How far are you through puberty?

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Here is a quiz to find out how far you are through puberty! Sorry if it is not accurate I tried my best! No hate!

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609 days ago
hi im 10 and ive had so many pms symptoms its crazy i have ton of mood swing like im so cheery next second im crying in my bedroom and i honestly dont know if its discharge but im pretty sure it is and i have no armpit hair but ya know i have realized im growing some hair down there its dark and a little curly all my tests say im starting puberty ad i have have had leg hair for a while my brother says i stink after i excercise and says that i should wear deoderant my last growth spurt was a month ago i gained 7 pound and im an inch taller my breast are noticable bu small just small mounds if i dont wear a tanktop or a heavy shirt you can see my breast bud tip but thats all
717 days ago
Hi I’m 11 and I have had tones of headaches brain farts I zone out a lot I get food cravings and so on I also I’ve noticed my nipples have been budding for a little while and have been getting puffy and I have a light straight wispy hairs on my area and I have had a lot of leg hair for a long time and I have had quite a bit of body smell . Is that normal?
797 days ago
I am 11 and I think I am a late bloomer anyone else
847 days ago
I would say about 6months. It depends on how long you have had discharge. I have had discharge every day for about a year and a half but still no period. Also, what bra size would u wear?
885 days ago
Guys I have been getting discharge nearly every day now. it is so weird! My pants are just full of it and my area is ALWAYS wet. does that mean I will get my period soon? My breasts are (I think) triangles and my 🚔 is hairy but not fully covered yet. I don't were a bra but my 🚔 are big enough that it wouldn't look rediculuse.
895 days ago
Oh no Elise! I am sorry if it’s not accurate! Also there is really no need to worry, it happens to every girl and is totally normal! I see you mentioned in your last comment you wanted to talk? Sure!
895 days ago
You say you think I already have it... I don’t and I’m panicking! I just hit 100 lbs yesterday and that’s when my family normally gets their period
895 days ago
Thank you! For girls right? An I talk to you abt it🩸🩸?
913 days ago
Thanks idk!!!!!!!! I apreciate it!
914 days ago
Hi! Have seen you in other quizzes, then saw you made one yourself so I tried it. Good job 👍
915 days ago
Thanks one average girl. I’m sorry it was not very accurate and I will try to fix that.
915 days ago
Besides that, its a very well thought out quiz and i was can was made with great intentions
915 days ago
I put in that i already got my period but my result said i hadnt xD

By the way, PMS symptoms usually dont occur in girls until a week/right before her first period, its very unlikely that you're going to have PMS symptoms for a year before you actually get it.
Sorry if that came off as offensive xD
920 days ago
Oh thanks for taking it pinky!
920 days ago
Hey! I think you may be in the beginning of puberty. If you haven’t already soon you will start to experience discharge, pubic hair, underarm hair, leg hair and more. You might get your period in around 6 months to a year? That’s what I think but it an never hurt to be prepared!