Vertebral Column

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  • 1
    The spine has how many degrees of freedom?
  • 2
    Thoracic and sacral spine have_______ with a _______ curve
  • 3
    Curves of the spine are said to be _______ in that changes in the position of one segment can result in changes in the position of other segments.

  • 4
    How many short bones or vertebrae make up the spine?
  • 5
    How many vertebrae are considered distinct entities?
  • 6
    How many intervertebral discs are there?

  • 7
    Which type of joint occurs between the vertebral bodies?
  • 8
    What type of joint occurs between the facets?
  • 9
    What does it mean by motions in the spine are often "coupled"
  • 10
    Ligaments that are intrasegmental:

  • 11
    Cortical bone on a vertebral body is usually ______ around the rim of superior and inferior surfaces.
  • 12
    The purpose of the vertical trabecular patter in the body of a vertebrae is:
  • 13
    Where would a compression fracture most likely occur in the spine?
  • 14
    The purpose of the non-articulating processes of vertebrae is:
  • 15
    The pedicle is located _____ to the transverse process
  • 16
    The laminae are located _____ to the transverse process

  • 17
    Pars interarticularis is the portion of the laminae that lies between?
  • 18
    IV discs make up what % of column length?
  • 19
    The ratio of disc thickness to body thickness is greatest in ___ and ____ and least in ____.
  • 20
    The nucleus pulposus...

  • 21
    Collagen is highest in the ____
  • 22
    T/F: the outer third of the annulus is innervated by vertebral and sinuvertebral nerves
  • 23
    The fluid content of the IV discs are usually ____ in the morning and _____ in adults as they age.
  • 24
    How many ligaments are associated with intervertebral and zygapophyseal joints?
  • 25
    Which of the following spinal ligaments is considered to be the strongest?
  • 26
    Tensile strength of the anterior longitudinal ligament is greatest in which regions

  • 27
    Which of the following ligaments are INTERSEGMENTAL?
  • 28
    T/F: the posterior longitudinal ligament runs within the vertebral canal.
  • 29
    If the axis of a saggital plane motion changes as a result of disk degeneration and the axis moves posteriorly, then the posterior longitudinal ligament may become stretched in _____
  • 30
    The posterior longitudinal ligament is _____ in the lumbar spine

  • 31
    Ligamentum flavum is
  • 32
    The interspinous ligament is well developed only in which area?
  • 33
    Which of the following ligaments is the most mechanically advantaged?
  • 34
    The supraspinous ligament runs from the ____ to ____. The ligament becomes the _____ in the cervical region.
  • 35
    During _______, the first of the posterior ligaments to fail are which of the following?
  • 36
    Intertransverse ligaments are unique because...
  • 37
    Ligaments of C1 and C2 have a large neutral zone on a stress-strain plot. This indicates______.
  • 38
    Instability is considered:

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