Which stage are you in puberty?(GIRLS ONLY)

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In this simple test, you’ll find out where you’re in the puberty stage and what to do with yourself.

  • 1
    How old are you?
  • 2
    Have your breasts grown? How much?
  • 3
    Do you wear a bra?

  • 4
    Have you grown underarm hair?
  • 5
    Do you have hair down there?
  • 6
    Do you have discharge?

  • 7
    Have you gotten your period yet?
  • 8
    Do you feel attracted to boys?
  • 9
    Do you care much about your outlook or wear makeup?
  • 10
    Enjoyed this quiz? (Points not counted)?

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180 days ago
Hi y’all!! This might sound funny but I am “help me” from down in the comments and ummm wellllllll I’m 14 now today is my birthday! And I just got bored so I thought that I would check up on these quizzes…..just wanted to let you know that im doing good with my flow during period also I still have a long period but I actually have more added to my worries because now I am throwing up continuously from cramps every month (still hard to talk to my mom abt it soooooo I will still appreciate some help Tysm!!!)
245 days ago
Hi you might’ve seen my other post I lied a lil bit cause I exaggerated (didn’t realize I exaggerated at the time) so I’m coming back to give honest answer
I have been getting a lot of mood swings I just turned eleven and have notice I get Body odor pretty bad even doing simple things very extremely tiny armpit hairs that are blonde and extremely tiny again I have dark curly hair down there my breast buds are just starting to develop a couple months ago and my breasts are quite small but noticeable I think I’ve had discharge once but it wasn’t on my underpants just came out when I was using the bathroom it was clear/milky if that makes any sense kind of sticky I’ve only had it once though (sorry if that was TMI)
My leg hair is getting to be more noticeable not curly but enough to start shaving soon no period my mom got hers at 12 I’m expected to get mine at 13 my pediatrician says due to me being underweight for my age I’ve had a couple growth spurts I’m 4’8 average for my age and have definitely gained weight recently I think five pounds in 3months I think which is good I’ve had quite a few crushes I’ve had a couple pimples and very oily hair some voice cracks my womanly shape is getting to be a bit more it’s mainly my Butt and hips just a little bit that’s about it I think please tell me when you think I might get my period or how many months I’ve been in puberty
294 days ago
@anonymous(78751) sorry about that 🙇🏻‍♀️ At the time that I made this quiz I was a stupid eleven year old. I will definitely update as soon as possible to make sure the content is respectful to everyone.
294 days ago
@evelyn(946943) it’s ok! I’ve been there myself. For myself, I actually never prepared supplies until I got my period and my mom got them with me. Getting your period is nothing to be anxious about! Everyone will get there soon enough! When you do get your period, just tell a trusted friend (better if at school) so that they can always have your back :) (make sure they’re a mature one as well who will understand without asking too much questions)
Also just tell your mom when you get your period. She’ll understand immediately.
294 days ago
@bls(34184) I’m sure your mom will understand. Just tell her that you want some help on ‘teen stuff’ and tell her about needing to shave. This is a normal thing to go through so it’s nothing to be ashamed of. Good luck :)
296 days ago
Oh…. I am the ONLY person in my class who is in puberty and I am in STAGE 3 ALREADY . I will probably get my period at school or summer holidays.I am 9 but I don’t know how to tell my mom because she does not get periods anymore.I am going to get my period in under a year and have no supplies.HELP I DONT EVEN KNOW ANYMORE!
303 days ago
it says i'll get my first period soon 😲
325 days ago
i have hair down there and armpit hair and also discharge and I'm 11. how do i tell my mom? I'm also going on vacation, and I don't want people to see my armpit hair when I'm in my swimsuit. Help!
403 days ago
anonymous 78751 i got super mad too
430 days ago
Lol but what about wlw 🏳️‍🌈🐸👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩🍄
443 days ago
Why does whether or not I like boys, wear makeup, or care about how I look impact my answer? Those things have nothing to do with your physical development.
510 days ago
I don't like the part where it says "do you have an attraction to boys?" What if someone has an attraction to girls? or not any attraction? You have to respect everyone's differences.
529 days ago
@n a t a l i e (18829) I think you will get your period in under half a year, seeing that you’ve already got armpit hair. Armpit hair usually appears after around 2 years of hitting puberty, while professionals say that girls typically get their first period 1 to 2 years after hitting puberty. Given the information, I think your first period is getting nearer by the minute. Congrats and good luck!!
544 days ago
i am 10 years old i grew a whole inch and a centimeter in a month i have been gaining a few pounds here and there i have small breasts and puffy nipples i have leg and arm hair its pretty dark hair down there (😍)hair is quite visible i'm pretty sure i have discharge i get this sticky feeling in my underpants sometimes but i don't feel anything on it when i touch it sorry if that's TMI i have no body odor and my womanly shape is starting to round out cravings headaches and cramps i get not all the time but my cravings i get a lot my armpit hair is just little short blonde hairs and of course no period or bra i might get a trainer bra soon no acne i am boy obsessed FYI when i took a "what stage of breast development are you" it said 2-3.5 and i'm stage 4 of puberty in this quiz please tell me when ill get my period or at least tell me what to expect thanks for reading this
563 days ago
I'm 10 but it says I'm in stage 3? I might've got my first period a few days ago, but I'm not sure. When I went to flush, I saw red in the toilet. (Sorry if this is gross.) Help!
695 days ago
Wow it said ur in women hood I'm only 12 😐 it must of started early😐OMG nooo
714 days ago
Ok so I just finished my second period and my first one was sooo long it lasted for 11 days and i lost tons of blood and my second one lasted for 8 or 9 days but any way I barley lost any blood at all so is that abnormal?? It’s very hard to talk to my mom or any relative about it so I’m relying on y’all please help!!!!!
714 days ago
Estimate me
Bra size: C cup
Pubic Hair: a bush dark and curly
Acne: everyone is giving me tips on how to make it go away and trying to do it in a nice way but I only get upset
Probably because of my emotions
Emotions: crying over my dog chewing up my small note pad that I never even was gonna use🤣
Cravings: umm does this place have a 15 stacker hamburger 🍔🥺
Crushes: All I talk about is boys😍
Period: I just finished my second one today🙄
736 days ago
I think you’ll get it in around 5 months to a year.
About the discharge, it’s normal
Also you should ask your mom for bras if you really want it/ feel the need of it.
736 days ago
Peppy pig don’t worry, it’s okay, you’re just an early bloomer. Besides, these quizzes may not be 100% accurate.