What stage are your breasts at quiz!

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This is a new quiz about what stage your breasts - boobs - are in. Tap or click the title to take the quiz!

  • 1
    Do you THINK you have breasts yet?
  • 2
    You could try jumping up and down. Does your chest hurt or tingle?
  • 3
    Feel around your nipples. Is there a tender or hard bump?

  • 4
    Do you need support on your breasts yet?
  • 5
    Have you begun menstruation - Your Period?
  • 6
    Do you have vaginal discharge? ( Vaginal Discharge is a blob or line of white or clear / yellowy stain in your underwear that is a sign of your hormones starting)

  • 7
    What stage breasts sound most similar to?
  • 8
    How old are you?
  • 9
    Do you own bras - Wear bras?
  • 10
    Are you ready for your result?

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45 days ago
@Annonymos and Idk
Tell them to stop. If they don't do the same to them
45 days ago
I can relate. Girls can be soooooooo mean. They steal my underwear and bra. Make me show them..... Then they feel pinch and tug them. They also make me jump up and down and jiggle ro bad. Then they laugh and give me my clothes back. I moved so I don't go to that school anymore.
45 days ago
Girls do the same to me! One even snapped pics. Some hid my clothes and I have to be seen completely naked. So humiliating! I told her to stop but she just laughs and pinches and tugs at my boobies.
46 days ago
My result was 5 but I'm only 9, I feel like I'm way to young...
46 days ago
I have 🚔. Girls lift the curtains while I am changing and see my 🚔 and laugh, what should I do?
80 days ago
No ur not too young my cousin seven she on stage 2
98 days ago
im 8 am im in stage 2 am i to young
151 days ago
@not telling for privacy. that is discharge. discharge can be many textures and colours. it can be wite..clear..pink..yellow..red..brown. it can be sicky..gooey..wet..dry..and much more.
303 days ago
hey! evaluate
Period: a few months ago
Age: 10-12
My estimate- 4 ish?
Bras- just like sports and soft cup
370 days ago
Please estimate me fast!!
* triangular (.)(.) that have a bit of fatty tissue
* They poke out of every t-shirt I own but if I wear a thick hoodie they are only just visable
* When I do exercise they hurt bad, especially when I jump
* I wear a crop top for support but they are tight and my (.)(.) jiggle even with a crop on
* When I poke them I can feel an extremely tender £2 coin sized lump under the skin
* I am over 9 but under 12 years old
384 days ago
ok i'm 10 i have a little breasts...i dont know what or why but there is this clear thin stuff coming out of my....you know but it might be discharge but everywhere i go people tell me that discharge is sticky and white...well it is sort of sticky. but i don't think it is discharge. does anybody know what it could be?
410 days ago
And even tho my (.) (.) are not bog I think stage 3 they hurt like hell
410 days ago
Also my (.) (.) stick out of my shirt a lot and I hv tons of discharge
410 days ago
Hi pls estimate me
-it says I’m stage 4
-I wear a training bra that is way too small and am scared to ask for a cup one
-my 🐬 hurt non stop even when I am not doing anything like sooooooooo painful
-age 11
I am scared to tell my mom
My 🐬 are like the most painful thing tho and once I accidentally ran into a wall and I felt like they were going to fall off
664 days ago
@estimate you, you're most likely done with puberty or pretty close
hope that helps
715 days ago
Hey. estimate ne, i don know what your want me to estimate you have uour period but you should wear a bra bx ur breas are big ask your mom pls beacause you need a bra
716 days ago
I’m sorry I’m actually in a 34 AA cup lol my (.)(.) aren’t that big.................yet
717 days ago
I’m 12
I’m in a C cup
I have had my period
(.)(.)are round when I look down
They jiggle so much when I walk
They hurt soo bad when I touch them
And my hips have gotten bigger
728 days ago
)Anna I think yours are like around stage 3
728 days ago
It says I don’t need to wear a bra! I WEAR AN C CUP BRA ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!!!!