Should I Kill Myself? Quiz

Hey there. I know things aren't very good for you to be here. Well, life does suck. Like, very often. But there's no second chance after you take that action - no going back. Take your time to think it through, because you and your life are valuable to the world, and especially to those closest to you. If you think they don't care, tell them how you're feeling. I bet you'll find out way different.

  • 1/17
    Were you ever abused/bullied, whether physically, sexually, verbally or emotionally?

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174 days ago
Can you please just 🍦 type yes or no, you don’t know me I don’t know you, you shouldn’t be worried at all. This is not meant to sound rude I’m just on a literal breakdown and this 🍦 made me mad
180 days ago
To anyone reading this:
I’m in the same boat as you, i know how it feels. I thought to myself it may be a good idea to start a group chat to see if it may help anyone in anyway, to just let something out or to make a friend or two with someone goin thru similar things in life. Pls add me on
186 days ago
I am now coming up on my last couple months before I can't do what I've always wanted. I just finished high school and I just can't seem to do what I want, nothing else makes me happy nor do I want to do anything else, is life really worth living if there is nothing to make you happy? This 🐬man my life plan is ruined and all that is left is me to sit here in my room like I always have, I will die here and stay here for eternity. My final resting place is the place I've always been.
187 days ago
I have been feeling down recently, no money, no real ambitions or passions, nobody for me other than my mother and 4 friends who I've known since middle school. I cried a bit once I finished the quiz. I don't know anymore, life on a daily basis does not provide any happiness. Working the weeks and then going home and sitting there is all I have been up to for the past year. It just feels like such an empty void such a black hole of depression. I dont know if Ill ever have the guts to kill myself, I feel as though I do not want to keep living but I also do not want to die.
188 days ago
i keep on getting hospitalized for suicide and all that and every time i just go home and then just go back a few days later. home for at most 3 days. i just wanna kill myself already but it never works... life is just so depressing and i cant do it anymore. but if i kill myself my little bro will kill himself too and its just too much....
191 days ago
When i blow my head off, I'll leave a note hanging from my neck saying "this is not a cry for help." I'll leave a note tied to the gun saying "please be careful. I don't think the safety is on."
193 days ago
i wanted to end my life because of MY family
195 days ago
I just love how it says at the end “congratulations! Would you like to print or post your certificate of your results?” XD
197 days ago
I know how everyone feels. And truly I feel aparting from everyone. I used to be very sad, wouldn't go out till I was 16 and no, my parents didn't stop me from going out, I just didn't want to. I couldn't find myself fitting in society and I hated everyone bc I couldn't fit in, and then I started hating myself too. I did try many times to kms and was yet pathetic to not even do it but rather hurt myself but the saddest part no one cared, not even my brother, no one asked even how I was. In highschool I started discovering myself more and being more social. I found out I actually like guys too. I found group of people that accepted that at some point, I found MY clothing style and honestly started loving myself and others. But for some reason even now, I again feel alone and lost in endless void. I don't want to DIE but also I don't want to live. I just wish sometimes I can be gone, like get deleted from existence. But yeah I hope things will get better. If any of you need a friend or someone who'll listen to you or anything in general, here's my IG: @isaaclovesmilfs , feel free to go in my DMs. Wish all of us one day have a happy life or at least ending
200 days ago
Everything is a lie around me, Everytime I get into some type of friend group I’m left behind I’m always left alone I’m miserable I never get better Ik I don’t have it worse than other but I still don’t know why I’m so pathetic, I cant wait to die I’m living my worst nightmare the thing I feared the most I am now truly alone. I don’t know what happened to me I used to be so happy and had many friends I talked to everyone and now I can’t even keep up a conversation.
202 days ago
I wish I was like others of my age. My family doesn't let me go outside and always force me to study. I just want my family members to understand the pressure they have put on to me. I am planning to drop this year cos I didn't score well, but my inner self is dying of isolation and regrets. My dad doesn't buy me things, I wish I had a bike or car so that I could also enjoy myself but my parents never buy me one...they think that would spoil me...but trust me it will not.
209 days ago
get a dangerous job, like the army
209 days ago
Every day I pray for my life to end because I don’t have the courage to do it myself. I’m not even religious so I don’t know why I do it
210 days ago
do you like your boyfriend's parents?
210 days ago
My name is casey. im really chill, i ride a skateboard, dress like a guy, i listen to korn or metallica or slipknot, i have a boyfriend, really nice friends. seems like a nice life..but..i used to get😍d by my father for 7 years, my real dad abandoned my on christmas and said i was never his child. he hated me. and now my mom has this new boufriend who emotionally abuses me, he is homphopbic, my siblings emotionally abuse me..and my mom? she just watches...i hate my life...and i really wanna die...i just dont have the guts
211 days ago
loser, start with buying the first drink, maybe coffee. then lunch. then dinner. there are way more fat and ugly people out there than pretty women. your chances are better.
212 days ago
25, no friends, bad job, never even kissed a girl. Honestly don't know why I even bother. Been going to the gym for 5x for over a year but that stopped making me feel good as well. Still very fat and ugly. Been joining tons of groups/classes to try and make friends but everyone just talks around me or ignores me. Bars and clubs don't work for me either, no one wants to talk to the loser who went there alone. Honestly not sure why I'm sticking around at this point. If anything killing myself will relieve my parents of a financial drain and then all the inheritance can go to my brother who isn't a complete social reject. Plus everyone else wants me dead too. Went to college and was just constantly told to kill myself cause I'm white and that I should hate myself. Even the government pushes this stuff. So like why even bother sticking around. Doesn't make any sense. Probably gonna end it this weekend, I'll be alone anyways.
213 days ago
where are you maggie
218 days ago
I hope everyone here has found their peace.
218 days ago
I think about dying everyday. I think about how I won’t have a funeral. I think about what will happen to my pets. I think about the people who “care about me” and remember that it’s me who cares about them and that all the time it comes up how little value I am to them and their lives. I wish I knew how to cope with that but I don’t. And I don’t get to have distractions from it. I have no money or job to get money to hide from these truths. Every job I get goes up in flames so how long do they really expect me to hang on anyway? How long can I “stay strong” all by myself? Apparently about 21 years.