Reading Comprehension – HUMANS

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Directions: Read the passage. Then answer questions about the passage below.

The human body has many parts. People have two arms and two legs. We have two hands and two feet. We have five fingers on each hand. We have five toes on each foot.
We each have two eyes on our face. We see with our eyes. We each have two ears. We hear with our ears. We each have one nose on our face. We smell with our nose.
We each have one tongue. We taste with our tongue. We each have one brain. We think with our brain. We each have two lungs in our chest. We breathe with our lungs.
Humans can do many things. People can walk. We use our legs and feet to walk.
We can run. Running is faster than walking. We use our legs and feet to run. We can climb. We use our arms, hands, legs and feet to climb. We can climb up trees or climb up ladders. We can eat and drink. We use our mouth and teeth to eat. We eat meat, fruit, vegetables, and other foods. We can drink lots of things, but we drink water the most. We also use our mouth and teeth to talk.

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    Each human has five…
    Each human has five…
  • 2
    How many ears does each human have?
  • 3
    What do we smell with?

  • 4
    We use our legs to…
  • 5
    What do humans eat?
  • 6
    Fingers are part of your…

  • 7
    Your face has your…
  • 8
    Your tongue is part of your…
  • 9
    You use your lungs to…
  • 10
    To climb is to…

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589 days ago
You don't have to read the text to answer the question
869 days ago
At school we have a reading comp everyday well done I'm very impressed time to tell my teacher I'm not dumb cos I got everyone right😆
1100 days ago
I’d be worried if i got an answer wrong!