The Great Brain Drain Test

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  • 1
    Following a head injury, Jack has ongoing problems staying awake and focusing attention.
  • 2
    After a gunshot wound, Sandy is uninhibited, irritable, and profane.
  • 3
    A ray attacks another rat in the same cage after this area is electrically stimulated.

  • 4
    Roger wets his pants while running away from a bear that is chasing him through the woods.
  • 5
    Kathy cannot remember last Christmas after this area was damaged.
  • 6
    Jessica has difficulty keeping her balance after receiving a blow during a gymnastic routine.

  • 7
    Cindy, who was conscious during a medical procedure, reported a "pins and needles" sensations after her neurosurgeon electrically stimulated this area.
  • 8
    A split-brain patient has a picture of aknife flashed to her left hemisphere and that of a fork to her right hemisphere. She will be able to
  • 9
    Dr. Frankenstein made a mistake during a neurosurgery on his monster. After the operation, the monster "saw" with his ears and "heard" with his eyes. It is likely that Dr. Frankenstein "rewired" neural connections in the monster's
  • 10
    A scientist from another planet wishes to study the simplest brain mechanisms underlying emotions. You recommend the scientist study the

  • 11
    A body builder friend of yours suddenly seems to have grown several inches in height. You suspect that your friend has been using drugs that affect the
  • 12
    Dr. Johnson briefly flashed a picture of a key in the right visual field of a split-brain patient. The patient could probably
  • 13
    The type of procedure that uses radio waves and magnetic fields to produce computer generated images to distinguish among different types of brain tissue.
  • 14
    The type of procedure that uses glucose to develop a visual display of brain activity is
  • 15
    The type of procedure that measures electrical activity across the surface of the brain is
  • 16
    The more official name for a brain cell is a

  • 17
    The part that receives the message is called the
  • 18
    The sending part of the nerve cell is often covered in
  • 19
    Schizophrenia and Parkinson's disease are both caused by an imbalance of the chemical, _________, in the brain.
  • 20
    When we experience extreme pain, the body releases

  • 21
    ____________ is the chemical found at neuromuscular junctions.
  • 22
    The poison of a black widow spider affects it by mimicking it. Therefore, the poison of a black widow spider is a(n)
  • 23
    Acetylcholine must also be involved in memory because decreased amounts of it in the brain are associated with the disease
  • 24
    Neurotranmitters can be excitatory or
  • 25
    The neural impulse that travels down a nerve cell is called a(n)
  • 26
    There are three parts to the neural impulse that travels down a nerve cell: __________ (when sodium ions rush into the cells), __________ (when potassium ions rush out), and the _______________ (when the ions are being pumped back to where they started).

  • 27
    The neural impulse will only be sent if the signal in the cell body reaches
  • 28
    The nerves in the feet are part of the _________ nervous system.
  • 29
    The nerves in the brain and spinal cord are part of the _________ nervous
  • 30
    The peripheral nervous system is broken down into the _________ nervous system, which controls conscious thoughts and movements, and the _________ nervous system which controls unconscious thoughts and behaviors.

  • 31
    The ___________ nervous system controls the fight-or-flight response.
  • 32
    Examples of things in the sympathetic nervous system might stimulate include ____________, ___________, _____________, __________, ____________, and ____________
  • 33
    The part of the brainstem that sits on top of the spinal cord is the
  • 34
    The medulla regulates heartbeat, blood pressures, coughing, and
  • 35
    Also in the brainstem is the ______________ which filters information from the body and relays it to the rest of the brain.
  • 36
    The part of the brain that helps with coordination is the
  • 37
    People who have good coordination have many neurons in their ________________
  • 38
    If you slap someone in the back of the head, you may caused blurred vision because of the damage to the _____________ lobe
  • 39
    The _________ gland is called the master gland.
  • 40
    The pituitary gland has a best friend in the limbic system, the ___________
  • 41
    The __________ is involved in memory and is also in the limbic system.
  • 42
    If I were to separate the two hemispheres of your great brain, I would snip the _______________.
  • 43
    What is the year?

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