Breast development stages Quiz

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What stage are you in?

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    What do your breasts feel like to touch?

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10 days ago
i was on the fence two but then i took a different quiz and figured it out.
82 days ago
Hi,uh I need help!The quizzes say I have buds.But when I look I feel A bud but I also see A good and fair amount of fat tissue. Can someone please tell me if I'm on stage 2 or 3!
297 days ago
i am on stage 2 i am so scared for my period i am 10
305 days ago
Hi I am 11 almost 12 I still have not got my period but I am getting there, I started getting breasts about a few years ago and things started changing. People also call me flat and I hate it, I am on stage 2 getting to stage 3 and now it hurts almost every day. And this may sound weird but sometimes I DONT WANT MY PERIOD AMD A FREAKING OUT LIKE CRAZY PLZ HELP!!!!!
329 days ago
I am 11 and have gotten my period for a year and 2 months. I started developing breasts about 2 years and 5 months. And I got about tanner stage 3. Is this accurate? Moreover, when i started puberty at 9, I was 132cm tall (so short), but when I turned 10, my height shot up to 147 cm. At eleven years old, I am 153 cm tall. My parents think I have already passed my major growth spurt. Can I grow up to about 175 cm tall? Because I really want to.
356 days ago
literally this quiz says im stage 2 chest when i said things that are in stage 3-4-
so yeah this quiz is just bad
356 days ago
Hi! so i have stage 3 chest... and people think im FLAT because i wear a training bra and because of it my chest looks like stage 1...i wanna get a bra cause i measured myself and im a 30A but idk if i will find that size and if i would ask my mom if i could get a bra she will say that i dont need one and i dont wanna show my real chest to my mom cause im really shy... yesterday i tried my swimsuit top and it's cupped, it's size 140 EU (for height 140 cm) and it's for 30A,32A,30B chest size and it fits me very well and it finally gave a good shape to my chest and it made it finally look that im not flat and in stage 3 chest for like 4-5 months and im going in 5 months to the beach and im gonna be stage 3 for 9-10 months (almost stage 4)and idk if i should get in May a bra... i hope i will get one cause i hope my chest will be bigger...
358 days ago
is it weird that my breasts are at stage 4-5 if I'm 11?
379 days ago
I am 8 years old and my breasts is CRAZY! My mom still said it's not time for me to get a bra! SOMEONE PLEASE GIVE ME ADVICE! PS. MY 🦄 IS LIKE 2 HUMUNGES BALLONS!
391 days ago
@Silvia yes, you should tell your parents IMMEDIATELY. Not only is this a sign of ur 💗 developing, but it might be a sign of other things. So please do.

Best of luck!
412 days ago
I need rlly big help pls
412 days ago
So my 😻 are like stage 5 and I am 6 years old I have had no period but tons of discharge I don’t have a bra and I can’t ask my dad I am too scared my Virginia is a forest and same with my pits pls help me ASAP none of my school friends have any sign of puberty and their chests are flat
449 days ago
@Tween I think that it is a breast bud! If your breasts hurt when you press it, it might be time to ask for a training bra
549 days ago
You’re not done developing YET so they will bigger I don’t know how big depends on how big your family woman’s are
551 days ago
So I’m 13 and I’ve had my period for more than 2 years and rn my 🍒 are just rounded triangles I have wide hips and a semi large 🍑 I’m not sure when I’m going to get bigger 🍒 or if I will can someone help I’m honestly confused with my body
561 days ago
So I’m 10 and my “breasts”are starting to develop an oval under it is that a breast bud
563 days ago
So my breast stArted gRowing wHen I wAs 12 .●tHiS yeAR I'm turning 13 ....they have a huge unpainful lump 😤THat is painful sometimes Is it NORMAL
622 days ago
I was on a live app thing a few days ago and while I was on it ig a few people were watching my stream (I think the app was IMO??) and they were telling me to remove my top and stuff I don't like it so now I'm super self-conscious help lol
622 days ago
Hey! Sooo.... my 🥴 really hurt and idk why I started wearing a small padded bra (I'm 12) but idk I can't sleep well and I have a big test soon so how do I make them stop hurting helps me please!
635 days ago
Hi so I'm 11 years old and my mom got her period when she was 14. I've been really insecure that I don't really have 🦄 because EVERY SINGLE
GIRL in my grade has 🦄 and I don't. (I'm not kidding. Really.) I also have a little sorta condition where my body thinks I'm two years younger than I am. (It thinks I'm 9) I'm fine physically, but I am REALLY insecure about not being developed like others yet. My mom has a chest on the smaller side, but my grandma has 🦄. Can someone help me out with how big you think my breasts will be? Keep in mind that my torso is small but I have bigger thighs. Thanks. I feel so insecure and I need reassuring.