Should I Kill Myself? - Mental Health Quiz

Hey there. I know things aren't very good for you to be here. Well, life does suck. Like, very often. But there's no second chance after you take that action - no going back.
If you're wondering how bad it is and if you're worried about your mental state, you can take this quiz to get closer to the answer you need to hear.
Stay strong!

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    Were you ever abused/bullied, whether physically, sexually, verbally or emotionally?
    Were you ever abused/bullied, whether physically, sexually, verbally or emotionally?

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Guys I know life is going pretty hard for all of you right now, but please DON'T DO IT. You all have your entire lives in front of you! If the people around you are mean or abusive in any way, leave them, you deserve better. Stay strong and keep fighting, the bad things will pass and you will find people who love you and cherish you and make you feel wonderful being yourself. If you feel like you need help, reach out and if nobody listens then screw them they're not worth it anyway, you guys can always talk to me on here I promise I'll listen.
I once saw somewhere that every person before he/she is born gets the chance to read the entire story of what life he/she'll have on Earth, and then afterwards gets to choose whether to be born or not. All of you exist for a reason, and even if it can sometimes seem that all hope is lost, HANG IN THERE because it will all get better I promise! There's always going to be something in your life that's more than worth staying alive for, so just stay strong and keep faith, and everything will be ok. I love and care about you all 💕
3 days ago
My suicide attempt failed again. Very disappointed.
3 days ago
Not reading allat 🤦‍♂️🤣
6 days ago
I’m not going to I know people do love and care about me and everyone has someone that cares about t Them
6 days ago
It said that i need help it is so right. I hate the fact I have autism and it makes me see thing in a different way and that include making me want to hurt myself.
10 days ago
I want help but I don't want to ask I have left hidden notes and hints in rooms of my house it hurts no one knows about it I was bullied in fist grade a lot my kindergarten teacher laughed when this guy kept trying to cut my hair so I had to hit him now IM good at fighting but I feel worthless maybe electrocution will do the trick. I'm only 9
11 days ago
It says I need help. I don't need anyone
11 days ago
🍦. I accidentally sent it twice. Sorry if I seem annoying and attention seeking.
11 days ago
Im pretty young, but idrc. I hate my life bc my friends are so mean and always physically and mentally and verbally abuse me.
I was also manipulated and gaslighted for 2 years straight and hurt by a lot of people. I took multiple quizzes, hurt myself but nothing comes of it.

You shouldn't kys, just stay strong.
Idk if I can continue though, if I die, no one cares.

If I 🚔, no one cares. If I starve myself, no one cares. I hope you all have wonderful lives.
12 days ago
it really doesnt matter if i felt like doing it or i really did go through with it nobody would really care about me anyways.
12 days ago
I’m gonna do it. Nobody was even gonna miss me anyway. I tried calling my friends, but they won’t pick up. This is the end.undefined
17 days ago
Please don't commit suicide! It is a bad idea, and you will be missed. You are loved, even though it may not always seem like it. You are worthy of SO MUCH MORE than that! Love you all, and I'm SO, SO sorry for what you are going through. ❤❤❤
21 days ago
Ngl, even if this sounds emo or smth, I think I'm gonna try again, maybe it'll work this time. . .
21 days ago
Mine is just telling me what I already know, I have depression, anxiety, stuff like that. It says I shouldn't keep trying, but I don't really know, should I stop?
24 days ago
Should i paint the sky tonight?
25 days ago
Please no. You're only twelve, you have your whole life ahead of you, and everything will get better! Stay strong and keep faith, we love you ❤️
26 days ago
It says I should (I'm only 12)
27 days ago
im gone
33 days ago
@bob Please don't. There's nothing on this world capable of deciding for you whether you should end your life. Everything will be ok, please stay strong 💕
33 days ago
im doing it after this quiz. if it says i should