What stage are your breasts at quiz!

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This is a new quiz about what stage your breasts - boobs - are in. Tap or click the title to take the quiz!

  • 1
    Do you THINK you have breasts yet?
  • 2
    You could try jumping up and down. Does your chest hurt or tingle?
  • 3
    Feel around your nipples. Is there a tender or hard bump?

  • 4
    Do you need support on your breasts yet?
  • 5
    Have you begun menstruation - Your Period?
  • 6
    Do you have vaginal discharge? ( Vaginal Discharge is a blob or line of white or clear / yellowy stain in your underwear that is a sign of your hormones starting)

  • 7
    What stage breasts sound most similar to?
  • 8
    How old are you?
  • 9
    Do you own bras - Wear bras?
  • 10
    Are you ready for your result?

Comments (24)


27 days ago
@estimate you, you're most likely done with puberty or pretty close
hope that helps
77 days ago
Hey. estimate ne, i don know what your want me to estimate you have uour period but you should wear a bra bx ur breas are big ask your mom pls beacause you need a bra
79 days ago
I’m sorry I’m actually in a 34 AA cup lol my (.)(.) aren’t that big.................yet
80 days ago
I’m 12
I’m in a C cup
I have had my period
(.)(.)are round when I look down
They jiggle so much when I walk
They hurt soo bad when I touch them
And my hips have gotten bigger
91 days ago
)Anna I think yours are like around stage 3
91 days ago
It says I don’t need to wear a bra! I WEAR AN C CUP BRA ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!!!!
158 days ago
so I’m stage 3 and I think I should wear a bra, how do I tell my mum
161 days ago
Geez, you are on 3-4
161 days ago
Geez, you are going to get your period soon I bet! And gaile, you are on stage 3 or 4 I think, and hey, you should wear a training bra in my opinion!
178 days ago
Oh im also 9-11 not saying my age
178 days ago
Plz estimate thanks! :)
Tender: yup sometimes
Discharge:yup yellowy clearish stain
Bump: yes
Fat: oh ya! 👉🏻👈🏻
Bra: sports bra to cheer i think i need an A cup
Size: rounded triangle
Period: nope but loads of discharge
Too scared to ask my mom for a bra and telling her about my discharge because we havent had the talk about periods.
181 days ago
umm, im 9 and it said mabye a year. So im going to be 10 in four months. SOOOOO good luck puberty me
231 days ago
So uh if I jump I feel like something is bouncing back to me
My breasts hurt even if I touch it
They r triangular shaped
233 days ago
please tell me if i should wear a training bra. They are triangular and they kinda show out of my shirt. I havent measured me self yet. Thank You!
237 days ago
@Melody Thanks 😉
241 days ago
Dear hello there,
I think you our in the ending of stage 2 and slowly going on to the beginning of stage 3. Hope that helps an I think you do need a training bra in my opinion.
245 days ago
Estimate me!
I’m 12
My chest is triangular shaped
If I press my nipple it hurts
I’ve also got all body hair but nothing else when I jump my breasts jiggle for about 1.5 seconds after.
My mom thinks I should wear a training bra.

Hope that’s enough!
246 days ago
@Rose Yes I think so too. Thank you so much
248 days ago
Correction; So sorry! @Me, I think they may be a bit less than fully grown!
248 days ago
Hi, Anna! Sorry, I was on vacation. I think you're breasts are at stage 3/4. You might need to wear bras, but it's up to you! And, @Me, I think you're breasts are a bit less than half way grown, but it's hard to know. Since you are 13, it's likely your breasts are almost full. So good luck! Wear bras of you'd like!! Have a nice week!