Should I Kill Myself? Quiz

Hey there. I know things aren't very good for you to be here. Well, life does suck. Like, very often. But there's no second chance after you take that action - no going back. Take your time to think it through, because you and your life are valuable to the world, and especially to those closest to you. If you think they don't care, tell them how you're feeling. I bet you'll find out way different.

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    Were you ever abused/bullied, whether physically, sexually, verbally or emotionally?

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130 days ago
Aren’t u special silly little goose
131 days ago
i dont want to do this anymore. life doesnt need me. im just a waste of space.
132 days ago
I almost forgot goodnight sweet dreams my beautiful rats lol hahahaha
132 days ago
its been 12 minutes i still want to die because there is nothing to do i have a little advice for you don't kill yourself or others because there's always tomorrow you might meet someone you like or love. Little ones be comfortable with yourself you are your own person just ignore little vermin who talk about you. What else hmm your family will miss you if you die that's if you have a good family if you have a bad family then why do you care what they think just live a good life and prove them wrong if your age 20 or above then hmm I'll think later I'm tired I'm going rest i hope forever but I'm going to wake up the same as usual hahahaha hahahaha yup as usual
132 days ago
I'm just too bored and to be honest i cant be bothered living it's too slow and boring for me not my cup of tea this is not a joke I'm not scared of death if anything i want to die but not kill myself because its lame so i do dangerous things hoping for death but nothing ever happened so far and you 🌻 stop thinking like nobody cares about you there's probably somebody there for you so stop I'm just tired of living its been fun but everything has to end eventually I'm not killing myself just dying semi natural
135 days ago
i have the first two211.30.26.250
137 days ago
everyone is leaving me why should i keep going when i will never really be able to be happy
138 days ago
I feel 🌻 worthless and untalented, there is nothing special about me. I should just... give up. I should just kill myself. One person saved my life, but they have so many other friends that it wouldn't matter to them if I died. I 🌻 HATE MY LIFE.
141 days ago
What a waste of time.
141 days ago
Does anyone know why this test us more pseudo-psycholigical/pseudo-scientific bull😘? It doesn't ask you if you've harmed or hurt others. It doesn't ask if you're mean. It doesn't ask if you were ever an abuser. Or a child molester, 😘, murderer. Well, if you are a rotten person and can't forgive yourself, that wasn't one of the questions. I will testify that no matter what goodness I may have, I can't forgive myself for what I've done, and the system won't let me, either. I was so proud of who I had become, but an unchangeable past seems to mean more than any future you can work hard towards making right, good, righteous, and beautiful. 😘 this 😘. I'm outta here, and my plan will be executed the way I want it to. That's what happens when who I am today doesn't matter as much as who I was yesterday. Living like that every day always means no tomorrow - it's just the same as today and yesterday. If you knew what I did you'd encourage me to kill myself. You'd hate me. I'm even pissed I couldn't find a website that told me that if I was such-and-such a person, then DO IT. This test was bull😘.
149 days ago
Everyone who's commenting sounds so tired and fed up. I understand how most of you feel and for the ones I don't relate to I'm so sorry you feel this way, I to admit that I feel like I need to end it all or punish myself for existing, but I promise you that you all have a part to play in your lives no matter how small or how big it is, you've impacted someone's life positively and maybe they're grateful for that or if you haven't you've done something worth living for so don't kys its most likely not worth it...

I hope you're all ok at the moment though. It's really sad to see you all say all these things and if you all just need some support or someone to vent to, I could make an insta account for you all to message to get your feelings out.
Hmmm I think I'll name it after the Silly Little Goose thing it sounds quite cute in my opinion. I wish you all the best of luck!!!

149 days ago
I typed it in the name this is why I wanna kms
150 days ago
158 days ago
i just cant do this anymore i hate myself i hate my family i just wanna die so so much. my gf is starting to stop likeing me. everyone and everything annoys me. im fat and ugly and im 🦄 gay but no one beleves me. i hate this so much and im here writing this stupied 🦄 the only reason im still alive is bc i cant 🦄 do it i have nothing to do it. i dont want to die but i do i just want to be made to stay alone no one there this dosnt even make scence but i dont care i just wanna be put in a hospital but i dont i just wanna die but dont ugh im repeting myself now anyways adios
160 days ago
i will die anyway

i just want to cut myself again
160 days ago
shinitagari shin demo ii yo
dare mo kamatcha kureya shinai yo
shinitagari shin demo ii yo
moo kiki akita shin demo ii yo
160 days ago
Iits my life i can do whatever i want to and i choose kms why is it so hard
160 days ago
161 days ago
it’s so painful to be unpopular, to watch him be happy but not with me, to get made fun of by my own father, to have parents who yell at me, to be a late bloomer, to watch everyone else be happy and I’m just not. My friend ditched me a few months ago. I’m fat, I’m Ugly, there’s no point in going on. I’ve had 13 years of this 💑how and I’m done. I’m sticking around for my mom dad cats friends and so on i know it’s cliche. I hate my life. If the world were to blow up, now would be a good time for it.
164 days ago
I do wanna die though. Why can’t I?