How emotionally stable are you?

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Are you the type of person to crumble because of an offensive comment? Or the person who ignores it and moves on in life? Take this quiz to find out!

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    You're minding your own business and someone comes up to you and tells you that you are a waste of space in this world. How do react?

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28 days ago
Hear Ye hear Ye: try not to take this quiz seriously, everyone is different and the concept of self is baloney :)
63 days ago
You're 50% emotionally stable. You're a healthy balance of "hard" emotions and "soft" emotions. You let some things get to you, but you know how to overcome it. You go girl/boy! Nice.
73 days ago
Huh, going through a manic episode and I got eighty percent stable? God knows where I'd be if I was lower lol
75 days ago
@Tegan no don't think like that
79 days ago
Im surprised im 90% mentally stale and think about suicide. I wonder what it'd be if I was less than that...
103 days ago
For the first question I would say "youre right"
129 days ago
30% on the inside, 90% on the outside
220 days ago
why is "agree with them" not an option for the first one??
232 days ago
why is kill myself not an option?
287 days ago
Question 8 made me mad. There are people suffering from OCD anxiety and depression and that could really hit someone.
656 days ago
lol I’m 50% ok then
721 days ago
How emotionally stable are you?

You're 80% emotionally stable. Not many things make you cry. However, sometimes your responses are not the nicest, and they sometimes get you into trouble. Remember, sometimes you can ignore it. You're awesome: D

Well, to be honest, I actually don't know how emotionally stable I really am. I mostly keep my emotions bottled up on the inside. I sometimes let myself feel them and let them out, but quietly and privately. Like at night time in bed. Whenever my emotions get to me, i can feel my eyes welling up with sad tears and I allow a few tears to run down on my face. But I try to make sure that these are genuine tears and not just me overreacting. I don't like it to be false tears, I want them to be genuine. It can be hard for me to let out my emotions to the full potential. There's not much privacy here where I live, so I try to be as discreet as possible.
1000 days ago
Yes I got:
You're 90% emotionally stable. This is the highest category you can get. Why not 100%? Well, no one is 100% stable. Everyone has a soft spot and let's get to them here and there, but you are one of the toughest people I know! You go out there and show the world what you've got! I applaud you
Wow. This quiz is awesome.