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As you already know, there are two hemispheres to the brain, the left and right hemispheres. They are both extremely similar, just like our pairs of eyes, ears, arms, and legs. However, there are differences between the two. With the brain hemispheres theory, it is said that some people are more dominant in one hemisphere than the other while some are "mid-brained", with neither being more dominant. Take this quiz to find out which side of the brain you are more dominant in!

  • 1
    When grading homework...

  • 2
    Would you rather..
  • 3
    Hold your finger in front of you. Close one eye to focus on the finger. Which eye did you close?

  • 4
    Your friends would be more likely to vote you:
  • 5
    You got dressed this morning by...
  • 6
    Which hand do you write your name with?

  • 7
    You've just won a million dollars

  • 8
    About math...
  • 9
    You have to position furniture in the house
  • 10
    When you listen through the wall, which ear would you listen with..

  • 11
    Someone keeps stealing your sandwich
  • 12
    You just saw an ad about unwanted dogs in animal shelters
  • 13
    When you eat M&Ms do you?
  • 14
    The whole county of cops are at your doorstep?
  • 15
    You're arguing with your husband?
  • 16
    Would you describe yourself as?

  • 17
    Which foot do you kick a ball with?
  • 18
    Would you rather do?
  • 19
    Zombies are invading your house, you
  • 20
    I'm great at music and singing?

  • 21
    When recalling something...
  • 22
    Which hand do you throw balls with?
  • 23
    A traveler asks you directions to a place you're not quite familiar with
  • 24
    You won a free trip to (dream vacation place)?
  • 25
    Do you prefer to be in a group?

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803 days ago
its me 7 inth bday tooday say happy bday josh
952 days ago
Ok, I'm basically 50/50 here too