Am I A Synesthete? Test

Synesthesia is a neurological condition in which two or more of your senses intertwine (sight and sound, touch and smell, etc.). Does that sound crazy to you, or do you think you might have it?

P.S.: This is NOT classified as a disease - it's actually quite fun to have!

  • 1
    Do your numbers/letters each have their own color?
    Do your numbers/letters each have their own color?
  • 2
    What color is Monday?
  • 3
    Can you taste words?

  • 4
    Can you "see" sounds?
  • 5
    Do tastes elicit colors or textures?
  • 6
    Do you see calendars or numbers in a wheel shape, or in another form that you can interact with?

  • 7
    When I say "Sarah," what do you experience?
  • 8
    Do you see colored auras around people?
  • 9
    Do you have any sensory mingling that I haven't described?
  • 10
    What did you think of this quiz?

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893 days ago
Those who think we're lucky, consider this:

Every single second you're feeling something, hearing sounds, tasting things, right? Well, we Synesthetes have our senses linked, so when we're listening to students talk in class, we might also be tasting them talk, and feeling it. That, mixed with everything else happening around us, can lead to sensory overload. There's just too much to process for us. That can then lead to breakdowns, blackouts, mental health deterioration. It has it's pros, but don't forget the cons.
893 days ago
For 60% you are: So are you a synesthete? Congrats! You've got multiple types of synesthesia! You have a very unique way of perceiving the world, and have something most people could only dream of, or maybe not even imagine! You are probably artistic and creative, and perhaps a good speller. Many famous artists/musicians have this! Welcome to the club!

Accurate. But Monday wasn't any of the colours listed, Monday's red.
894 days ago
For 60% you are: So are you a synesthete? You either have only one type of synesthesia, very weak synesthesia, or you are not a synesthete at all. You are somewhat interested in it, though. You are probably imaginative and can sort of imagine our situation.
I agree with this and I definitely want synthesia soo yeah! Great quiz! :D
939 days ago
I am NOT a synesthete AT ALL.
1038 days ago
I am 90% snth explains why I see sounds and taste colours oh I also have all types of them so yh hahaha
1052 days ago
well not what I expected
1074 days ago
My Synesthesia is a little different. I can see Names and Words as colors but letters don't all have a color.
1092 days ago
I'm kinda hisingvfoe so long since I fear what others might think about me or what I'm seeing.
So I shut till I found others who are like me than I open up.
1094 days ago
To the person who last comented:

What you experience (or at least a part of it) most definitely is a type of synestesia, and although it is fairly common, many, if not most, people actually don't experience it. It is called "grapheme color synesthesia": Where your brain associates numbers, letters, months, days of the week, words, places etc. to colors!

Also dang, I wish I didn’t have to physically take notes. Whoever you are, you are very lucky!
1101 days ago
Oh and idk if this counts but I’m gonna include it:

So I’m kind of an auditory/optic (I think it’s optic) learner. I learn best from listening combined with watching. Other people take notes and study them later. Sometimes when literally everyone else is taking notes (if I’m not taking them too so the teacher doesn’t look at me weird), I get asked why I’m just watching. I either just shrug and say that I don’t need to take notes, or if I know the person pretty well, I explain this: it’s like I am writing notes, but in my head. I picture my viewpoint inside my head, facing my skull. My brain is behind me so I don’t notice it. A calligraphy pen ✒️ is inscribing the information into my skull. There’s gold in the inscriptions that glows just a tiny bit
1101 days ago
So I kinda have synesthesia, I’m not sure what type and it’s not a big thing or anything, lots of people I know say the same things so it might not be synesthesia at all but 🤷.

Certain numbers have certain colors. For example, 6 is kinda yellowish, but just slightly orange, and it’s just barely muted. Not all numbers have colors, but most do, though some aren’t too clear. For example, 3 has a color, but it’s more an idea than a sight. It has a wisp of green and a wash of blue coming together in floating waves, if that makes any sense. Many numbers are somewhere between yellow and orange, which gets confusing when I try to explain the difference between 6, 9, and 69. 96 is the color of autumn (not fall, that’s part August and part Friday), but with a bit of Saturday mixed in.

Letters have colors too, but they’re always concrete and definite.

Days of the week also have colors, and some months, though most months are unclear.

Everyone has a color, and I can usually decide on a number but that doesn’t always come naturally. The colors are usually not actual colors, but all the things I mentioned above. My sister is the color of Friday, but she has a Wednesday side. She doesn’t really have a number, but her letter is mostly A (must be capitalized). They can combine, too. My friend Padma’s color is 69 (no connection with ‘69’), and I can explain the color of 69, but the color is not directly linked with my friend. If I gave her a number, it would be 69, but having her color be 69 fits much better.

These things normally only come into my brain when I think about them. If someone says Thursday, I don’t automatically think of bog/swamp or my friend Zoe.

I also picture the year as a pie chart, with different colored sections. I can pick out months if I get closer, sometimes from a slight angle, other times almost level with it, depending on the month.
1101 days ago
YES I totally agree with Marie. David, you just proved how UNINFORMED and IGNORANT you really are. Some of these responses are so DETAILED that I can picture them, people aren’t that DESCRIPTIVE when they LIE. 😂 I’m not even that mad at you I’m just kinda AMUSED.
1139 days ago
And how would you know that?
So many people are saying that everyone in some specific communityare just "mentally ill". The only thing that you're doing is proving to everyone how uninformed you are synesthesia and how little you care about everyone you just hurt.
1158 days ago
You who think you can do that stuff are mentally ill. You wish to be real synesthetics but you are only lying to seem interesting to others.
1202 days ago
And also when I feel strong emotion I can taste color!
1202 days ago
Cool quiz! I always wondered why very time I eat something I kinda picture a color!
1209 days ago
Most of my experiences have to do with associating colour with *blank*; and there are almost, like, specific categories...? For example, T will ALWAYS and forever be green, but that influences other things, so Tuesday, Two, and all the numbers in 20's are also green. (but surprisingly not tea)
For me, there are also "more popular" colours / colours that are used more often in my mind: Vibrant red, medium to dark green, light blue, blue-grey, bright yellow, vibrant orange, brown-orange, and a medium-pastel purple.
I never really thought much of it until maybe grade six when our teacher started talking about it in class, and ONLY about five people spoke up about what color the days of the week were.

Also, does anyone else have it where you connect tastes and physical feelings? Like, you're holding some greasy food, and you just think, “huh, this feels like how grease tastes”. Is this actually normal or does it just feel normal to me?!
1212 days ago
I am a musician and artist. Actually for me the two are inseparable and always have been. When I listen to a composition (whether mine or someone else's) I always listen on headphones with my eyes closed to see "how good it is" never thinking anything about it. Usually the more powerful the visuals, the better the song in my mind. It was only until recently that I mentioned this to my creative partner, "You know, when you close your eyes and see the music" and he just kind of looked at me and shrugged his shoulders and I was like "you know, the visuals" and same response. I started asking around, and got the same response for everyone. Then I realized after looking into it that it was synesthnesia. Like I said, I never really thought anything about it, as it has been a part of me as long as I can remember, and explains why music and art are two sides of the same coin for me. Apparently, I also have CEV (Closed Eye Visuals), which again is something that I have never given much thought to, as it has been with me since the beginning and thought everybody had it. I am guessing that it works on similar pathways and is somehow related.

In my case, I do see color and patterns, but mostly full blown visuals. Usually all morphing continuously and it is always with my eyes closed. My guess is that this also why I have taken the creative route my entire life and why it tends to appear in creatives - a chicken and egg thing.

In any case, I could not imagine not having it. Life would be far less interesting. What a gift! Thanks to the ultimate creator!
1235 days ago
I have type A synesthesia. The world I precive is so much more beautiful than what people without it do. But, something that would have made this quiz better would be if one question was about emotional responses or, well I don't really know how to describe it, but I guess you could say somewhat of a situation response. For instance, to memorize moves for my dance class, I would take a movement (we had one where we were supposed to be like opening a door, so I'll use that as an example) and in my mind I would picture this house full of plants and magic and this girl running through it, with an expression that made her look like she was in heaven, she pushed a door with vines and flowers growing in an arc around it, allowing the sunset to light the dark house. (The dance was for "A Million Dreams" from the Greatest Showman). That allowed me to do two things; picture the song in whole new perspective, one that I don't describe to others, and helped me remember the moves.
1274 days ago
I never thought it was weird that calendars and other sequences had a shape, some numbers were better than others, and that