It's Coming! But When? Play the Period Test & See When You'll Get Yours!

Like it or not, if you're biologically female, you'll menstruate (aka, get your period) approximately every 28 days from onset until you reach menopause. This test is meant to help you estimate how close you are to getting your period. If you've been wondering about this, check it out. You'll be better prepared for a part of your life that will often be inconvenient, but can make great joy possible.

  • 1
    How old are you?
    How old are you?
  • 2
    How much do you weigh?
  • 3
    How long have you been in puberty? (Breast development, growth spurt, etc.)

  • 4
    Do you have discharge? (If so, how long have you been having it, what's the consistency, and what's the color?)
  • 5
    Do you have breasts? (If so, for how long have you been developing?)
  • 6
    What size bra do you wear?

  • 7
    Do you have food cravings and mood swings?
  • 8
    Do you have cramps? (Pains below your lower abdomen)
  • 9
    Do you have armpit hair?
  • 10
    How are your hips?

  • 11
    Do you have leg and/or arm hair?
  • 12
    Do you have hair down there? (Hair in your pubic/vagina region)
  • 13
    Did you enjoy this quiz? (Your answer won't affect your score)

Comments (106)


Bro this is the worst quiz,it says 1-2 years but that is like so not accurate! I'm due in a few weeks
12 days ago
LMAO I got my period a month ago and it’s saying I have 1-2 years 😭😭😭
24 days ago

You should only have like 2-4 months until your period!
33 days ago
Mine said 9 months idk why because I started mine three months ago and should soon have it this month anyways this was just for fun lol
55 days ago
I got one to two years which makes no sense cuz I literally got my period today I was just doing this for fun
56 days ago
Mines said 9-11 months even though all the others say that it already started or 2-5 months.
72 days ago
It said I would get my period in 9-11 months and I already have it. 😂😂😂
84 days ago
umm i put i loved the quiz then it gave me 9-11 months but then i put i hated it and it gave me 5-8 months?? dont trust this quiz!!
84 days ago
Can someone tell me when I will get my period.
Age 13
Mom got here around same age
Mood swings all the time
Cramps once a week
First got breast buds 6 years ago and am only stage 3 💑 now
down there hair is almost full but completely black and thick
Leg hair is jungle
Armpit hair is a few black strands
Discharge 1.7 years and is all day everyday
Pms symptoms lower back cramps, stomach cramps, leg cramps, headaches, diahreea , constapation
I'm 5'3
Had a growth spurt of 5 inches 2 years a go but I keep growing 3 inches per year
I weigh 98 pounds
My thighs are not twig but they are no where near thunderthighs
My hips are barely starting to get bigger
87 days ago
this quiz is good :) it said i will get it in 8-12 months!
89 days ago
omg girl this quiz is so bad so i did the test and when it ask do you love the quiz put i hated it and then it said 11 month and the when i went back and i say i love it said this :So how close are you? You have one to tree months to go before you get your period. It isn't all that far away! Keep some pantyliner at hand just in case you get an early surprise. Good luck

be fearful girls
89 days ago
This test is HORRIBLE I tested it too like with the options that REALLY show ur period is coming like even tmrw and it still say 1-2 years and “not close” it does that for all of them. My friend who has her period did this quiz and it said “not close” this test is a FAIL. I took three test/quiz of my fav and it said within a week
94 days ago
this quiz is bad am a girl btw ;0
97 days ago
I’ve recently started to experience signs of getting my first period soon. As a result, I have started an adventure of doing all the “First Period” quizzes I can find. All of the ones I have done have said that it will occur within a few days. This one may be inaccurate as this says 1-2 years. A quick scroll through the comments shows others saying similar things concerning the accuracy of the test. I may be wrong but I think this test needs a little reworking because a lot of people are saying that it doesn’t work.
104 days ago
dw guys, i wanted to see how accurate this is for fun and it said 9-11 months. I've had my period for like 3-4 months lmao. this isn't accurate:)
112 days ago
This is not right. All the other ones I've taken they've always said 2-5 months! And this one says 1-2 YEARS. I liked the test but the results were..... odd
115 days ago
@Anon oh my gawd same, I literaly have been getting 3 weeks and 2 months on other tests and this one like "9 TO 11 MONTHS". I took a test 4 months ago and it said 2 - 5 sooo I think I'm close.
120 days ago
Anybody and everybody who saying that this test is inaccurate I feel you and I can tell this is an accurate cause on every single one that I’ve took in on this website it’s been saying about like one week to three weeks and this one said about two years
121 days ago
Every time I do when it says 6 to 11 months, but this one says 8 to 12 months
121 days ago
This is soooo inaccurate