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Am I Going Through Puberty Yet? Quiz

If you're between the ages of 8 and 18, you probably are going or have been through puberty. If you're still uncertain, take this test to find out for sure. And don't be embarrassed that you're taking it, because we all go through this stage. Everybody understands!:)

  • 1
    How old are you?
    How old are you?
  • 2
    Do you have pubic hair (hair on your privates)?
  • 3
    Do you have underarm hair?

  • 4
    Do you have your period yet?
  • 5
    Have you had any crushes yet?
  • 6
    What growing stage are your breasts at?

  • 7
    Do you wear a bra?
  • 8
    Have you had a growth spurt lately?
  • 9
    Awkward ... .Do you want to have sex?
  • 10
    Do you feel differently these days?

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11 days ago
you're all amazing!
11 days ago
hi, I'm Tammy as u can see, I'm just commenting to say I took this quiz as a joke. I'm not really that interested in it. btw even though this won't come as a surprise I'm 11, and to anyone that's worried about hitting puberty it's fine, if you need help ask a parent or trusted adult. I'm only young so i can't really say anything, because i wouldn't really know what it's like myself, but try not to be worried. :) Personally, i would just want to get it over with so yeah. thanks for reading this goofy comment 🤪🤪🤪 also ya'll are amazing don't forget that
21 days ago
Yo 15yo guy here scrollin' the comment sections these are hilarious buncha like 9/10 year olds like "hav i hit puberty" and they obviously haven't and a buncha 13/14 year olds like "hav i hit puberty" and they obviously have and then a bunch of other ppl my age like "yea ive hit puberty i just took the quiz for fun" like lmao the quiz isn't actually helping anyone XDDDD

Btw i might be a guy so my puberty is totally different (and way easier) and ik y'all gotta go through way more stuff that's way worse than boys do but wanted to let yall know i stand with girls and respect you all
21 days ago
Hey, 16 yo girl here! To all you 10-12 yo girls excited about hitting puberty, wanting to hit it, or stressed cause all your friends are hitting it, I'm here to help. Look, hitting puberty isn't as awesome as a thing as you think it is. Periods SUCK. They're painful, tampons are annoying to use, the mood swings are so annoying, and sometimes you bleed through and your stain shows. Plus, menstrual stuff is EXPENSIVE!! Your breasts coming in isn't as awesome as you think it is, either. When they start to get bigger they can bounce around and make your back sore during exercise. Bras are also expensive and uncomfortable to wear. Plus, once your t*ts start coming in, you need to be really careful of harassment. You might not even notice it, but stupid men, especially middle-aged men, can start getting all gross around you just cause you have b**bs (try to avoid them, travel with someone you know, and have Mace/pepper spray on you in public!)
Look, you also shouldn't compete with your friends or be worried cause they're developing faster than you. Everyone's body is different, and you can't control when you hit puberty and how fast you develop. Just know that it's not a big deal if you haven't hit it, and it's not going to be as great as you think it is when it happens. Just enjoy being you!

Hope this was helpful, good luck girls!
30 days ago
Otiline- ik exactly how you feel!!!!! I have things like hair and discharge, but my 🍒haven’t started to grow AT ALL. I was and am still super self concious about this, but even more now that one of my previously flat friends, another late bloomer like me, started developing. Now I feel super left behind, I mean she’s nice to me and everything, it’s just that I’m the only one in my grade with no 🍒.
67 days ago
my freind who is one year younger might get her period soon I am 11 btw but I have barley had any dischargeand I am barely on the edge of puberty I feel really selfconcoise around my friends when they talk about it because I don't really know what there going thru what should I do
77 days ago
Im pretty scared to have puberty Cuz being a kid is fun and I don't wanna work, just wanna play some games like tag or hide and seek.
82 days ago
Am scared I don't want to get it you know? And I haven't got it yet and am 12years old! And I also feel moody a lot but sometimes am just well 😐 you know? And today it's my cousin Sofias 14th Bithday she lives in Sweden! So anyway what to talk about boys instead of this?
84 days ago
I feel moody and scared that my dad is going to walk in my room while I'm changing or I'm just in a bra and sweatpants (I do that often)
84 days ago
I feel so awkward around my crush AND boys in general
84 days ago
I got my period about a year ago and I'm 11 wearing a AA bra 😖
117 days ago
Sorry my little sister was messing about with my phone so sorry Jessica
117 days ago
Jessica just ask your mum for a first period kit and keep it in your school bag.
117 days ago
When I was 8 and a half & 9 I was an A cup in bra
118 days ago
I started puberty when I was 6. 7 I am 10 am b cup bra
144 days ago
Bro I think this is a girls test because I read only girls have periods and I'm pretty sure men don't wear bras for breasts
146 days ago
the thing is i am scared for my first period. does anyone have advice????
157 days ago
depends on how much younger
168 days ago
is it bad tohave a.crush on a boy younger than you?
170 days ago
I get a lot of disarge, And sometimes my 🍒's move...