"Have I Started Puberty?" The Most Accurate Quiz for GIRLS!

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Play my quiz now, and I will tell you whether you have started puberty yet or not. Be sure to take my follow-up puberty quiz, "When Will I Start My First Period?"!

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    How long have you been developing pubic hair (hair "down there")?
    How long have you been developing pubic hair (hair "down there")?

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5 days ago
sorry for all the comments:D:X
5 days ago
tell me if ive started puberty: ampit hair : little (.)(.):small periods:no discharge:for a year hair downstairs:a small jungle moodswings :idk crushes: used to leg/armhair : little have i started ??????????????????????????????????????bt w im turning 11 in 8 weeks
5 days ago
i got ur defenetly in puberty.im 10 going eleven in 8 weeks and my 🍒are past budding and are quite big big.i hve dischage but no periods.soo i better keep watch for periods :3
5 days ago
yall im only 10 turning 11 in a few months and i have had my 🍒 for like 6months and i think can fit aa but i only wear a training bra and im about to get my periods (i think)
12 days ago
I have had it for a while now bu I so scared to get my thing but I can’t tell my mum
22 days ago
hi i am 10 and i have NOT started puberty yet, thank god i am so scared to start for some reason
23 days ago
The fact that there are just a bunch of girls, don't even know each other, communicating on here. I don't even know ya'll and I've been taking this test for years!
34 days ago
ok so I'm 10 ☠️ i don't shave as I'm scared to ask my mom and also my BO is kinda bad so I need to wear deodorant!! my 💝 can PROBABLY fit an AAA or AA cup bra but I wear training bras since it's easier to put on
59 days ago
Guys I just found ot how 2 give myself a 🐬...
Ew but ooo
65 days ago
Hey I'm 13. I've got AA-A cups.
Lots of hair in the nether regions but not a lot on my armpits? ☹
Discharge for a year now. I have a feeling that I will be getting my period soon.
65 days ago
You may not have started yet, but it might come soon.
75 days ago
It said definitely 😭 I'm scared
75 days ago
Have I hit puberty?(BTW I'm10
and in 4th grade)- I have peach fuzz down thereI have peach fuzz down there
- I'm flat I don't have any kind of 💝- I've had discharge since I was 8- All my leg hair is blonde but I do shave with a normal razor (like every time I shower lol) - I don't have any armpit hair- I have BO but no one can smell it unless their nose is in my armpit so I don-t wear deodorant yet- I don't wear a bra/training bra- I haven't started my period but I always get bloated and gassy
- I have had mood swings since I was like 8 :( :) >:{ ;) :D- I started my growth spurt in December 2022 and finished my growth spurt in January 2023- I have hips but not like a woman's hips- I get pimples and occasionally my T-zone is oily- I don't wanna have💝right now but I do when I'm older- I get hair gets oily like 3 days after washing-Lillian
88 days ago
also it’s still me I have just refreshed
88 days ago
My Mum got hers on her 12th birthday and all of my friends have it Ugg I am 5’1 now lol
113 days ago
#Twix, Your doctor might be right. But everyone has a different timing when it happends. Ask your mom when she got her first period, yours might be similar to hers!

120 days ago
Hey, I am wearing a cupped bra, the smallest cupped bra there is >﹏<
All my friends have their periods now. ONE OF THEM IS A FREAKIN year younger than me AGH. And I am 13 now :(I have hair in unspoken places. My arms are getting HAIRIER I FEEL LIKE A FREAKIN YETI CRAB (Look it up).
Deoderent ✨Everyday✨
Please guys do put on deoderent if needed the school smells too much like onions.
121 days ago
Have I hit puberty

12 in 3 weeks
Never had discharge
I don’t have any mood swings really
Breast Buds
Training Bra
I have one short hair down there
No armpit hair
No leg and arm hair really
I have grown 3 inches in 4ish months
No interest in boys/girls really
My hair isn’t very oily it’s only oily after I play volleyball outside and tennis
Only about 1 pimple

But yeah and when will I get my period my doctor says in a few years but idk!!
125 days ago
Have i hit puberty yet??/

12 yrs old
Have had discharge for over a year
Got first period abt six months ago, its almost regular now
i get mood swings
Breasts are rounded, seem to be getting full (im ahead of my friends)
i wear a C cup bra
I use tampon
I have lots of hair
Ive grown maybe two inches in the past months
i have interest in boys omg, have had kiss and god i love boys so much !!
153 days ago
mines said i was definitely starting puberty
i believe so as well, but i need my period i havent gotten it in 2 years 💀 most of my friends are on their period