How tall will I be?

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So, you want to know how tall you will be when you've fully grown? Well, this quiz will take care of that! Just answer a few questions and you will get your estimated height.
Disclaimer: The Quiz obviously won't be 100% accurate for everyone, so don't get too sad if your result is below average, you can still hit a MASSIVE growth spurt.

  • 1
    How tall were you when you were 13?
  • 2
    How tall is/was your father?
  • 3
    How tall is/was your mother?

  • 4
    What sport did you play most in your childhood?
  • 5
    How taller/shorter than you are your peers?
  • 6
    How often do you go outside?

  • 7
    How healthy is the food you eat?
  • 8
    How long do you sleep?
  • 9
    How fast are you?
  • 10
    How much do you sit every day?

  • 11
    How tall is your brother/sister?
  • 12
    How often do you exercise?

Comments (19)


40 days ago
Very nice quiz. I don’t know if it is accurate yet... 🙃 but every other test has said something very similar to my results. Gonna tell all my friends 😄

P.s. I like my privacy, that’s why I’m “name withheld “
105 days ago
bro my pants are above my ankles i'm 11 and i wear a 10 12 but if i wear a 14 16 the hips are way to big
105 days ago
i got 5 foot 7 to 5 foot 10. I'm 11 and i'm 5 foot 5 I'm taller than my mom was at this age and she is 5 foot 11. I'm a whole foot taller than my friend, so i think the test is'nt right.
275 days ago
I did this on a different site and got 6’5 I got 5’11 to 6’2 here what’s up with that
372 days ago
im 14 im 5,4 sadly lol
394 days ago
I’m like 12 and in currently 5 7’ and it said I’ll be like 6 2’ ... I already have issues with pant length. Lol.
405 days ago
To anyone who is ranting on and on about how the test wasn't accurate:
TAKE A CHILL PILL! Seriously!!!! The test even said at the beginning that it wouldn't be exactly perfect- nothing is perfect!!! Like, give me a break!!!
(Personally, I thought that the test was very good. It said that I would be 5'7-5'10, and I am 5'8. So there!
406 days ago
It says I'm going to be 5,1.. but Im 21 years old and im 4,5....🧐🤨🤔
410 days ago
I got ten foot
418 days ago
I got 5'4-5'6/5'8, but I am 5'10 and 13 atm.. So they've missed quite a bit-
447 days ago
I got 5'4-5'6, but I'm only 13, and I'm already 5'3, not off of my growth spurt yet, so I dunno?
449 days ago
I think I am going to be 5,10 because now I am 4,6 and 9.5 months old and my 1/2 birthday is in 3 days so i think i will be taller but I know I will not get a growth spurt.
453 days ago
ummmm... im gonna be taller than 5'4 (bc im that height)because i havent stopped growing yet. ive grown 3 inches in 3 months.
500 days ago
I am taller than my mom, and she is kinda tall... and it said I would be around 4'9... and I am 5'4
515 days ago
It told me I’m average, and I’m super tall! What the heck, man?
516 days ago
my name is hi and im 5'5 .. it said im average too
542 days ago
I'm 15 and 5'9. I'm a model. It said I'd be around 6'0 so..
547 days ago
Average dude normal etc
550 days ago
MALE: 5'8 - 5'10 FEMALE: 5'4 - 5'6

Perfectly Average

You'll be average... 😕 Pretty boring, huh? But at least you won't be made fun of! So that's good.

Well, I'm already 5"7 and I'm a girl, so...