Have I started Puberty? GIRLS! -most accurate-

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I am going to tell you whether you have started puberty or not.
Take my follow up puberty quizzes- when will I start my first period?
Puberty quiz

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    How long have you been developing pubic hair?

    (down there)

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Hi im 12 too and i wear padded bras
Ive had discharge for 2 years
No signs of period
Grown 10cm in a year
Armpits stank and have lots of dark hairs
I shave my pits
I have sharp leg hair but im not shaving there yet
36kg 150cm
Greasy hair after 2 days
Rarely any spots
I had acne when i was 5 (yes srsly)
I wear panty liners for discharge becous ethey make my undies wet
Cup size about is AA or A
Legs are very long
Arms short
So isont get spots but i have a lot of tint bumps but j dont count them as spots
I get black specs out of my pee when i wipe?
Once i had tiny bit of blood kn my undies but that was a year ago and never happened again
The question is what tanner stage i am and when will i get my period
Make sure to read your quiz result and be honest to be clear of your first period on the way
Rose youre probably not getting your first period at that age becouse its kinda rare mostly common is 11-13
I was worried i was gonna get it too at 10 but i didnt and now om 12 and i still dont got it
But it depends on genetics so basically i cant say youre not gonna get jt but theres about 70% of chance of getting it if your sis or mom got it at taht age but of they got it at 12-14
Theres probably a 15% youre fonna get it
5 days ago
or rose if you cant get a woman to talk to, talk to a man. they can do their research and whatever to help you.
5 days ago
@ rose, don't be me talk to your mom/grandma/sister/ any woman in your family can help they have all felt the same.
11 days ago
I am 10 yrs old, so scared about puberty. I have a feeling i'l start my period and idk who to tell! Pls give me some advice!
16 days ago
It said to stay away from sugars can I still eat some sugar? like an Oreo every once in awhile.
18 days ago
I’m nine and I’m startting puberty but I’m already wearing training bras I’m pretty sure imma have big 💛
20 days ago
”stay away from sugar or you will get Fat and spotty”
26 days ago
Hi 🙋‍♀️ I am ten years old and 5.2ft I ma in Tanner stage two and have had discharge for more then a year pls estimate when I might get my period I also have bloating lower abdominal pain and my 😘 hurt loads when i bash them on something I wear a triple a bra and sometimes have spotting it’s very rare pls pls pls estimate me (
28 days ago
I started puberty early. Age 11. Growth of. My💑glands. P. And. Testes. Noticeable
Got hairy down below and on the. Testes as well. Arms. And under arms. Noticeable fluid discharge. Sperm
32 days ago
Hey Valentina Morgan
I’m 11 too. Don’t worry some ppl tend to develop faster than others it is completely normal for your ❤️ to grow a lot and some ❤️Are smaller than other ppls and some ❤️Are larger than other ppls and it is completely normal to be scared
32 days ago
But I have not gotten to the stage I need to shave down there or where a bra but I do need to use deodorant
32 days ago
Hi guys , I am 11 and i feel like right now I have touched puberty. And I don't know why my ❤️ keep getting so big. OH GIRL. Honestly I feel so wierd about all this stuff.
32 days ago
Also my 🐱has started to smell a bit and I have been bloating a bit more than usual and my hips have gotten a tiny bit wider
32 days ago
@pan pride I got the exact same result 😅
32 days ago
Hey I’m 11 and I have a lot of head aces brain farts and I always zone out I have noticed recently that my nipples are budding and getting puffier I also have light short wispy hair on my area and have a lot of leg hair I also have quite a bit of body smell is that normal
34 days ago
I wish i had discharge bc theres nothing new in my life
36 days ago
You are definitely in puberty! You will probably be shaving and wearing bras now and becoming a woman. Your period is coming very soon if it has not arrived yet. It is always good to be prepared because you never know when it will happen. Wash your face daily and eat healthily so you get the best results from puberty and the hormones that you have. Also, stay away from sugar as at this point in your life it will make you fat and spotty.

I got my period ❤️
42 days ago
"You have started puberty! You probably still have some time before your first period, however. It is always good to be prepared because you never know when it will happen. Wash your face daily and eat healthily so you get the best results from puberty and the hormones heading your way. Eat lots of protein so you will grow quicker and better, and try to stay away from sugar."

Did NOT expect that. :O