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Have I Hit Puberty? (Boys)

Are you a boy who's wondering whether or not you've hit puberty yet? It's pretty common to wonder and worry. And going through puberty is totally natural and nothing for you or anyone else to be embarrassed about. Find out now where you stand.

  • 1
    I have pubic hair.
    I have pubic hair.
  • 2
    I have armpit hair.
  • 3
    I have sexual thoughts about members of the opposite gender (unless you are gay).

  • 4
    I have been growing taller.
    I have been growing taller.
  • 5
    I sometimes feel withdrawn from my parents.
  • 6
    My penis size has increased.

  • 7
    I have been feeling unfamiliar emotions lately.
  • 8
    I am sweating a lot.
  • 9
    My chest has been swelling.
  • 10
    I care about my appearance.

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25 days ago
when you realize boys get it easier.. and i have to go through my period 😧.. i dont have my period yet lol but i have a bf i hope its normal for girls to think about🐬all the time too because i think about it allll the time i cant wait to be old enough to do ittt
80 days ago
kill me-
96 days ago
109 days ago
welp better get learning about becomeing a adult
117 days ago
oop..................................... ..