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Have I Hit Puberty? Quiz for Boys

Are you a boy who's wondering whether or not you've hit puberty yet? It's pretty common to wonder and worry. And going through puberty is totally natural and nothing for you or anyone else to be embarrassed about. Find out now where you stand.

  • 1
    I have pubic hair.
    I have pubic hair.
  • 2
    I have armpit hair.
  • 3
    I have sexual thoughts about members of the opposite gender (unless you are gay).

  • 4
    I have been growing taller.
    I have been growing taller.
  • 5
    I sometimes feel withdrawn from my parents.
  • 6
    My penis size has increased.

  • 7
    I have been feeling unfamiliar emotions lately.
  • 8
    I am sweating a lot.
  • 9
    My chest has been swelling.
  • 10
    I care about my appearance.

Comments (36)


27 days ago
Also I'm 11if you read my comment
27 days ago
For previous comments girls hit it harder than boys. But for my comment dis good or bad?
36 days ago
Wow.11 and have to learn about being an adult. We have it so much easier tho lol we just sweat and think about sex
41 days ago
EXCUSE ME! Guys have it way better than us at you don't bleed every month!
41 days ago
you don't have cramps,periods,or tits
41 days ago
oh and also we are on here because we can
41 days ago
EXCUSE ME! Guys have it way better than us at you don't bleed every month!
48 days ago
Um why are GIRLS on this??? Get on ur OWN tests
112 days ago
@A Man.
Im a boy, with no girls siblings so I don’t really know what to think. But I do think you’re probably wrong from most internet articles I’ve read
114 days ago
You’re completely wrong. BOYS have it real bad too. At least YOUR
Front areas
Don’t take up space

P.S. still sorry for whoever the heck Brooklyn is
114 days ago
Why are GIRLS commenting on the BOYS puberty test?!

P.S I’m sorry for Brooklyn (whoever she is)
121 days ago
But I mean boys do deal with👩‍❤️‍👨💏and that kinda stuff.. But girls kinda do too! Well at least me and like all the girls I know do...
121 days ago
P.s. brooklyn, I went though something similar at school. Me and my friend were passing a note talking abt. Our periods and a boy just picked up,read it and told the whole class (particularly boys) about it! It was horrible!😡😠😫
121 days ago
P.s Brooklyn I'm so sorry! I feel for you☺❤
121 days ago
I'm a girl just checking the comments and yeah girls have it awful, we have to worry abt. All this stuff! Like today I had these horrible cramps and well ya know stuff boys are LUCKY!
132 days ago
jojo I agree cause I started today AT SCHOOL and I was wearing WHITE PANTS and NO PAD. So my FAVORITE pants are ruined 😡. And a guy at school saw and told THE WHOLE SCHOOL THAT I STARTED MY PERIOD TODAY. He has an 8th grade gf even tho we’re in 6th and he asked her all about girls
133 days ago
Girls definitely have it harder in puberty. Boys are just sweaty and 🚔 all the time, girls have to deal with cramps and pain and periods and all that stuff
137 days ago
Ummmmm idk btw this is LadyHooligans #2 just changed my name
144 days ago
I took this on my sisters phone but like I got a 6/10 and turn 12 in 4 months am I ahead or no?
160 days ago
Girls definitely have it a lot harder. Mood swings are so bad right now for me I’m 11 going on 12 on February 25. And I just clicked on here because I like to read comments when I’m bored