UT-15 LE part 1

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  • 1
    Patients presenting with symptoms of claudication complain of:
  • 2
    Muscular veins of the calf that empty into the popliteal vein behind the knee are:
  • 3
    Peripheral resistance is controlled by:

  • 4
    A body condition in which the body tissue contains excessive fluid is termed:
  • 5
    The symptom or sign most likely not associated with acute arterial occlusion is:
  • 6
    According to poieseuille's law, what would occur to the pressure gradient across an arterial segment in which the radius has been reduced by on-half?

  • 7
    Peripheral resistance increases with:
  • 8
    Which patient position would result in the greatest hydrostatic pressures?
  • 9
    The term phasisity in reference to the venous system refers to:
  • 10
    Which of the following statements about venous valves is false?

  • 11
    Which of the following is always true of patients who suffer from intermittent claudication?
  • 12
    Doppler waveform abnormalities in the lower extremity arterial circulation distal to a hemodynamically significant stenosis include:
  • 13
    Rubor is defined as:
  • 14
    Which of the following vessels is not found on or near the foot?
  • 15
    Which of the following factors has the greatest influence on flow resistance?
  • 16
    Which of the following statements regarding popliteal aneurysms is not true?

  • 17
    The bernoulli effect describes:
  • 18
    The absence of a bruit at the common femoral level:
  • 19
    A 28-yr old male complains of exercise-induced cramping of the right calf that occurs after walking six blocks and is relieved within 5 mins of rest. Bouding pedal pulses are noted and resting ankle pressures are normal. The symptoms are reproduced with exercise. The ankle pressure remains normal on the left but drops to 40 mmHg on the right. These signs are consistent with:
  • 20
    Diastolic flow reversal:

  • 21
    The left common iliac vein
  • 22
    Normal doppler waveform morphology for a peripheral artery includes:
  • 23
    The doppler beam may be attenuated if:
  • 24
    A patient has a 50% diameter stenosis in a lower extremity vein graft. the systolic velocity at the stenosis:
  • 25
    The most important reason doppler evaluations should be performed with a patient in basal state and warm temperature is:
  • 26
    The risk of claudication in a diabetic patient is:

  • 27
    In the lower extremity circulation, the most common site of atherosclerosis is:
  • 28
    Which statement is not true regarding intrathoracic pressure?
  • 29
    Which of the following would not be true of the calf muscle pump
  • 30
    The resistance to flow offered by the fluid in motion is termed:

  • 31
    Rt arm 180/100 mmHg
    Lt arm 120/60 mmHg
    Rt posterior tibial artery 100mHg
    Lt posterior tibial artery 90mmHg
    Referring to the readings listed above, the left ankle/brachial index is:
  • 32
    The symptoms of anterior tibial compartment syndrome are:
  • 33
    The popliteal trifurcation is actually a double bifurcation. Which pairs form these two bifurcations?
  • 34
    Patients with advanced peripheral arterial occlusive disease exhibit which of the following skin changes?
  • 35
    Intraabdominal pressure decreases with:
  • 36
    The energy of something in motion is termed:
  • 37
    Ulcers due to arterial insufficiency are found most often:
  • 38
    Which of the following would NOT be true regarding lower extremity veins in an individual who has been standing for a long tiem?
  • 39
    Aneurysms are most often caused by:
  • 40
    Which of the following does not accureately describe events during calf muscle contraction and relaxation
  • 41
    The reynolds number describes the:
  • 42
    In the calculation of ankle/brachial systolic pressure ratios, the floowing arm pressure is commonly selected as the denominator
  • 43
    Which statement is not true regarding arteriovenous malformations
  • 44
    Rest pain is characterized by:
  • 45
    Which of the following accurately describes the exit effects of flow through a stenosis?
  • 46
    All fo the following can apply to a high=resistance signal except
  • 47
    What changes would be seen in a doppler waveform of the femoral artery that is taken after exercise?
  • 48
    What is the effect of inspiration on venous flow in the lower extremities?
  • 49
    The term muscle pump refers to:
  • 50
    The ability of veins to accommodate large shifts in volume with only limited changes in venous pressure is known as:
  • 51
    The two flow characteristics that define arterial stenosis anywhere int he body include focal accerleration of velocities and:

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