Have you hit puberty yet? Quiz For girls

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Have you ever wondered if you’ve hit puberty yet? Take this quiz to find out!

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    What are your boobs like?

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123 days ago
It said I will start looking like a grown-up soon! I am 11!
125 days ago
So I have hit puberty and I’m 12 so I’ve kinda been doing this alone and I’m not sure but uh why does like half of the left side of my breast hurt? And the reason I’m asking is bc I have no one else to ask.
314 days ago
I’m 12 and It says I’ve already hit puberty 😭 well I’ve had it sense 6/7 so I think
376 days ago
it told me I may have just started and I am 12 13 I’m a few months and I’m very stressed out mine have been getting a little bigger and growing a little more hair but all of my freinds are more developed than I am so I really can’t tell
396 days ago
I think I started puberty because my mom bought me deodorant and than I told my either 13 or almost 13 year old cousin and she said “ puberty” and that’s why I took the quiz
474 days ago
Neve its normal to get lot of pubic hair i am like a jungle and my breasts are huge
482 days ago
Idk I'm not sure evertime my period is almost over it lightens up so i think its gone then the next day it's back full of blood 😐
483 days ago
Idk I got four I am 12 and I'm pretty sure there rounded and triangle like but I'm Soo confuses I'm not good at the puberty thingy lol😂
501 days ago
502 days ago
I’m just gonna put yes because that’s how much I love for the girls
502 days ago
I’m lesbian so it’s gonna get a lil wrong with the boys part....
510 days ago
I am a 13 year old girl who has finished puberty completely. ( 😻, periods, everything.) I have even had😻with my boyfriend. I took this quiz for fun.. i apparently am just starting puberty?? glitch maybe?💀
530 days ago
I am starting to get a lot of pubic hair and I am 10. Is this normal?
542 days ago
Im 10 and stage 4 XD
550 days ago
im 12 i have had my period for a while now :P i have 😘 kind of small xD
576 days ago
i am not flat chested and 10 they are meduim i guess
583 days ago
Ok ok ok I have to say this but I’m 11 and flat chested so 😭
592 days ago
My 👻 are big & i Have 💇🏻‍♀️ On my 🐱
593 days ago
yay finally i have hit puberty yeet yes
619 days ago
I'm confused...i have my period loads of discharge and kindof triangle but bulky ...thingies. but no acne or pimples. im not complaining im very happy
and theres one question called do u like boys....well what about lesbians, u ever thought of that? im bisexual so yea