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Am I Going Through Puberty Yet? Quiz

If you're between the ages of 8 and 18, you probably are going or have been through puberty. If you're still uncertain, take this test to find out for sure. And don't be embarrassed that you're taking it, because we all go through this stage. Everybody understands!:)

  • 1
    How old are you?
    How old are you?
  • 2
    Do you have pubic hair (hair on your privates)?
  • 3
    Do you have underarm hair?

  • 4
    Do you have your period yet?
  • 5
    Have you had any crushes yet?
  • 6
    What growing stage are your breasts at?

  • 7
    Do you wear a bra?
  • 8
    Have you had a growth spurt lately?
  • 9
    Awkward....Do you want to have sex?
  • 10
    Do you feel differently these days?

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444 days ago
So are you going through puberty? Yes. You definitely are. If you haven't done so already, talk to a trusted adult who can give you more information on what to expect and how you should prepare.:) Or if you don't feel comfortable sharing something so intimate, Google it and choose medical sites rather than ones with quizzes. Good luck!

Yep, sounds about right! My 11th birthday is in like four days, and I started puberty like when I was 10 and a half, so around 6 months. This was accurate!
458 days ago
Also can I just ask what breast stage ur at? I have dark brown curly hair *there* and it's spreading. I haven't shaved and I don't think I will at anytime soon or ever. I just started getting armpit hair so I don't rly have any advice on that but if ur *area* gets itchy it's probly bc of hair growth. Trust me ik. Also if ur breasts get itchy every now and then they are growing. Mine get itchy all the time they're not very big but I'm preeeetty sure they're growing bc I'm stage 3
458 days ago
@cade all u need to do is ask her. She won't be weird about it. She had to go thru that when she got hers first training bra and probably felt similar to how u do. If u feel awkward abt it write her a note or text her and then she will take u shopping. Make sure u try them on before u buy them bc regardless of size ( I wear size 10 to 12 contours and I'm almost 13) it doesn't matter. U have to find a size that fits YOU. Also get one or two at first and see how u like them. There r heaps of different kinds of them so u can choose which ones u like best. It won't be too hard to ask her just say something like "hey mum, I think I need to start wearing training bras. Could we go shopping soon?" Something like that or write it down. Goodluck!
461 days ago
Hello everybody. I am 11, and im definitely going through puberty. my breasts are to the point where i need a training bra, but my mom wont let me wear one and its embarrassing bc i
my nipples are pretty noticeable through some of my shirts...i do have a little discharge, barely noticeable, i havent gotten my period yet. i do have a noticeable hair(down there..)and ynder my arms u can barely tell, just a few blonde whispey hairs...can anyone give me any advice to tell my mom i think i should start wearing a teaing bra?? im scared to tell her im going through all this stuff...any advice?
468 days ago
Hey everyone. I'm 12 but I will be 13 in May. I am definitely going thru puberty since I was nine if anyone needs advice on anything like training bras or deodorant or anything like that I can help I haven't gotten my period yet but I'll pronly get it soon. I can't give much advice about periods as I said I haven't gotten it yet but I know a fair bit about them so yea. Aks me for advice
505 days ago
I'm ten and I'm wearing bras but I need to shave my legs there hairy but I don't know how to ask
Someone help me some girls in my class have there periods and I think im gonna try pads on 😣
513 days ago
they really called me on “why’d you even take this quiz?”
519 days ago

Ok so for pads/tampons first of all if it feels desperate then use ur mums in secret then when ur ready casually ask her when you’re in a shop near sanitary stuff

For deodorant, make sure you’re in a shop where there is stuff like deodorant and again casually ask and say “i feel like i need this now so im going to put it in the basket”

Hope this helps!! Byee
524 days ago
Thanks whoever made this!
545 days ago
Now i know that starting to go throu puberty! im 9 and im a boy
557 days ago
hey hey im 10, i have my periods, im wearing bras, but idk abt puberty. ive had pubic hair since 8 and arm hair since a couple months ago.
587 days ago
All of my friends have training bras like cammies. My cousin who is 3 years younger than me has a cammie but I don’t. My friends say that all girls in my year should be wearing bras and putting on deodorant, but I don’t have these.
Help! What should I do?
593 days ago
Help I 9 almost 10, puberty 1 year, training bra size 12 to 13 but small ... measured myself B cup,
mom got period age 14. 😍 very noticeable. help
601 days ago
Me 11 thinking when am I getting my period so that I can relate with girls the test saying I just started puberty
612 days ago
hi i guess it was ages ago that u did this and you probably have already told her but heres a bit of advice..
your mum has gone through this!!! she knows. i remember just walking up to my mum and going like mum can i have some deodrant, i smell. and i was like mum ive stared getting discharge. mum ive got my period. it is easier said than done byt she pushed you out of her 💗 so im sure she understands
634 days ago
I've been going through puberty for 2 and a half years now. I just took this for the craic, y'know
647 days ago
I'm 9 nearly 10 and it says I'm just starting so anyone going thru puberty ( can be any age but had to still be going through puberty) give me some advice- Too scared to ask my mum and I have no big sisters.

Age- 9 yrs 10mths
Hair on arms/legs- Yep but needs light to see it
Hair in armpit/down there- Kinda down there but its short and not rlly that dark.
Height- 4'9 (grow quickly and may be a growth spurt)
Foot size- UK 4 or 5
Crushes?- Yep. Ik I'm only 9 but...
Discharge- I'ma say Noooooo... but there's sometimes a yellow green stain there pls tell me....
Periods- Nope
Breast- Budding a bit but not too noticeable
Sweating- Yep defo more sweat and smellier too ewww
Mum's age starting puberty- 9 1/2
Mum's age starting her period- 10 or 11

666 days ago
I've been going through puberty for almost 3 years now. I just took this for fun 🙃
668 days ago


688 days ago
I've been going through puberty for almost 2 years. Took this for fun 🙃