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Puberty Test - FOR GIRLS

Are you wondering if you've started puberty yet? I'm guessing yes, since you're checking out this quiz! It will give you a brief overview of the signs of this stage of your life. While it won't be completely accurate for every girl who takes it, it should give you some idea of what's going on with you.

  • 1
    What age are you?
    What age are you?
  • 2
    What are your breasts like?
  • 3
    So, do you wear a bra?

  • 4
    Do you have discharge?
  • 5
    Have you had your first period yet?
  • 6
    Are you interested in boys? 😍

  • 7
    Have you had a growth spurt?
  • 8
    Do you get mood swings?
  • 9
    If you were to jump up and down, would your breasts hurt/wobble?
  • 10
    Do you get cramps?

Comments (207)


6 days ago
I also started my period at midway 11 years old that's weird
6 days ago
I'm convinced I'm aroace i'm 12 and I haven't had a single crush yet not to mention I hate having breasts- or maybe I have gender dysphoria...or maybe I'm both aroace and dysphoric....AAA help mee
8 days ago
Guys, help me pls. Im 11. I see a lot of whitish yellow stuff in my underwear.i sweat a lot. I try to shave as often as possible. Not a lot of pubic hair, though. I have had the same crush for 2 years. I read some where i will get my period in about 6 months - 1 year. Is that true? I wanna know When to expect my period
10 days ago
For 40% you are
I have been having growth spurts all the time
I have a little bit of body odor
I’m slowly getting my womanly shape
I have lots of mood swings
My breast have been budding for the past year
I have had discharge once or twice
I have pubic hair down there and on my arms and legs
My armpit hairs are little blonde stubble
I have had 3 crushes the past 2 months
I have had no period obviously
I don’t wear a bra
That’s it please 😁estamate me when I will get my period
12 days ago
For 30% you are: Ready for your result? Yes, you have definitely started puberty, and will start to get your period soon - possibly in about four to eight months. For now, there's probably no need to carry any protection such as a pantyliner, a clean pair of panties, etc.

i turned 12 in august, is this healthy? i havent gotten my period yet
26 days ago

But I am 13 I got my period at 12

When I was younger all my cousins were talking about all they had to go through with periods and what a child I was and how much I should enjoy being one. But they told me that if I didn’t get it very soon I wouldn’t be able to become pregnant. WHICH LITERALLY HORRIFIED me so if you are older and have your period pls don’t tell younger children about it and don’t discuss it around them. So I feared I would never be able to have children, But when I got my period it was brown and not red (which the blood was dry but your blood can also be brown it’s totally normal) but it horrified me and I was so confused I was like do d I just get my period so I was on the toilet praying to God that I would be okay and that He would give me a sign to know if it was my period or not 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 but later on I told my mom I think I got my period so she got me a pad and that was about it. So just enjoy being a kid and don’t worry about getting your period because once you get it you will have it for like
30-40 years. I wish someone had told me this before I got it. Just be glad that you can be a kid and not have to worry about leaks and the whole ton of horrible things that happen once you get your period.
39 days ago
oh and i have hips now , like im filling into my shape ,oh and all my pubic hair is black
39 days ago
oh and i really want a relationship with a girl , yes im a lesbian but i really really want a gf and to kissss herrrr , and my breasts hurtt SOO BAD if it hits into something its really sensitive.
39 days ago
Hey I'm 13 someone plz estimate me , I have a whole jungle down there , and my legs and arms are super hairy , i' have loads of discharge all the time(its really annoying) and just got my period last week , I have cramps all the time , i have acne all over my back and some on my face , oh i also have armpit hair , i have like triangle breasts but they aren't full yet , i smell really bad , and i have mood swings. undefinedand i have had soo many growth spurts i think im 1.63 cm now.
49 days ago
Hi I am Charlotte I have had a lot of stuff happening but I am only 9
65 days ago
I took this test for fun and it doesn't really make sense. I got my period a year ago, am close to done growing, and am about 12. But it says I won't get my period for another year or two??
66 days ago
Hey Charlie! I would say you’re about 4-6 months away from your period. If you’ve had dischage for over a year then it could be sooner
68 days ago
😁, please estimate me,
Im 13
I have a bit of pubic hair, and quite a lot on my legs, but not so much on my arms or armpits,
My breasts are triangle and really really sore!!!
I have had a crush for years but lately i have felt a lot more for him
I have discharge every single day, all the time!!
My hips are getting a lot bigger
I occasionally have cramps and growing pains
74 days ago
hi im 10 years old
i have pubic hair down there and on my legs and arms its quite noticable i have tiny white blondes on my armpits
i have breast buds puffy nipples
mood swings alot of feelings for guys
i have discharge im pretty sure cause i alawys have this weird yellow stuff in my underwear
cravings and headaches cramps underneath my stomach
grownig pains and i grew half an inch and 7 lbs just recently im 4 feet 8 inches
my womanly shape is not very womanly but i do have big thighs and a big peach emoji
thats all it said my period is eight months to a year help any advice
111 days ago
For 80% you are: Ready for your result? Yes, you have definitely started puberty, and will start to get your period soon - possibly in about four to eight months. For now, there's probably no need to carry any protection such as a pantyliner, a clean pair of panties, etc.

This is my result even though I said I have my period. Lol!!!
121 days ago
Just a suggestion, either reword or just remove question about liking boys because it could lead to an inaccurate result for females in the LGBTQ who are not attracted to males or make it hard for them to answer
130 days ago
I’m 13, my mom got her period at 12.5.
My friends are classmates are all gossiping about periods, and some of them already have theirs. I have sooooo much pubes, like a jungle. My 💋 are in stage 4. I sweat soooo much now. I shave my legs, but my leg hair is darkening. I get a log of white/yellow discharge everyday and keep thinking “did I get my period?” Everyday I get cramps. My body is finally filling out. I’m 5”6, 4 inches shorter than my mom, but have bigger feet than her. I have been sooooo agressive lately.

Estimate my pls!!!
130 days ago
Hi everyone I am actually a gynaecologist
So. I will help youbto know anything aboutbpubety you can ask me I will answer it by 24 hours
You can ask me have I started developing breasts
Puberty anything
130 days ago
You have the same symptoms as me
You will be getting it in2 to 6 months all the best
130 days ago
You are very close to your period
You will get it anytime from now to 2months
Stay happy ya