Have you entered puberty? (Girls)

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If you are wondering if you have started puberty, this quiz is for you!

  • 1
    Have you gotten acne yet?
  • 2
    Have you gotten your period yet?
  • 3
    Have your 💗 started growing?

  • 4
    Has your pubic hair grown in yet?
  • 5
    Has your armpit hair grown in?
  • 6
    Have you gotten “the talk” from your mom?

  • 7
    Have you been getting moody?
  • 8
    Have you been getting “brain farts?”
  • 9
    Have you been sweating a lot?
  • 10
    Has your hair been oily a lot?

  • 11
    These last questions don’t count. What’s your fave color?
  • 12
    What do you think you will get? This doesn’t count
  • 13
    Did you like the quiz? This doesn’t count

Comments (43)


92 days ago
They said am late I started so early like bruh
96 days ago
also my thighs are huge and bra has no support covers well lots of discharge
96 days ago
i am the same yeet but i now have a training bra on like right now i hv mega discharge and brain farts and a lil funk when i sweat and MORE MOODSWINGS THAN USAL AND MOODY PERSON
100 days ago
“you are in the late beginning to the middle of puberty”... i finished it already love
111 days ago
i have started puberty recently im 9
112 days ago
"you have just started puberty"
.. i got my period a year and a half ago lol
123 days ago
IM IN THE FREAKING MIDDLE AND I DIDNT KNOW HELP ME PLZ. no period yet my mom said a year or 2 but she said im in puberty so yea just help me
124 days ago
@ Iluvpizza❤️🍕🥓 i just saw your comment, Same girl, same
124 days ago
@ Yeet I feel you i'm 9 and here I am late beginning to middle of puberty... I AM NOT READY!!!!!!!!
124 days ago
I’m only nine and I:
Smell like HECK
SO moody
And a TON of brain farts.
Plz help me!!!
125 days ago
I already got my period so ik i have started but i just wanted to take it for fun and its accurate
149 days ago
Im almst 11 nd I wish I didnt have to shve onc a wk. my breasts r 3 times the sze of my clssmtes but i refuse to wer bras.
154 days ago
Also Nobody likes me
154 days ago
THANK YOU SO MUCH @Girl (I think)
159 days ago
I'm 13 and my breasts have always been smallllllll lol, so in the past week one of my breasts has grown visibly bigger than the other and the other one doesn't seem to be growing 😭😂 I really don't like having one breast grow twice the size in one week and the other stay the exact same ahhhhhh lmao
173 days ago
Omg already i am not ready but here i am in the MIDDLE of puberty omg. I'm 10
202 days ago
Stop. Look. Listen.
You girls are all beautiful. You are pretty. And, who knows? Maybe your crush likes you too. You are a nice person, and if you are going through puberty, just remember: It's totally normal! Things happen. If you are really scared, talk to a trusted female adult. Nothing is totally weird, and if you need to, spill your guts out into a diary. Always let your inner self shine through!
217 days ago
also Alaura there has to be SOME people that like you-or at least don't necessarily HATE you... you sound like a nice person
220 days ago
Breast: just buds. I wear a bra, but it has no support. it covers my buds pretty well, but not perfect. (hurts like hEcC when they get hit by something)

Discharge: A bit. My underwear gets crusty sometimes, but a period pad is not needed. A layer or two of toilet paper would work.

Thighs: Pretty big.

Under-arm hair: a little bit of light brown hair.

Privet hair: Lots. very long and getting curly.

Growth: the summer before 6th grade, (i am in 6th now,) i got some new jeans, and now they don't fit me that well now.

Acne: not super bad, but i do have some spots such as little brown spots on my nose and pimples every now and then.

Sweat: Not much, but i have my moments.

I wonder when i will get my period... I don't know if i should be scared or not. any advice?
220 days ago
Its kinda sad because i'm only ten....T~T I think everyone hates me...