UT-15 Cerebrovascular

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Q banks for cerebrovascular

  • 1
    Amaurosisfugax related to an internal carotid lesion will cause:
  • 2
    Which of the following is a vertebrobasilar symptom?
  • 3
    Of the following, which is not one of the main collateral pathways in the event of ICA obstruction?

  • 4
    If a hypertensive patient has experience multiple TIAs and has an 80% diameter stenosis of the ICA...
  • 5
    Which of the following is not considered a risk factor for atherosclerosis?
  • 6
    Where are carotid body tumors located?

  • 7
    A 56 yr old patient reports loss of vision in her left eye two days ago, with total reslution in 10 minutes. Yesterday morning, she developed weakness and numbness in her right hand and was unable to hold her coffee cup. This afternoon her hand strength is about 90% normal, with normal sensation. Clinically she has:
  • 8
    You perform percussion maneuvers on the superficial temporal artery and see oscillations on the spectral display. The artery being insonated is most likely:
  • 9
    Loss of the spectral window with pulsed doppler ultrasound occurs with:
  • 10
    Which is not true regarding carotid bruit?

  • 11
    The most prevalent type of stroke is:
  • 12
    A stronger pulse is palpated on the right neck than on the left. This could result from all of the following except:
  • 13
    Paresthesis referes to:
  • 14
    All of the following are consistent with total occlusion of the ICA except:
  • 15
    A 24 year old patient with a history of recent automobile accident arrives in the ICU with symptoms of acute right-sided weakness and aphasia. The most likely etiology of these symptoms is:
  • 16
    In an emergency room patient with stroke symptoms, the initial diagnostic exam of choice would likely be:

  • 17
    Which statement about subclavian steal is false?
  • 18
    After carotid bifurcation disease, the next most common source of stroke symptoms is:
  • 19
    Cerebrovascular fibromuscular dysplasia occurs most often in:
  • 20
    Which of the following is true regarding subclavian steal?

  • 21
    The term hemiparesis means:
  • 22
    Simultaneous bilateral occular symptoms in a patient with suspected cerebrovascular disease generally originate from which of the following vessels:
  • 23
    A right handed patient experiences a 30 minute episode of dysphasia. Which are of circulation is suspect?
  • 24
    A transient ischemic attack:
  • 25
    A carotid bruit can be detected with color flow and spectral analysis as:
  • 26
    The strongest risk factor for stroke is:

  • 27
    The doppler beam angle considered optimal for standardization of duplex carotid studies at most vascular labs is:
  • 28
    All of the following may represent symptoms from the brain stem or posterior circulation except:
  • 29
    Which of the following is an anterior circulation symptom?
  • 30
    Which of the following accurately defines RIND, also called stroke with recovery?

  • 31
    The characteristics of flow in the different carotid artery segments are as follows:
  • 32
    A duplex image of the carotid bifurcation that demonstrates a goblet like configuration of the internal and external branches curving around a highly vascularized mass suggests:
  • 33
    Which of these conditions is least liekly to cause a bruit in the neck?
  • 34
    A left arm blood pressure that is 40 mmHg thatn the right can be the result of any of the following except:
  • 35
    A symptom of vertebrobasilar insufficiency is:
  • 36
    Which of the following is not true regarding athersclerosis?
  • 37
    A hypertensive, diabetic 65 year old male patient presents for cerebrovascular testing because of an asymptomatic bruit on the right side. You are considering all of the following to be potential sources of the bruit except:
  • 38
    In the cerebrovascular system, ahterosclerosis occurs most commonly in the:
  • 39
    A TIA of the right anterior hemisphere of the brain will likely affect:
  • 40
    Why can't I count the right number for these tests?

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