Am I A Synesthete? Test

Synesthesia is a neurological condition in which two or more of your senses intertwine (sight and sound, touch and smell, etc.). Does that sound crazy to you, or do you think you might have it?

P.S.: This is NOT classified as a disease - it's actually quite fun to have!

  • 1
    Do your numbers/letters each have their own color?
    Do your numbers/letters each have their own color?
  • 2
    What color is Monday?
  • 3
    Can you taste words?

  • 4
    Can you "see" sounds?
  • 5
    Do tastes elicit colors or textures?
  • 6
    Do you see calendars or numbers in a wheel shape, or in another form that you can interact with?

  • 7
    When I say "Sarah," what do you experience?
  • 8
    Do you see colored auras around people?
  • 9
    Do you have any sensory mingling that I haven't described?
  • 10
    What did you think of this quiz?

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21 days ago
OMG I AGREE WITH U EMMA SOOO MUCH the way I found out is when I was little I would start saying eww mummy this tastes too high or too low things like that then my mum thought I was like a psycho or something at took me to a doctor 😂
396 days ago
396 days ago
I have tickertape, grapheme color, hearing-motion and a whole bunch of other synesthesias. Ill be honest sometimes I see things so quickly(thats why I HATE fast talkers) That I litteraly have a flash of color and a word and then all of a sudden its like movig on!! I remeber saying something in school and the teacher pretended to bang her desk so because of sound-motion synesthesia I heard a bang and she was like "I'm so happy today!" And the P's are bright red with like brownish orangish color in the word "happy" and so she is like "come up to the boared and tell me the color of the letter shown because it was art and we were learning like weird colors(Im in 6th grade lol). So apperantly The letters had colors inside them because they were buble letters so the teacher calls on me and askes me what color "D" is. Im like its very light blue with like white and pastel kind of and has a little bit of silver. It might have some yellow in it too since its a bit green but tons of white. The teacher looks at me like im crazy, says its burgandy and caalls on the next person. Later that day I ask her why she said I was wrong because that is the color for a "D". She says no its not and dismisses me. My friend comes up to me and says "have you ever heard of synesthesia" and im like what the heck is that!? Shes like its when your senses mix. at lunch we took a bunch of synesthesia tests( when I say a bunch I mean like 8 or 9) and every single one said that I have synesthesia. Now about 3 months later my teachers fully understand me and so do my parents. Im so happy I found out i'm not alone in this world.

For everyone with synesthesia like me: We are NOT DIFFERENT OR WEIRD, we are just UNIQUE IN A WAY PEOPLE HAVE NOT SEEN BEFORE!!

Comment if you have had a similiar experience.
492 days ago
I think I only have olp
629 days ago
(used to be Marie)
all of those sound like synesthesia to me! /pos/ ur probably gonna have to do some research or which types *specifically*, but no, ur not crazy :) /g/nm/lh
659 days ago
update my mum her personality aura thing is deep purple, dad is forest green, older sis red-orange, younger sis bright pink, friend is magenta, little bro orange. ?????????
660 days ago
I wish someone would reply im FREAKING OUT
661 days ago
I need help. I will respond to anything but pls help! Some words are like garbage, and some are pretty. Also, to me the sound of a cat purring is like the word wood chips. And some words are even or odd like yes is even and no is odd. The word even seems kinda warm and homey and the word odd seems like cold hard metal.I don't think of things like A is pink, monday is yellow. I can't taste words people are saying. AM I CRAZY????????????/
799 days ago
Uhm i took this test and this seems really fun to have. I couldnt relate to anything except for seeing a calendar in a circle. I THOUGHT I WAS CRAZYYY. Summer is left, fall is up, winter is right, spring is down. Whenever i think of a specific day i automatically pinpoint where it is on the “circle” subcountiously
828 days ago
Those definilty sound like synesthesia!
When graphemes (or written things like numbers, letters, days, months, names, etc) have a colour, it's called "grapheme colour synesthesia". I don't know much about the personality one, since i don't have it, but according to Wikipedia, "Ordinal-linguistic personification (OLP, or personification for short) is a form of synesthesia in which ordered sequences, such as ordinal numbers, days, months and letters are associated with personalities and/or genders (Simner & Hubbard 2006)".
848 days ago
I can’t figure out if I have synesthesia. Numbers, months etc all have colors, and some numbers have personalities and genders. However, days of the week are strongest for me.

Monday - warm yellow, with brown tones. Monday is warm and kind, but also plain and simple.
Tuesday - chartreuse. Fun and spontaneous.
Wednesday - jewel-toned green. Deep and intelligent.
Thursday - olive green (so many greens, I know!) It seems straightforward.
Friday - purple. Fun and vibrant. Laughter.
Saturday - inky black. Mysterious.
Sunday - gold. Joyful and loving.
Does this sound like synesthesia?
853 days ago
@judy yeah but its more of a vibrant red and tuesday is green wednesday is teal thursday is purple blue and friday is yellow
860 days ago
tfw ur type of synesthesia isnt questioned:(

Im a tickertaper so I see words that I think, hear, and say. Different people have different colors attached to the words I see when they speak, my best friend has a bright and vivid yellow, my mom has a dark and gloomy purple, and etc. :]
861 days ago
Monday is this colour
882 days ago
God how on earth is Monday lilac? It don't deserve to be that pretty. Monday is a deep maroon with a slight orange tinge and dotted with white. Some gold in there too...
889 days ago
in my head I have a mental calendar and in my head letters,words,and days or months have colours. Do I have synesthesia?
Plus Monday is totally reddish orange!!
895 days ago
Why is everyone saying Monday is orange or reddish!!!?? It’s definitely kinda twilight , but it’s light but also dark.
927 days ago
I don't know...I see calendars in a wheel, days of the week in a wheel, and numbers in a squigly line. I can't interract with it, but it's there in my mind. I didn't, like, say "Oh I'm going to picture my calendar as a wheel" It just happens and every time I'm like 'Why do i do this?" it still does it.
932 days ago
Monday? Lilac? It's pretty reddish oreange to me.
933 days ago
These question seem too specific to apply to everyone with Synesthesia. I'm not sure if I have it, but also MONDAY. IS. ORANGE. At least to me.