Have You Started Puberty? (Girls)

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This quiz will tell you that are you going through puberty or have a little time....
Only for those who haven't started their period yet....

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    How old are you?
    How old are you?

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193 days ago
I want help figuring out where I am. I am 11 and a half years old, I have breast buds (both sides) and I wear training bra. I started puberty in October 2020, and started getting pubic hair about 3 months ago. Very severe mood swings and I crave junk food every minute of the day. I wake up each morning very tired. The hair on my arms and legs are more noticeable. My other gave me "the talk" in August 2020. HELP ME!!
194 days ago
I think I just got my period yesterday. I went to the bathroom around 8:00 to shower and my underwear was completely red. I checked but I couldn't see blood flowing and I put on a pantyliners before bed. Then this morning the pantyliner was bloody and I put on a pad, I went to the bathroom about ten minutes later and the pad was bloody again. And then I changed in school and just now. All were very bloody but I dont see blood flowing..

Can someone help
265 days ago
Guys i need ur help. I really like this guy who ive known for 8+ years. He is on my team, so i see him everyday. Recently, my guy best friend (let's call him L and my crush J) found out I like J . apparently, J already knew i like him, but he doesn't want to date anybody. L texted him trying to set us up. J and L are best friends, so keep that in mind. Now, it's super awkward because J said "I like somebody else so I don't want to date autumn" (he said this to L) and now I see him everyday and I'm always grouped with him but idk what to dooooo
285 days ago
My mom gave me and my sister *the talk* when i was like seven! well, actually she read us a book about puberty, bodies, and pregnancy, so I SUFFERED!๐Ÿ˜ญ
315 days ago
322 days ago
Thank you ... and Zuri! I was about 2 months late to respond so I apologise. I turned 14 years old in December and two days before I found out I had my period.
328 days ago
im 8 though and i am beveloping breasts
359 days ago
Hiii I am 11 almost 12 I am NOT excited about going to have a period and my mom already knows because I have been showing signs for a bit like my brests growing and vi hair has been growing and also my armpits have been getting sweater and also growing hair.
359 days ago
hi my name is Violet I geuss I have been going through puberty for at least 5-6 months it will be harder with this world wide pamdwmic.
375 days ago
You, sorry I'm so late! Yes those are all signs.
384 days ago
You, u should use private browsing siri will forget ur search history
391 days ago
I am thirteen years old and I started puberty when I was 9. Or at least I think I did. I never had "the talk" because my mom never really has time for her children. I don't really know about puberty or any of that stuff anyway because my parents check my phone and computer so I can't look it up. Like I can't know about this stuff. If you can, please teach me a little about it.
I guess I know enough from my friends. But all my mom said was "You bleed in your pants once a month, It'll come on day, but you won't know when. It's painless." More like painful to me.
I think these are signs if I'm right or wrong (also what I'm getting):
A little bit of white discharge
Cramps in my lower back, legs, ankles, and my lower abdomen.
Acne all over my face.
My breasts are about stage three
I grew from 5.2 ft - 5.4 ft last month (September)
All I've wanted was junk food for a week (which isn't normal for me)
If this is right or wrong..... (Sorry if I don't make sense)
Also my weight is 96 lbs and now I am 5.4 ft tall.
Really sorry this is long-
436 days ago
Idk guys.... All of the girls in my class wear training bra except for me!
My Mom hasn't even talked to me ant it yet and when my friend was 8 she already HAD the talk :(
436 days ago
I'm 11 and I got dis:You have just started puberty within 0-6 months...
You will get your period soon too....
Good luck girl!

Plsss helppp idk how to tell meh mommmm and my ๐ŸŒป hurt soo bad :(
469 days ago
You didnโ€™t even say my favorite color!
471 days ago
@Paris I'm on mine too, No i don't think it's bad just remember there is no shame in wearing one either
472 days ago
i already have my period but i donโ€™t wear a bra is that bad
497 days ago
@ Quarantined discharge is booger like stuff in your underwear.

@Sasha, me too! I dont wanna get my period!
497 days ago
@Quarantined how old are u? Its pretty normal for age 10-11+ but i got that too and im eight
592 days ago
@Quarantined it means that you grew faster or waayyyy faster than normal these past few months