What Will My Bra Size Be When I Am Fully Developed? Quiz

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Have you ever wondered how big your breasts will get? Are you anxiously waiting for your boobs to grow so you can feel more confident? This test is for you! It might not be 100% accurate - your breast size relies on your genetics and diet, and everyone is different. But it should give you a general idea. Try it now!

  • 1
    How old are you?
    How old are you?
  • 2
    What is the average cup size of the women on your mother's side of the family?
  • 3
    What is the average cup size of the women on your father's side of the family?

  • 4
    Do you have your mother's or father's body type, so far?
  • 5
    What is your body type?
  • 6
    Have you started puberty (i.e, gotten pubic hair, had mood swings, noticed hip growth, gotten your first period, etc.)?

  • 7
    When did you get your period?
  • 8
    What is your cup size currently?
  • 9
    Do you have a weakened immune system?
  • 10
    Have you recently gained any weight?

Comments (67)


2 days ago
How are you guys f cups, im a c and my bf drools literally when he sees me
4 days ago
it said id be a d cup but im 13 and a f cup
32 days ago
I'm 19 years old with an F cup.
34 days ago
How old are you with a f cup
39 days ago
i- 😭

i'm an f cup rn how will i be a d cup??? what kind of shrinkage is happening???
48 days ago
Bobbies, you’re so right. It’s also hilarious because I can pick him up and trap him with one arm and he is so weak and light
53 days ago
😊 nice I get C cup
57 days ago
I'll probably be a C like my mom❤
58 days ago
Speaking as someone who is both a boy and a girl del (am a 🌻).
That’s normal to like a boy whose smaller than ur tits. Just think a boy thin and send him some 🌻
60 days ago
I am an A cup right now and this quiz said that when I'm fully developed I'll be a D cup that makes sense though because my older sister is a D+ cup, my mom is a D cup, my grandma is a D+ cup, my other grandma is a C cup, and my aunt is a D cup
81 days ago
Well I’m not really sure. I really need someone’s advice on this though. I like this boy who is so small and skinny and he literally weighs less than my 5 year old brother. My 💋 are literally bigger than him and I’m twice his weight. Is this normal
86 days ago
I got a C cup!!! I know this is kind of of topic but i think this boy has a crush on me. We touch a lot (hand, hair, arm, not bumm yet) but have not kissed yet. We are only 11. What should I do? He is soooooo cute!!
87 days ago
Yay I'm C cup
90 days ago
So ig I’m only one cup away. I’m 11 and a c cup and it says I’ll possibly be a D which I’d like.
93 days ago
how will i become a d cup 😭 i-

idk- i'm confused
98 days ago
@bissch gurl same I am 12 and I have like I have 28D-DD and my friend used to bully me cos I was flat in primary skl. She stopped for a bit bc I grew 💗 but she asked me what my bra size was and she said I was lying and when I said well that’s the size of the bra I’m wearing on my 💗 so yah but she was like “what 💗?” and calls me flat even tho there’s nothing wrong with it. I also literally sat down one day and jokily said my butt hurted cos it did when I sat down and she said “what @ss ur still flat there” when having fat thighs and but was my insecurity when I was younger so yah sry for the essay just makin y’all know it’s okay 💕💕
114 days ago
I'm 34dd rn I'm 12 idk I'm not sure how much they will grow
124 days ago
I'm 12 and I wear dd rn but with a rlly small band size or whatever and it gave me d 😭 what kinda shrinkage is going on
125 days ago
Hi! I’m 10 rn and I got a C. Very satisfied on my part, as I am under weight and on the petite side. Started puberty a couple of months ago.
156 days ago
hello mello are we the same person or something? i started wen i was 7 and im 10 and their only stage 3 too! i also get really insecure about my 🐤 and all my friends say, oh ur 🐤 were way smaller before u started wearing that bra thats not ur actual 🐤size ur flat. they also call my butt flat and one of them called me skinny as a stick when i literally had bigger 🐤 then she does she literally looks like shes on stage 2. it really makes me insecure and when it comes to not listening to them its easier said then done. can someone pls respond to this?