Respiratory System
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Respiratory System

Question 1:What is the correct order for the bronchial tree?
bronchi, bronchioles, alveoli
bronchi,trachea, alveoli
trachea, lungs, alveoli
trachea, bronchi, alveoli

Question 2:What is the name of the membrane which surrounds and protects the lungs?
Bronchial membrane
tracheal membrane
cell membrane
Pleural membrane

Question 3:What is the other structure that protects the lungs?
rib cage

Question 4:Name the respiratory muscles
intercostals, pectoral
lungs, diaphragm
abdominal, intercostals
diaphragm, intercostals

Question 5:Which gases are exchanged during respiration?
O2, N2
H2, CO2
O2, H2O
O2, CO2

Question 6:What happens to the rib cage during inspiration?
Moves upwards and outwards
Moves upwards in a straight line
Remains in the same position
Moves downwards and outwards

Question 7:What happens to the diaphragm during expiration?
Contracts and flattens
Contracts and becomes dome shaped
Remains the same shape
Relaxes back to its dome shape

Question 8:What is the name of the process by which gaseous exchange occurs at the AC membrane?

Question 9:What is the Tidal Volume?
Vol of air moving in and out of the lungs during a normal breathe
Volume of air that can be forced out of the lungs in one second
Volume of air remaining in the lungs after a forced expiration
Sum of all the lung volumes

Question 10:What is the residual volume?
Vol of gas which remains in the lungs after a forced expiration
Vol of air exhaled during a normal expiration
Vol of air moving in and out of the lungs during a normal breathe
Vol of air that can be held in the lungs

Question 11:How would you calculate Vital Capacity?

Question 12:Which part of the brain controls respiration?
Cardiac Centre
Vasomotor Centre
Respiratory Centre

Question 13:Which of the following is NOT part of the respiratory centre?
Apneustic Area
Pneumotaxic Area
Vasomotor centre
Medullary Rhythmicity Area

Question 14:Which area of the Respiratory Centre controls the frequency of breathing?
Pneumotaxic Area
Medullary Rhythmicity Area
Apneustic Area
Vasomotor Centre

Question 15:Which of the following receptors are NOT involved in the regulation of respiration?
stretch receptors

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