'm Half British and Half American and I have a British Accent
955 days ago
Let out be after I'll-
955 days ago
Apparently I'll my mom's height! Not bad, I quite like my mom's height. I might be 5'8 like her. :)
958 days ago
there was no "mixed" or "more than one" option for the ethnicity question, the quiz was nice and a very interesting fun idea, 6/10
959 days ago
Oh I am also 14 btw so 5'1" is pretty short but 6 feet? wow.
959 days ago
Huh! I am 5'1" at the moment but it says I will turn out to be 6 feet! Nice.
959 days ago
I'm 14 but only 5' and a half 😂 It says I'll be 5'3/5'4, but that's fine lmao
959 days ago
I'm 11 and I'm 5'6 and a half already, and it said I am gonna be 5'8 which is what I wanna be! 😍