Should I Kill Myself? Quiz

Hey there. I know things aren't very good for you to be here. Well, life does suck. Like, very often. But there's no second chance after you take that action - no going back. Take your time to think it through, because you and your life are valuable to the world, and especially to those closest to you. If you think they don't care, tell them how you're feeling. I bet you'll find out way different.

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    Were you ever abused/bullied, whether physically, sexually, verbally or emotionally?

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12 hours ago
@I Have No Idea Anymore (24873) -

You can email me if you want to talk to me.
My email address is Vladoo99@Outlook.Com.
Everyone else is free to email me as well.
Why can't this all just end? I've been in hell for too long and no one knows about my pain because if I told them they would just think I'm insane and not do anything about it. I don't have any friends, I'm so lonely and I hate it. No one ever wants to be with me and I feel so unwelcome in every social situation. Everything would be better if I wasn't here. I feel like such a burden. I don't even know what caused this all to happen. I just feel so guilty for everything. I hate myself so much. To anyone reading this, please stick around for a little longer. Hopefully you may find something or someone worth living for.
6 days ago
I don't know.
I'm surprised at how many recent comments there are
7 days ago
Life is meaningless drudgery. Simple as.
7 days ago
I-i can't stay here I need to go
9 days ago
Bye. I hate it here and I hate myself and I hate everything, so bye.
10 days ago
It feels so ridiculous leaving a comment on a site like this. Every other commenter is just like me, talking into the void. We'll never respond to each other because we're too busy being stuck in our own heads. I used to be suicidal. I tried to kill myself a few times in high school. Life has only gotten harder for me since then. I'm never good enough for anybody. I'm always a failure. I try my hardest but everyone always has a problem with the way I do things. I can't think of a career that would ever be fulfilling. I keep trying to do college, but I get halfway through a semester and then I can't do it anymore and fail. I used to be a gifted kid but now I'm just stupid, I guess. I have a partner and I love her so much and I want to do everything for her but I can never catch up. She doesn't deserve a loser like me. She deserves some guy who's mentally stable and has a bunch of money and can buy her whatever she wants. I know one day she'll end up meeting someone better than me and she'll leave me forever. I already know what she'll say: "I still love you, but we just aren't good for each other anymore. I need to focus on myself and my own needs." I can't meet her needs because I'm too pathetic. I'm not handsome or tall, I'm not athletic or intelligent, or exceptional in any way. My mother hates me, my father ignores me, the rest of my family all have their own lives to worry about. What am I supposed to do? What am I supposed to live for? Who am I supposed to live for? I've been holding on for years thinking that something will change, but it never does. The poor get poorer and my mental health just keeps getting worse. I feel like I can hold out a little longer but I swear I'm just a few more aimless years away from jumping in front of a train. Maybe even just one year. I don't know how much longer. I'm just taking up space at this point. No one would miss me. Nobody needs me. I'm just a worthless ugly speck using resources. I wish someone would just come and kill me in my sleep so I wouldn't have to deal with this anymore. I'm hopeless. What do i do? What will I do? What can I do?
15 days ago
Dear anybody who is reading this comment,
You are a great person who is valuable to everyone’s life whether you know it or not. And I am 100% sure that at least THREE people in this world would be miserable without you around. And you don’t deserve to die, even if people say you do. Anyways, I hope you have a great day, and remember that self value is of the most importantance. :)
16 days ago
Nobody cares about my comment so I'm leaving they all explain themselves
16 days ago
Mum I love u
I can't do it anymore.
16 days ago
I accidentally almost burned down my room after burning myself and burning my homework but now I also can't do my homework. I'm a gifted kid burnout but I'm so close to graduating. I don't even care at this point it's too much and there is physically nothing that I can do to change anything. My home is abusive and I've slowly watched everyone I've ever been close with leave me. My coping skills (while unhealthy) are all gone and I have nothing. There's just nothing for me here. If no one will help me get better why can't they just let me die?
18 days ago
I just can’t take it anymore.
18 days ago
Hi if anyone is considering taking their on life pls call the national suicide hotline or 911 and tell them they can help you. i promise. what ever u are going through can get better. im so sorry u are going through so much.pls love and take care of yourself
18 days ago
Everyone on this quiz is incredibly strong. And you, yes you, do matter. You all deserve a good life and it's out there. I know it's tiring but you're doing a good job regradless of anything you should be proud of yourselves. You're all so young like me and I don't want us to miss out on other parts of life that isn't school or bad families or fear. This is temporary and will change. I love you and people love you. If you need a sign to stay here it is. Put the blade down, the pills, get away from the rope, gun, cliff, car. Find the beauty. Forgive yourself and give yourself a big hug. You are not alone EVER. Ever ever. I love you beautiful human plz stay. You inspire someone. You are or will be somebody's everything. ❤ You'll be okay
18 days ago
I’m 15. I cant take it anymore. Every. Single. Day. I think about killing myself. Whether it be me continuously slicing my wrist until i cant anymore or ODing on pills. I hate the whole “oH uR yOuNg ThErEs NoThInG fOr YoU tO sTrEsS aBoUt”. when will people realize that just because ur not an adult ur not allowed to stress?? I get bullied LITERALLY everyday at school (im a sophomore in hs) i LITERALLY have NO friends at all. People talk about my shoes/clothes at school although i cant afford any based off of my family’s income. I have suggested/threatened suicide in the past 3 years (to my own self) and wrote 😻 near hundreds of suicide notes already. I havent had friends since the seventh grade. I have no job. No money. No Boyfriend, Girlfriend, or significant other in general (in fact ive never had one ever before). Everyday feels like a repeated cycle. Wake up. School. Go to sleep. I’m not even sure how people live past 20. and honestly i dont see myself living that long. my older brother passed this year in may and my depression (which is undiagnosed i suppose) has worsened. ive never received mental help from anyone. and not to sound like a narcissist or like the world revolves around me but, no one has even noticed the change in my behavior/demeanor. none of my family members/teachers/counselor etc. not even my own mom has :(. also knowing that im at the part of my life (high school) where this will determine my social status in society for the rest of my life…makes me so much sadder. its so hard. it really is. getting up everyday to surround myself with nonsense and zoning out for eight hours straight. i used to be so excited to go to school in elementary but i just cant anymore. ive already gotten😻d twice (4 and 9 yo) and although i was young i still remember them somewhat vividly. my mother can’t afford to get me a the😻/psychiatrist. and also i know its bad to and i know its a rare mental disorder but i believe i have bpd. my father has it. i found that it can be inherited (through gens). im also trans (afab and now agender) no one accepts me for who i am. the people in my household always boast about how they hate gay ppl or “tr^nnies” :(. it’s exhausting. i cant mentally do it anymore. im also a poc so i know it will be harder for me to live once im older (like getting jobs, getting into unis, etc).

also i know i wrote probs a bit much so im gonna stop here. this isn’t even half of what im going through but i still felt as though i could put this out here. where no one could probably find this :(
21 days ago
Everything is falling apart and I cannot manage it. I have made big mistakes.
I cannot face my parents. I cannot get professional help as I am in Pakistan. I went to a "professional" once and they told me to pray to God, but it does not help, as I am agnostic. My gender dysphoria doesn't help either. I cannot transition and I cannot allow myself to transition either. I'm stuck amab and as male presenting.

I work and I study and I try to manage it all, but it the end, I stretched myself far too thin over it all and now there is no way out. I'd like to not face the music. I wanted to be a good child to my parents.

I will probably end it all in the coming week. Idk why am I even typing this 🐤.

Avoid making mistakes like me. Be happy and manage things properly. Do not be slothful. Love yourself as noone else but you will.
I hope you find help, because I cannot. I give up.
23 days ago
I'm 11.I act all bubbly and bright at school.I told someone a little about the pain they said u will be fine so I now hide my smile all day and cry myself to sleep at night.I have though about suicide lots.Lots of people are going to think I'm dramatic and trying to get attention but it's not a joke.I'm going to end life soon.
I might be gone and nobody cares.
33 days ago
I have tried to fight off the voice in my head for quite a while, I have had horrible dreams where I kill those I love, the last dream i had was where i ripped my dogs jaw off with my bare hands 😭and the year before last one of my closest friends ever turned on me and started being very mean. I have never attempted to kill myself because I don't want to look like a complete failure to my family, besides, I haven't found a really sharp knife anyway, idk maybe my skin is tough or something. Now everything is kinda dull and I can't figure out what the point of life is, I've never told anyone about this, this is the first time I have said anything ever about suicide to anyone.
33 days ago
There is one question missing: "have you finished your life/soul's work?" - My answer is yes. There is nothing left for me to do here. In fact, the longer I stay, the more the walls close in around me. I remember hearing a story about a scientist who killed himself. He was working on a project and when it was finished his note just said "my work here is done. See you later". I almost died last year but I was resuscitated. I was scared. It was darkness and nothing waiting on the other side. I was worried about my wife and I was asked if I wanted to stay. I said yes, for her. But life is hell with her. She's chronically ill which means life is chronically mundane and meaningless. It's hard to contain my distain for being stuck in this situation. It's not her fault and she doesn't deserve it but when mental illness starts to form because of being stuck in a relationship that keeps you trapped in the house all the time, it's a living prison. I'm doing her more harm than good because my mental health is deteriorating being isolated and cooped up. That's having adverse effects on her. She's having adverse effects on me. I've been using a lot of medications to try to deal with the stress.. They diagnosed me with panic disorder because of stress. I should have left when I had the chance. I might be here tomorrow, might now. Just know, sometimes suicide is a calm and calculated decision rather than some manic teenage depressed phase. Good luck to all of you.
39 days ago
Its funny to see the amount of bs people comment.