Breast development stages

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What stage are you in?

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    What do your breasts feel like to touch?

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6 days ago
Hi I have a question plzz respond. I got breast buds in December of last year 2019 and it’s November 2020 and they still haven’t grown, will they grow next month of 2020?
18 days ago
Flat and breast buds are different, but I assume you have breasts buds since you are 9. A breast buds is like a hard or tender bump right under your nipple. If you were flat you wouldn't have that. Also your nipple made be tender if you have breast buds, but this isn't always the case. Check in the mirror when you are about to shower, (I don't want to say like take your shirt off cause that just sounds weird lol) turn to the side, if you see that your nipples kind of point outwards more than usual, probably also means you have breast buds.

If you have any signs of breast buds, you should know one thing: They hurt like heck if you hit them. Good luck, and hope this helps!
20 days ago
Um idk and i dont know the difference between flat and breast buds. Im only 9 and soon in 4 months, i will be 10.idk if will happen but I'm afraid and excited
22 days ago
Yesterday I was doing a workout with my ski team. I have fairly big 🚔, my nipples are poky, and I have a good amount a hair on my area. We were doing sprints up stairs and my 🚔 were bouncing like CRAZY!!! it was so embarassing. Everyone else was wearing bras. I don't know how to tell my mom that I need a bra, and probably a padded one to support my breasts. HELP!!!
25 days ago
You go girl! You have breast buds AND some fat tissue... you will need to start wearing a very small cupped bra!
I think that this is true, but what level is this?
26 days ago
I am 12 and I got 40% - breast buds. This is accurate though I am disappointed with my results. >~
29 days ago
I'm 11 i have pointy and all the other symptoms well not all like 75 percent discharge armpit have p hair greasy hair wears deodorant do I need light padding bra helppp!?
30 days ago
I’m only 12 and I’m a d cup I got 65% so dose that mean I’ll end up with a really big cup I’ve also got red and white Marks on them and my mum called the stretch marks what does that mean? They aren’t tender anymore but they get all painful at random times like they are stretching from the inside have I just adapted to how painful it used to be? And my —— have been growing since I was eight and they don’t seem to be stopping anytime soon when do you think it’ll stop ?
43 days ago
This is fine! Maybe people bully you for it. Just ignore them, but there is nothing you can do to lower then except try to lose some weight(Not trynna be rude) this will help. To help cover up, try wearing a bra if you feel uncomfortable. I'm a girl too, (sorry this was kinda bad, I'm rushing bc I have to attend a meeting, Coronavirus tingzz.)
52 days ago
So I got this : Your breasts are almost full grown! You have a little more fat to gain in your breasts, but you’re almost there! Stay strong as you are probably going through some other changes as well!
Fine, right?
But then here is the thing.
Im just 11
I sorta feel insecure about them, what should I do
63 days ago
Soo as u know I'm 11 and I got this:60% u have breast budsss blah blah blah and also it says I need a training bra pls help ASAP
63 days ago
Hi guys :( So 🌻Started ti hurt and it started t be triangular. All of the girls in my class except for me wears a training bra so pls help...I haven't got the nerve to tell my mom yet...Btw I'm 11 yo
65 days ago
My 👮 hurt so bad and the buds are HUGE and the hair down there is out of control . I’m only 12 and wearing and C cup
74 days ago
It says that I’m 50%
What does that really mean?
85 days ago
Help with what? It is completely normal to be at that stage It would happen sooner or later. Plus i been at stage 2 for nearly 3 years. I would be happy to be on stage three. But is their anything in specific you need help with Amaya?
85 days ago
For 70% you are: Congrats! You have breast buds! You will soon get some breast fat tissue! You probably just need a training bra right now though!
I am 11.
86 days ago
Catrlina, my breast buds seem to growe bigger but then get smal what should i do?
95 days ago
I just got my training bra and NOW it says Oh you need a small cuped bra well my body is strange,,,,
97 days ago
What do you need help with me I’m here if you need any advice 😉😊
101 days ago
help ASAP plsssssssss