AP Psychology Unit 1 History & Approaches Test

Are you preparing for the AP Psychology Unit 1 History & Approaches Test right now? This test aims to give you an idea of how prepared you are, currently, and how you'd do. Or maybe you're just curious about psychology?

Try and see how well you'd do! Good luck!

  • 1
    Which perspective would be most useful when explaining how people from different countries express anger?
    Which perspective would be most useful when explaining how people from different countries express anger?
  • 2
    The debate about the relative contributions of biology and experience to human development is most often referred to as what?
  • 3
    Which of the following professionals are required to have a medical degree?

  • 4
    Which psychological principle best explains why studying an hour for a day for a week is more effective than one seven-hour study session?
  • 5
    Which of the following kinds of psychologists would most likely explore how we process and remember information?
  • 6
    According to the behaviorist perspective, psychological science should be rooted in what?

  • 7
    Which of the following psychologists would most likely conduct psychotherapy?
  • 8
    Which field of psychology is most interested in studying the link between mental activity and brain activity?
  • 9
    What was the main difference between the psychological thinking of Wilhelm Wundt and earlier philosophers who were also interested in thinking and behavior?
  • 10
    Which school of psychology focuses on the adaptive nature of thinking and how our consciousness evolves to meet our needs?

  • 11
    The study of the importance of satisfying the need for love and acceptance best describes which school of psychology?
  • 12
    Which of the following statements is the best example of applied research?
  • 13
    Self-reflective introspection (looking inward) to discern the elements of experiences best describes a technique used by:
  • 14
    Which perspective would look most at how our interpretation of a situation affects how we react to it?
  • 15
    The science of behavior and mental processes is the definition of which field of study?
  • 16
    Which of the following perspectives is most likely to address how the encoding, storage, and retrieval of information might alter our thoughts?

  • 17
    Who among the following would most likely study the interaction of people, machines, and physical environments?
  • 18
    Psychiatrists differ from psychologists in that they:
  • 19
    A humanistic psychologist working with a group of poets might ask which of the following questions?
  • 20
    Betsy works in a human resources department. She plans training sessions, recruits people to work for the company, and implements techniques to boost morale around the office. Of the following, Betsy is most likely a(n):

  • 21
    By seeking "the atoms of the mind," who established the first psychology laboratory?
  • 22
    Which of the following best describes research typical of Wilhelm Wundt's laboratory?
  • 23
    Who was the first African-American president of the American Psychology Association?
  • 24
    Who was the president of the APA in 2017?
  • 25
    Who founded the humanistic approach?

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