How far into puberty am I? Quiz for Girls

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Puberty is a big deal to everyone! For girls, it’s huge! To get a close estimate of how far in you are, take this quiz!

  • 1
    Have you received your first period?
  • 2
    How much underarm hair do you have?
  • 3
    Do you see/have any discharge(white gloop in your undies)

  • 4
    Do you have acne?
  • 5
    How bad are your mood swings?
  • 6
    Do you have hair down 👇

  • 7
    Do you tend to sweat more often, and does it stink?
  • 8
    Do have cramps below your belly button?
  • 9
    What level are your breasts at?
  • 10
    Are you excited for/ do you like puberty?

  • 11
    Why’d you choose your answer before?
  • 12
    All girls have their own schedule. These results may not be COMPLETELY accurate!
  • 13
    Have you taken a interest in boys, like, more than usual?

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133 days ago
Also, great quiz! It was completely accurate for me!
133 days ago
For the boy thing, well, sure I like boys, but I prefer girls, so, idk what to answer. Btw I am a girl.
158 days ago
Uh so I’ve been in puberty for almost four years and it said I’m one year in...? I have a period and all that so idk
209 days ago
Ughhh I hate having all the signs of puberty, but not having my period. LIKE CMON ALREADY!!!
235 days ago
i'm so confused and scared and excited for puberty because i don't want my period to happen during school or i will be the laughing stock of the whole school and i am embarrassed to ask my mom about it to.
275 days ago
I'm so confused about puberty it's like I am going crazy for boys which i used to be a sweetheart I'm wanting to kiss them is the even normal? Also I hate period s tuff I hate puberty lol I'm kinda got my first period and im kinda sort of embarrassed to ask questions to my mom🤔😂
275 days ago
1 year and a few months so right! Btws I have period at a pretty young age so lol I'm awarkd! Great job quiz creator!🍕
290 days ago
6 months in? lmao i've been going through puberty for more than 3 years
307 days ago
yeah uh for the boy thing. they're all 2d if that counts but i think i like girls more
355 days ago
Ps: 2 months ago I was completely flat and had no signs of puberty and now i’m a hairy freak with 😻 and a big butt can someone please tell me it’s normal to develop so fast
355 days ago
what’s happening to me?? Im 13 and have been in puberty for 2 months:
breasts: dd cup huge nipples almost full
period: have had 1
butt: big and round
pubic hair: fully grown bush with hair completely covering the sides of my privates
and my butt is hairy
discharge: often
interest in boys: none
armpit hair: full
leg/arm hair: very little
my parents won’t let me shave and my 💗 hurt so bad someone help me!!
374 days ago
444 days ago
Hi anyone wanna chat?
475 days ago
@animallover, you are probably going to get your period soon
482 days ago
Can some one estimate me plz and thank you

Age weight and height: I'm 10yrs old and I weigh 81 pounds and i'm 4'10 I've been in puberty for 2yrs

Discharge: a large amount everyday it is sticky and kinda stretchy .
Idk when my mom got hers. I've had it for 8 months

Breasts: I wear a training bra but I fit into a A bra

Pms: I get mood swings all the time and Soooooooo many cravings . I get lower back pain and like a straight line of pain. In my abdomen and head aches .

Hair: I've got almost full pubic hair and full arm/leg hair a good bit of armpit hairs and I have to wear deodorant .
I have to shower everyday . Thanks 💜
558 days ago
I don’t really understand this quiz it asked me if i had my period and I said yes but in the results it said I didn’t have it yet and I understand it might not be that accurate and it might be more accurate for other people but I know I am farther along than a year but thanks anyways
580 days ago
@no, okay? We didn't need THAT much info lol
590 days ago
I have my period and everything that comes before but I don't have any hair down there because I shave everyday and for the boys thing, people might be lesbian, I also got a few months to a year for how long I've been going through puberty but I have been going through it for 3+ years, just wanted to take a test.
682 days ago
I've gone through or am in every stage of puberty except my period.
749 days ago
This gave mo lots of help thanks