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AP 4: Female Repro Refresher

AP 4: Female Repro Refresher


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Do you know anything about pregnancy?


How much do you know about pregnancy?

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161 days ago
I'm fricking 11, wg what kind of test is this?
257 days ago
I. am. only. TEN!!!!! SO.FAKE!
516 days ago
guys i think i am pregnant at 15 so guess what ya girl did she googled abortion laws in nsw and thought it said up to 22 days not 22 weeks and got all scared bc uk i did it like a couple weeks ago so literally if itwas 22 days it would mean i have abt a week and a day to go
1043 days ago
My 5 year old cousin was playing on this and apparently he should
"Take a pregnancy test" because he is most likely PREGNANT!!!!!!!!!!!!
1046 days ago
I'm a boy and I'm supposedly pregnant what th f--ksoo fake
1047 days ago
I'm 9 and supposedly I'm 99precent pregnant what the heck
1104 days ago
O my god what is happening I'm only10
1264 days ago
uh, litt