What tanner stage am I in? (Puberty quiz for people AFAB/girls)

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This quiz will estimate your tanner stage based on the average symptoms of puberty. Be as honest as you can for more accurate results. There are 5 tanner stages.

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    When did you begin to grow armpit/ pubic hair?

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14 days ago
@help please yes totally im 11 at stage 5 and when i was 8 i was at stsge 3
21 days ago
im 8 on stage 4 is that normal it also says i look more mature then when i was 10 im 8 ahhhhh
31 days ago
lol im still on the same stage and been like two months how sad
38 days ago
Hi hi, who answered me lol I now have stage 3 but stage 2 is about the average for a petite girl like me.
40 days ago
hi hi. you are probably about stage 2/3. it suprises me you are only stage 2 for ur breasts and are 11. im a yera younger andi have sage 3 so that kinda surises me. remember everyone grows up at their own pace. dont b einsecure becayse ur 🍦 arent as big as ur bffs. youll get there eventually.
56 days ago
Hey everybody I’ve already been through a lot of things so far, getting my period about a year ago and all that. I’m now thirteen and I remember before I got it I was all over the place taking tests and whatever. So I just wanted to say you can do this! ❤️ Girl power ❤️! Thanks!
60 days ago
hey can someone estimate me?
I have stage 2 b**bs and they are sooo sensitive,
I am 11 years old,
I have mood swings all the time and hate it,
I have discharge abt 1 time a week and the colour/texture always vary,
I don't generally crave food but sometimes I do,
I think I once had spotting or twice but only for 1 day each,
My mum got her period at 13 but my grandma (same side) got hers at 9,
I am pretty hairy down there and on my arms/legs
and I also have pretty bad body odor.
Thank you.
68 days ago
@roz, it’s not rut early to be at that stage, I’m only ten and on stage three-four. I don’t feel like I need help or anything like there’s anything wrong with me instead I’m glad, not that I’m close to end but, because I’m more mature( well at least my body is) and u hope none of y’all feel insecure if your like this. It’s normal and you shouldn’t feel ashamed because your friend has her period, it has bigger breasts then you, we all grow differently and that’s apart of what makes you you.
71 days ago
stage 3. only 10 yrs old! started puberty when i was 7. i realky want 💝 and a period is that normal?
72 days ago
Starting puberty at 8 is not precocious puberty. Starting puberty BEFORE 8 is.
72 days ago
It says that I am stage 4, and I look more mature than I was when I was 10.

I am 10.

73 days ago
Stage four- wait- WHAT

Im only 11

74 days ago
This told me I'm on stage 4, which isn't true, I've already finished puberty and I'm 14 but I started puberty when I was 8 (precocious puberty does that to you). Also, not all women/afabs have regular periods after puberty.
80 days ago
i am on stage threeOMG i am only ten
81 days ago
Also l’m 9 and on stage 2. Help!!!!
81 days ago
Lexi, don’t worry about it, everyone’s body is on a different schedule.
82 days ago
I'm a stage 2 and I'm 12 is that normal?
84 days ago
Mary, Mary. Girl that’s normal. Your 12 I’m 9 I’m in stage 3 your in stage 2. It is completely normal
86 days ago
so am twelve and in stage two pls is that normal heeeelllllpppp
91 days ago
im 10 and in stage 3!!!