Should I Kill Myself? Quiz

Hey there. I know things aren't very good for you to be here. Well, life does suck. Like, very often. But there's no second chance after you take that action - no going back. Take your time to think it through, because you and your life are valuable to the world, and especially to those closest to you. If you think they don't care, tell them how you're feeling. I bet you'll find out way different.

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    Were you ever abused/bullied, whether physically, sexually, verbally or emotionally?

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3 hours ago
thank you for caring about me I really appreciate it a lot thank you😅
10 hours ago
this test didn't help I still hope that I won't wake up in the morning
5 days ago
when I wrote I.d.I.o.t in the name why did it change to an emoji???
5 days ago
I hate when people say not to kill yourself because it’s selfish, and to think of the pain that you’ll cause family etc. Granted, that’s the only reason I’m still alive, but I genuinely don’t think anyone cares anymore. I don’t see the reason why anyone should. It feels more selfish to be alive because I’m just burdening other people, I’m about as useful as a sponge in the Sahara. My point is, calling it selfish just makes some people feel guilty for having or acting on these thoughts and it makes it even more of a negative thing. Suicidal people have their reasons, as strange as it may seem to most people. I don’t want to be told to go to a helpline because I don’t want help. I just want to die.
13 days ago
Love yourself before anything, its quit important. I know its hard for some people, but try pls. And atleast 1 person in your live cares about you, and if not i care, i love you. Even if i haven't even met you, im sure all of you are wonderful, and beautiful/handsome people. Keep on going, never give up. Life will eventually get better, trust me pls.
15 days ago
Bro I just want to find an actual reason to live and I can't find any evidence for one. No prevention line will help this. I truly think the universe is a meaningless place that just makes you suffer
15 days ago
This was 😻 stupid and a waste of time. At no point did I want to see that 😻 garbage "I'm worried, call the prevention line". I hope the creator of this "quiz" gets mauled by a 😻 bear.
18 days ago
“Would anyone care if tonight I disappeared would anyone chase me and say the words I need to hear that I’m no burden not so worthless bent so much I might break” these words go through my head on repeat and I can’t stop it every single time I get someone it stops but then they leave and it gets loud
21 days ago
The care you express for your brother is beautiful, hold onto it.I haven't cut myself often, but did once properly.
I'm telling you this on the off-chance it might give you some hope.
I'm 24 now and it does get better. And the scar(s) will fade with time too.
Try to talk to your school councillor about it or anyone that you think you can talk with honestly.
People care about you the same way you care about your little brother.
You'd be wanting your little brother to be happy too, right?
It's just the same for these other people in relation to you.
Your parents want that for you too, the only reason they might appear angry if you open up to them is because they are in reality scared.
They want you to be safe and see you prosper.
I tried all sorts of meds from when I was roundabout 15 years old.
It's not really as effective but it might help eventually. It did for me eventually.
But of course you can/should try other methods like
>regular sleeping times
>physical exertion/sports/strength training
>seeking out fun activities where you create something
>setting up a plan for what you do, doesn't have to be much, just a small to-do list of things you actually *want* to do in the morning
>eating more regularly (not eating enough can contribute to depressive emotions)
I want to send you a virtual hug and assure you, these things can keep you going and you can keep going, especially if you change a few things in your everyday life.
There's a 99% chance it'll help you, so I warmly reccomend trying that before doing anything permanent.
You know you don't really want to "die" as much as you want the "pain to end" either.
Pain happens in life, but it's nowhere as unmanageable as it seems to you now.
Talk to someone.
21 days ago
Come on buddy, you'll most likely just disable yourself with silly stuff like that and be worse off for it.
Just read a few experiences and statistics from here:
Suicide and trying to die isn't something you "just try because it's funny".
I don't want to invalidate your feelings because they are valid.
But I also want you to know that this mask of nonchalant uncaring you put on harms you.
Others won't view it as cool, your same-age-peers will think you're a little weird or "deranged" while adults will be either concerned or derisive if they're maladjusted sociopaths.
Pro tip btw: they started adding CO2 to helium tanks partially because of people dying from depression through it.
If you're concerned about things like looking like a drug addict chances are that you're nowhere near ready to even consider suicide (if anyone ever is) if you're fully honest with yourself.
Get better, you deserve it and so do your loved ones which no doubt are out there since you still care about your social standing.
21 days ago
I just want to die I’m only 13 and I have cuts all over my arms but sometimes I feel it’s not enough I just want to end it I’ve been severely depressed since I was 10 and I just want to end the endless struggle the only thing that’s keeping me alive is my little brother but I don’t think I can do it for much longer I’m sorry
22 days ago
*i. sorry for the rough grammar

22 days ago
guys, think it would be pretty funny to slit my throat whilst doing the gangnam style dance.

PS, does anybody know how to buy helium tanks without looking like a drug addict?

thanks for reading this. i wish you all a very good day

23 days ago
I have this urge to go into the bathroom
Close the door, lock it,
Strip away my clothing
Draw myself a cool bath
And slide beneath the water
And just stay like that
Stay submerged
And let the crisp oxygen leave my lungs
And bubble on the surface of the water
I want to watch the world, fuzzily fade with my pain into nothingness
I want the cool water to fill my lungs full of acceptance and peace and to slip into the despair in return I shall give it what it so desperately wants
It wants to pull me deeper into its grasp
It has promised me a way to true happiness
A way to indulge in the weightless nothingness that frees me from this hellish nightmare
It has been so kind
to lovingly drag me away from this pain
And into its eternal embrace
It encapsulates my entire being and how I wish it to be once more
26 days ago
Oliver don't do it bro, smell the weed around you and smoke and be happy. Or cc me for drugs but not to overdose to have fun. Love ya
27 days ago
Goodbye everybody. I have a plan. I am going to overdose. See ya in the next life
31 days ago
I don't know why I took this quiz. I know I want to die. Everything is hopeless. There is absolutely no point in living. I've tried to kill myself before and failed. I'm afraid of failing again. I would pay someone to kill me and make sure I'm dead. I'm sorry.
32 days ago
Hey there. I just wanted to tell you that you matter. Although life looks bad, there's always the bright side of the moon. If you have any plants/friends/animals in your life they are there for you. (Yes even plants.) You are special even though there is over 7 billion people you are you. Don't let the people outside of you control your life. You. Are. Special. I too am suffering from this. But still. You are important no matter your race, sexuality, looks, disabilities, or addiction. And when I say this I mean it! Please don't kill yourself, I may not know you but I care about you. Stick in there pall.
33 days ago
i lowkey already attempted. the regret's setting in. i don't think i took enough to do any real damage though. the sun still shines, the wind still comes through my window. hang in there
33 days ago
I can't channel the hatred I have for myself by just words I don't hate my life I just hate myself while there are more people suffering more than me I complain about trivial matters I can't for give myself for the thing's I have done and I can't forgive god for creating such a worthless human being like me