Breast development stages Quiz

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What stage are you in?

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    What do your breasts feel like to touch?

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19 days ago
@Tween I think that it is a breast bud! If your breasts hurt when you press it, it might be time to ask for a training bra
120 days ago
You’re not done developing YET so they will bigger I don’t know how big depends on how big your family woman’s are
122 days ago
So I’m 13 and I’ve had my period for more than 2 years and rn my 🍒 are just rounded triangles I have wide hips and a semi large 🍑 I’m not sure when I’m going to get bigger 🍒 or if I will can someone help I’m honestly confused with my body
132 days ago
So I’m 10 and my “breasts”are starting to develop an oval under it is that a breast bud
133 days ago
So my breast stArted gRowing wHen I wAs 12 .●tHiS yeAR I'm turning 13 ....they have a huge unpainful lump 😤THat is painful sometimes Is it NORMAL
193 days ago
I was on a live app thing a few days ago and while I was on it ig a few people were watching my stream (I think the app was IMO??) and they were telling me to remove my top and stuff I don't like it so now I'm super self-conscious help lol
193 days ago
Hey! Sooo.... my 🥴 really hurt and idk why I started wearing a small padded bra (I'm 12) but idk I can't sleep well and I have a big test soon so how do I make them stop hurting helps me please!
206 days ago
Hi so I'm 11 years old and my mom got her period when she was 14. I've been really insecure that I don't really have 🍦 because EVERY SINGLE
GIRL in my grade has 🍦 and I don't. (I'm not kidding. Really.) I also have a little sorta condition where my body thinks I'm two years younger than I am. (It thinks I'm 9) I'm fine physically, but I am REALLY insecure about not being developed like others yet. My mom has a chest on the smaller side, but my grandma has 🍦. Can someone help me out with how big you think my breasts will be? Keep in mind that my torso is small but I have bigger thighs. Thanks. I feel so insecure and I need reassuring.
213 days ago
Well the way i asked my mom was i mentioned it casually, and she acted like it was no biggie but i was SO nervous when i asked her. So maybe bring it up in conversation casually and don't stress too much about it, it'll get better (:
214 days ago
umm i got that my (.)(.) are full grown and i have all the other signs of being basically done with puberty too except im only 12 and also i think i need like a full cupped bra, but im kinda scared of asking my mom what should i do. also im pretty self concious do any of yall have tips for that
214 days ago
It must have taken a lot of courage to tell ur mom... I couldnt have done that
215 days ago
Glad you sorted it out Ash! (Btw it's great to know it's not just me who thinks they have a big butt ) 😀
233 days ago
mmm thanks i talked to my mum and she sorted it out with the school and im good! panda, its probably your genesm dont worry, my butt's big too lol and butterfly if u see white goo in ur underwear then that means ur gonna get period soon and get prepared. every time u go to the bathroom to urinate check ur underwear to see if theres blood or goo. if u see blood, dont freak out, tell ur mum immidiately and she will comfort you. Hope this helps im not really good in advice, but whatever u do, dont freak out lol like i did. i freaked out i didnt tell mum for like 3 months and my best friend told me to wear pads and stuff and then my mum was thinking why my (.) (.) are fully developed and why i "didnt" get my period but then she found out when i was changing. Sorry for making u uncomfertable :p
235 days ago
@ash im really sorry that happened to u thats awful
235 days ago
Aaaaaa my butts so big!!! I mean all the girls in my family got a big butt but whyyy?!??
237 days ago
Well i meen camp
And ur mom will under stand
237 days ago
Just start with your mom then get her to talk to the school then its sorted they'll do all they can to help you and if they dont your mom will make sure of it.

Im 12 and i haven't started my period yet si ash can ugive me adivice plz
239 days ago
same my breasts are fully developed and jiggly, i shave downn there coz its like a jungle and my sweat stinks and ive got s forest of arm pit hair and my hips are wide and i have period and ive hit all the puberty signs im practically a full woman now and im only 11 years. My but is also rlly big:(((( the boys are in love with me and i dont like it they stare at my (.)(.) In school camp i was sleeping and when i woke up i found a hot dude kissing my lips and his hands were grabbed on to my (.)(.) I was so scared and shy i didnt tell anybody so he still does that like it the bathroom at school and i cant concentrate. im too shy to tell anybody what do i do
251 days ago
lena i would say 2-5 months. also do you get discharge?
255 days ago
Hey i am 11 and my 😍 are huge i am at stage 4 and i wear 30 C, i dont have period soo i wanna ask when will i get it ? My mom got it at 14 but i am like woman now, i shave down there bc is a forest, i sweat soo much