Are You Hurt On The Inside?

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Do You Hide Your Depression Or Let It Out?

  • 1
    Do You Like: True: Day Or False: Night.
  • 2
    Do You Like: True: Dogs Better Or False: Cats Better.
  • 3
    Would You Rather Have: True: Blond Hair Or False: Black Hair.

  • 4
    Do You Like: True: Summer Or False: Winter.
  • 5
    Would You Rather: True: Have a Spouse And Kids That Love You Or False: Have A Few Friends That Really Care For You.
  • 6
    You Would Rather Eat Something More: True: Sweet Or False: Spicy.

  • 7
    You Would Rather Drink: True: Tea Or False: Coffee.
  • 8
    You Would Rather Have: True: Wealth Or False: Fame.
  • 9
    Would You Prefer: True: a Sunny Day With Tons Of People Out Side Or False: A Gray Cloudy Day With No body Out Side.
  • 10
    If you Really Got Sad And Upset Would You: True: Cry About It And Talk To Somebody Or False: Bottle It Up And Write A Poem About it.

  • 11
    Which Do you Think Is A Worse Insult To You: True: Stupid Or False: Mean.
  • 12
    You Are More: True: Sensitive And Sometimes Shallow About Others Feelings Or False: Insensitive But Care a Lot About Others Feelings.
  • 13
    You Would Rather Go To: True: Hawaii Or False: Russia.

Comments (21)


5 days ago
Hey.!! Am a girl nd i think am broken inside. You know what nobody care about me nd i love a boy but he dont care about.🙂🙂
18 days ago
my test result was that am ignore by every one know one loves me I feel hopeless they don't want me to exist they were better without me
well I wish I never existed in this world ❤
30 days ago
i just wanna ask how this person got it right- there were alot of very unnessisary questions on this
86 days ago
Are You Hurt On The Inside?
You Feel As If Others Do Not Care About You And They Are Always Ignoring You And They Put Themselves First To Much But You Care A Lot About How Others Feel And You Do Your Best Anyway And Always Try To Make Some one Fell Better And You Hope To Someday Be Loved As Much As You Love Other People. Maybe You Should Try Opening Up A Bit More.
101 days ago
Even in a quiz i'm a disappointment..
132 days ago
i would haet to Bret anyone with my pores so i act happy....most time i am happy but thang happen outside of school that brakes me but i don't want anyone to know and i can ever cry they would only think I'm weak but my BFF the only who knows but i know one day the wall will break but till then I hied my filings and help others with their pores and make sure they know i fine will be known as this happy neve sad happer girl
161 days ago
HOLY COW THEY NAILED IT! Tbh it's like someone took notes on my daily life I KID U NOT. Bro do they know my thoughts or something? Jeez Good friggen job.
196 days ago
No offence but u PPL is sad go out and have fun you're depressing me
196 days ago
I'm happy not surprised happy is the new hot😗
239 days ago
I'd rather just bottle up all my feelings then telling anyone, i just don't want to waste anyones timemon someone stupid like me
244 days ago
I am also broken inside.......and outside too..... several times I have hurted myself...💔💔
272 days ago
Broken and bottled up.
Knew it
311 days ago
#broken inside
Knew from the start
959 days ago
4/13 I've had issues with people in the past and that led me into depression because I felt left out and shunned by them. The only time one of the two called me IT WAS AN ACCIDENT!!!! She meant to call the other person. To this day they are both blocked on my phone and they still think we're friends
962 days ago
💗...... first test to say I’m fine. After phychologists, the💗s, and the court saying I’m needed to be looked after everyday because of my mental health, it’s nice to see that I’m 50/50.
1019 days ago
I have major trust issues, along with many racist bullies and family issues when I was young till now
1019 days ago
I get bullied a lot but it said I am half and half
1048 days ago
I was SERIOUSLY in love with a girl,and it turned out that she saw me as a friend.I too drowned myself in music,and it eased the pain.Man...Love failures suck.💔
1129 days ago
50/50.I tend to bodle things up quite a bit.I am real tough, I don't like showing emotions, the only reason I hurt is because I lost my best friend.after that happened I drown myself in music, I listen to queen, best band in the world in my opinion. Anyone else like the song don't stop me now?the show must go on,headlong.ok time for mushy garbage, I like th song 39',and good old fashioned lover boy,life is real is cool and anyone who thinks other wise will face me,nothing's going to stop me honey!
1202 days ago
Random Test but I hurt